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She was also here for lunch.
She had invited a few friends, but she didn’t make an appointment.
In her opinion, she didn’t need an appointment to eat at a restaurant like this.
If she came directly, the restaurant would definitely free up a suitable room for her.

Su Bei didn’t pay much attention to Han Junting’s actions.
After entering, she said to the waitress, “Hello, I’ve reserved a room on the top floor.”

“Miss Su? I’ll bring you up now,” the waitress said with a smile.

Han Junting was talking to another waitress beside her and exclaimed, “Why are there no rooms? Why does she get a private room, then?”

As she said that, Han Junting pointed at Su Bei.
Clearly, she was unhappy that Su Bei got a private room while she didn’t.

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Han Junting took out her black gold card and placed it on the table.
“I’m a VIP customer in your restaurant.
Don’t I have the right to get a private room?”

“Sorry, Miss Han…”

“I don’t want to hear apologies.
I want a table.” Han Junting gave Su Bei a sideways glance.
Originally, she didn’t want to make an enemy out of Su Bei.
The painful lesson from being humiliated in the mall was still fresh in her mind.

However, who knew that this restaurant would have her sit in the main hall but arrange a private room on the top floor for Su Bei? This was intolerable.
Han Junting could not take this lying down.

The waitress who was about to lead Su Bei up stopped in her tracks.
The two waitresses talked for a while and said to Su Bei, “Miss Su, why don’t you change your table to the one in the main hall? We can give you a 20% discount.”

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