a huge store until she walked inside.
It was filled with all kinds of luxury cars, which were dazzling and dizzying.

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It seemed that after working in Lu Group for too long, Lu Heting’s taste had been cultivated.
Did he think she could afford one of these cars?

But anyway, she was already there, so she decided to have a look.

These cars, which had streamlined bodies and were exquisitely painted with high-end paints, were indeed much more eye-catching than those that were worth only hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Upon seeing Su Bei, a stout man with a round face wearing a white shirt and a suit, came over and warmly greeted, “Beauty, which car do you want to see?” He was the store manager.

When Su Bei was not working, she wore simple and casual clothes.

Even if she walked on the street without the disguise of sunglasses and scarf, others wouldn’t recognize her as the new supermodel.

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However, her long chestnut curly hair that was casually tied into a bun revealed her fair and beautiful face, which was very eye-catching.

The store manager had served countless customers, so he could roughly figure out their income and consumption.
Seeing Su Bei’s outstanding appearance and figure, he guessed that she must be able to afford a luxury car.

Such a young woman was most likely a top online celebrity and must have a lot of money.
And even if she didn’t have so much money, there must be a man behind her, willing to pay for her.

Su Bei’s gaze swept the luxury cars, and she shook her head slightly.
“Sorry, I’ll take a look first.”

“The luxury cars in our store have concessions and large discounts.
For some cars that originally cost millions of yuan, you can get a discount of almost two hundred thousand,” the store manager explained.
“Have a look first.
If you get interested in any of them, just let me know.”

“Almost two hundred thousand yuan discount? In that case, I can get a car for only seven or eight hundred thousand, right?” What the store manager had said somehow piqued Su Bei’s interest.

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