to the mall with Lu Heting at night.
There were some things that she needed to do with him.

After working hard for a few hours, sometimes there would be no results.
But once a problem was solved, the following problem would also be solved.

Every night when she and Lu Heting got home, they would both be exhausted.

That night, she fell asleep in the passenger seat when she and Lu Heting were making their way back home.

When they reached home, Lu Heting picked her up.
She was too tired to wake up, so she wrapped her arms around his neck subconsciously and asked groggily, “Hubby, are we home yet?”

“Yes,” Lu Heting replied in a low voice.

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When he reached the house, Lu Weijian opened the door without waiting for Lu Heting to open it.
In the past few days, knowing that Lu Heting and Su Bei were busy at night, he took the initiative to come and take care of the two munchkins.
Of course, his main purpose was to see Da Bao show off in the hacker community.

“Brother, you’re back!” Lu Weijian greeted.

“Shh.” Lu Heting raised his eyebrows unhappily as if his voice had disturbed Su Bei.

Lu Weijian quickly covered his mouth.
Alright, the brother was not as important as the wife.
He understood everything.

Lu Heting carried Su Bei to the room.
Lu Weijian soon heard the sound of water flowing from the room.
It was probably Big Brother helping his sister-in-law shower.

Lu Weijian had a look of envy on his face.
Sigh, his older brother had never been involved in any household chores ever since he was young.
He had always been the one doing the manual labor, but who would have thought that his brother would be the laborer in a small house one day?

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