is was what his eyes were saying.

Su Bei lovingly planted a kiss on his forehead.

Glancing at Gun Gun enviously, Lu Heting served each of them a glass of milk.
He then asked, “What are you doing?”

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“Daddy, Bei Bei is going to buy a car,” Gun Gun immediately reported.

Lu Heting raised his head and looked at Su Bei.
“You want to buy a car?”

Su Bei nodded.
All the cars you are using are owned by Lu Group.
It’s not appropriate to use them in my private affairs.
But since we always need a car, I want to buy one.
I still have enough money from the talent fee I’ve gotten from Orisa Fashion Show.”

She also thought that it would be more convenient for Lu Heting to pick up Da Bao and Gun Gun from school if they had their own car.

Actually, the number of cars parked in Lu Heting’s villa was larger than that of Gun Gun’s toy cars.

However, he had regarded himself as a driver now.
He couldn’t possibly tell Su Bei that she could just choose from the many cars he currently owned.

So he asked, “How much is your budget for the car?”

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“Around half a million yuan,” Su Bei answered.
“The talent fee from Orisa Fashion Show plus my savings from my other big shows and advertisements are about this amount.
By the way, Heting, you are a driver.
So you surely know a lot about cars.
Do you have any recommendations?”

Lu Heting didn’t really know much about cars that cost around five hundred thousand yuan.
How could he give any recommendations?

Eventually, he said, “I know a car dealership that sells at a fair price.
We can go there and have a look if you want.”

When Su Bei heard this, she smiled happily.
“Okay, take me there then.
Lu Heting, you are really something.
You can help me with anything.”

A trace of pride was written all over Lu Heting’s face.
It was always his honor to be able to help her.

“I will call you after work tomorrow.” Still wearing a bright smile, Su Bei looked at his dazzling face.

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