Lu Heting is very handsome.
You know that there are women who only care about men’s faces.” Su Bei didn’t know why that kind of woman would think that way, but she knew that there were quite a few of them.

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Lin Moli nodded and said, “Will you have feelings for each other since you are now living together? You are so beautiful and an excellent woman.
He can fall in love with you so easily.”

“Ha-ha! Don’t worry.
He hasn’t fallen in love with me.
I’ve asked him last time.
He said that he doesn’t care who his wife is.

Are you thinking that he hasn’t signed the divorce agreement in the past five years because he has been waiting for me? Actually, no.
The truth is, he doesn’t care who his wife is.
It just happens to be me.

He has never been in a relationship for five years.
It only means that he doesn’t need a woman in his life,” Su Bei said confidently.

This was precisely the reason why she felt comfortable to live with Lu Heting.

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Maybe in the future, he would find a woman to love.
But it would never be her.

She curled her red lips and added, “But he is very patient, serious, and responsible when it comes to children.
He is a good father.
And that’s what I like about him.
Don’t you think he’s perfect?”

“Well, it sounds like he’s a perfect father.
But still, you are at the disadvantage because you need to help him raise another son.” Lin Moli cared about Su Bei’s condition so much.
“You also have to take good care of yourself.
Don’t work too hard.”

“It’s not really a bad deal.
Lu Heting will also help me raise my son, right?” Su Bei smiled.
“Besides, his son is very cute.”

Da Bao rolled his eyes and said, “Xiao Bei, I want to live with Mommy Moli for a little while longer.”

A hint of disappointment flashed across Su Bei’s eyes when she heard Da Bao’s words.
And what she worried the most was that he might mind Gun Gun’s existence.

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