Actually, Su Huixian had already recovered, and she didn’t feel anything wrong now.

But since she wanted to totally bring Su Bei down, she continued to put on an act.
With a trace of sadness on her face, she said, “I’ll have a general checkup tomorrow in case you and Dad worry about me.”

Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin sat on the bench and waited.

Su Bei was still sleeping soundly in the room.
There was no trace of worry on her face but a sense of relief.

Lu Heting said to his assistant, “Watch out for the result and don’t let anyone do any tricks.
If the result is favorable to Su Bei, immediately clear her name all throughout the network.”

“What if it turns out to be unfavorable to Miss Su?” the assistant asked with concern.

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“That’s impossible!” Lu Heting looked down at his woman.

She would never do anything wrong.

And even if she did something wrong, it must be someone else who did it first.
She was only left with no choice but to also do it.

The assistant faintly felt that his boss was slowly developing into a protective husband.

Actually, he had already become one.
And his level of protection was constantly rising.

It was already late at night when Su Bei woke up.
As soon as she opened her sleepy eyes, she looked at the starry sky outside the window.
Then she took a photo of it and posted it on Weibo.

The night sky was high, and the stars were shining brightly like diamonds scattered on the flannel.

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After she posted the photo, she received a lot of negative comments.
Su Huixian’s fans swarmed over and cursed her harshly.

“Huixian had a relapse because of you.
How shameless of you to remain calm!”

“You are a troublemaker.
The law will definitely punish you severely.”

“No one can do evil things and just get away with them.
Su Bei, your modeling career is over!”

Only Su Bei’s own fans were still trying their best to protect her.

When she stood up, Lu Heting came in and said, “The doctors and the police have made some progress.
Do you want to go to the scene to have a look?”

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