er on the shoulder.
“Don’t worry.
I will take good care of Da Bao for you.”

Da Bao then hugged Su Bei and saw her off.

“Xiao Bei, I love you.
But you have to love yourself more,” he said softly.

These words filled her heart with warmth.

She smiled brightly and said, “Da Bao, this is my first time to be a mother.
Please forgive me if I’ve done something wrong.”

“Xiao Bei, you’ve done a great job being a mother to me,” Da Bao said seriously and held Su Bei in his arms.

Mike, the director of Orisa Fashion Show, called Su Bei.

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She answered it.

“Su Bei, I’ve seen how Su Huixian falsely accused you of drugging her.
We will seek justice for you,” Mike solemnly said.

“Thank you, Mr.

He said, “To protect you is also to protect our own interests.
I hope you cherish your opportunities too.”

“I will,” Su Bei replied with a nod.

Next, Mike and Orisa Fashion Show both condemned Su Huixian seriously.

They blamed her for using the fame of the fashion show for her own personal gain.

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They even sent her a lawyer’s letter.

Su Huixian spent the whole night convincing Su Xingfu and keeping Du Luo company.

She didn’t know about the news until she discovered that the condemnation against her overwhelmed the entire online community.

She was reading the news when Mike called and said, “Su Huixian, Orisa Fashion Show will never work with you again.”

Su Huixian felt a sharp pang of pain in her heart, and her hand holding the phone trembled.

She immediately checked the Internet on her phone.
It was only then that she found out that her scandal last night was still a trending topic.

She thought that no one would pay attention to the news about the police’s investigation result.
Never did she expect that it would go viral.
Now, she finally lost her last fig leaf.

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