However, due to the relationship between the Tang family and Su Bei, Lin Wenyu never dared to return the bracelet to Madam Lin.

She thought about it and said, “Mom, I actually brought the bracelet over today.” “Silly child.
Even if you brought it over, it won’t be of much use.
I can’t possibly appear in front of everyone with a broken bracelet, right? Forget it.
I believe Madam President isn’t an unreasonable person.
I’ll tell her the whole story.
I believe she won’t take it to heart.” Although Madam Lin said this, she knew that this wasn’t the best solution.

“Mom, the bracelet has been repaired.” Lin Wenyu took out the bracelet and handed it to Madam Lin.

Madam Lin took it over and took a look.
She said in surprise, “This looks exactly the same as before when it wasn’t damaged.
How did you do it?”

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Madam Chen hurriedly glanced over as well.
“It really is! Let me see, let me see.
This is really flawless….”

Lin Wenyu originally wanted to say Su Bei’s name, but after thinking for a while, she didn’t say it.
She only said, “It was a friend of mine who helped me fix it.”

“Your friend is really amazing!” Madam Lin was pleasantly surprised.
She looked at the bracelet for a while and realized that it was exactly the same as before.
She immediately put it on.

After that, she walked toward Madam President with Madam Chen.

Lin Wenyu followed her mother and walked over.

Madam President greeted Madam Lin happily when she saw her.
With her sharp eyes, she saw that Madam Lin was still wearing the bracelet that she had given her and her gaze became even more satisfied.

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She couldn’t help but laugh and tease, “Madam Lin, you’re too polite! Are you still wearing this bracelet?”

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