Chapter 834 Completely Shocked

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The future of this mall could not be underestimated!

Perhaps the Lin family was involved.

Although it was rumored that the Lin family and the Tang family didn’t get along with each other, it seemed they still had a close relationship.

For a moment, there were fewer doubts surrounding Su Bei.

Lin Wenyu was very excited.
After leaving the stage with Su Bei, she listened to the speech for a while before reluctantly leaving after Mrs.
Lin’s endless stream of calls.

That night, Tang Yue was the first to return to the Tang family’s home.
She told Old Master Tang about her achievements.
“70% of the businesses had customers flocking to their stores today, and visitor flow reached its peak.
Today, the business volume of the entire mall exceeded 20 million.”

This was a very good result.
Even if it was a mature mall, the daily turnover would only be about 30 million.

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Hence, Tang Yue was already very satisfied with this.
From her tone, it was clear she was showing off.

Old Master Tang nodded his head in appreciation.
“Although you did well today, you have to work harder in the future.
Don’t let your good results get to your head.
Keep it up.”

“I will, Grandpa,” Tang Yue said immediately.

Lin Shulian looked at her daughter and was very satisfied.
“Yue Yue, you’re amazing.
You’ve been very organized and stable since you were young.”

“Dad, Yue Yue did a good job with Central Square.
Just leave it to her to handle in the future.”

“Alright, Tang Yue.
I’ll leave this important task to you.” Old Master Tang smiled.
Seeing his granddaughter getting more capable, he felt relieved.

Tang Yue smiled confidently.
“Grandpa, I won’t let you down.
Why isn’t Su Bei back

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Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian looked at each other.
They were worried about Su Bei.

It was obvious that Su Bei’s performance did not seem to be good.
There was not much news from her throughout the day, and they did not know what was going on over there.

Even Old Master Tang was very worried because he had asked around the whole day and found that even Lu Heting was not present at the mall.
He didn’t know if Su Bei could handle it alone.

Initially, he thought that Lu Heting would help Su Bei.
Now, it seemed that Lu Heting was staying out of it…

Old Master Tang did not have much hope for the shopping mall.
Sigh, it was a lost cause from the beginning… Not to mention Lu Heting himself, even Lu Weijian wanted to go over but was stopped by him.
This was a mall that Su Bei had spent a lot of effort on.
He did not want to change the fun that she could originally have because of his interference.

Moreover, he believed that even if he didn’t interfere, Su Bei’s performance would definitely crush Tang Yue’s…

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Therefore, there was no need to use any external force to influence the final outcome.

And reality proved that Lu Heting’s considerations were correct!

When it was about time, Su Bei returned to the Tang family.

To avoid embarrassing her, the elders did not take the initiative to ask her about the mall and only said, “Thank you for your hard work, Su Bei.
Butler, get someone to bring some supper over for Su Bei.”

“No need.
I came back after eating.” Su Bei put down her jacket and sat down next to Old Master Tang.
She handed the sales figures of the day to him.

“It’s been hard on you, Su Bei.” Old Master Tang took it, unfolded it, and comforted her.
“It’s good that you did your best.
The outcome is not important.
We all know that it’s not easy to manage that mall.”

However, when Old Master Tang saw the results, he couldn’t believe his eyes.
He was completely shocked!

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This number was something he had never dared to hope for, yet it actually appeared in front of him just like that.
It was enough to completely suppress him and make him speechless for a long time!

Su Bei actually did it.
She really did it, and the result was several times better than he had imagined!

Old Master Tang didn’t know how to react.
It was too unbelievable.

Seeing this, Tang Yue thought to herself, “I wonder how bad Su Bei’s results are.
Grandpa doesn’t even know what to say?”

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