chance, it would be good too.

The Lin family was one of the richest families in Jingdu City.
What was wrong with befriending someone from the Lin family?

Lin Wenyu had only sat down for a while when many people came up to greet her and chat with her.
Lin Wenyu was someone who didn’t like socializing, and neither was she good at it.
After sitting for a while, she felt uncomfortable and ran to look for Su Bei.

Su Bei was busy with the ribbon-cutting ceremony that would take place on the stage soon.
When she saw her coming over, she smiled and asked, “What’s wrong? Were you bored sitting there? I’ll be done soon.”

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“I’m not bored.
I just want to stay with you.” Lin Wenyu looked around and nudged her.
“Is there anything I can help you with?”

Su Bei was preparing to go on stage and had already changed into a new set of clothes.
Unlike Tang Yue, she did not have any intention of creating a professional image for herself and wore whatever she felt comfortable in.
She changed into a long dress and did not have much makeup on.
She had only applied some lipstick.

However, she looked very presentable.

“There’s nothing I need your help with.
If you really want to be with me, then why don’t you come on stage with me?” Su Bei invited.
Tonight, her long chestnut-colored curly hair was let down and she seemed to be in high spirits.
She smiled at Lin Wenyu, and Lin Wenyu’s heart started to beat faster.
She quickly nodded.
Not to mention going on stage, she could do anything Su Bei wanted her to do!

Su Bei asked her to go to the stage with her to give a speech and attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The people below the stage were still guessing Lin Wenyu’s motive for coming over.
They were all wondering if Su Bei’s mall could last long.
Seeing Lin Wenyu and Su Bei going up together, everyone’s doubts were dispelled.

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