Chapter 98: Chapter98 Shame on Her

Su Huixian looked at the SUV with satisfaction, but she still asked, “Is there anything better?”

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“Oh, this Cayenne.
This car is equipped with a top twin-turbo supercharged engine, which can produce 550 horsepower and a peak torque of 770N·m.
It is the fastest SUV so far.” The store manager mentioned some terminologies that only professionals understood.
Then he said, “Miss Su, a beauty like you matches well to a luxury car.”

Su Huixian glanced at the car and in Su Bei’s direction.

Su Bei was shuttling between cars with a trace of appreciation and regret in her eyes.

Su Huixian thought proudly to herself, ‘When Su Bei was the lofty legitimate daughter of the head of Su family, she seized all the resources in the family.
And I was only regarded as the mistress’ daughter that everyone bullied.
Well, we have our own turn.
She can no longer win Dad’s and Du Luo’s hearts now.
Such a fool! She has offended them, so she can’t even afford a car now.’

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She really hoped that Su Bei would continue to be stupid for the rest of her life and would never come back to compete with her again.

When Xu Meiqi noticed that Su Huixian had been looking at Su Bei, she said, “Hey, Su Bei! You’re here too.
Haven’t seen this kind of car for a long time?”

Su Bei just wanted to take a look at the cars alone, so she didn’t mind Su Huixian and the others.

But she didn’t expect that Xu Meiqi would really provoke her.

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So she raised her eyes, looked at Xu Meiqi indifferently, and smiled.
“Xu Meiqi, it’s you.
I haven’t been back to the Su family’s villa for a long time, so I haven’t seen you eat our food for a long time too.
I actually almost didn’t recognize you.”

Xu Meiqi came from an ordinary family, while the Su family was wealthy.
She used to go to the Su family’s villa from time to time.
Su Bei was right.
She went there to have some good meals.

Xu Meiqi hated to be looked down upon by others, and she didn’t admit that everything she had was from the Su family.
She snapped angrily, “Su Bei, you are the lofty and arrogant daughter of the head of Su family, but you are narrow-minded.
I am a relative of the Su family, so it’s only natural for me to come and visit them.
But the way you say it sounds so annoying.”

“Oh? Well, if you say so,” Su Bei said with a faint smile.

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Xu Meiqi hated Su Bei’s indifference the most.
Su Bei was so calm and unconcerned with her provocation, and it made her look like a real troublemaker.

She wanted to say something more, but Su Huixian stopped her.
Su Huixian then turned to Su Bei and said tolerantly, “Su Bei, you need your own car for work now.
Come back home so that you can drive your own cars.
It’s really inconvenient without a car, isn’t it?”

Before Su Bei left the Su family, she had her own cars.
But since she hadn’t reached the age of eighteen at that time yet, those cars were registered under Su Xingfu’s name.

Xu Meiqi reminded Su Huixian, “Cousin, have you forgotten? Uncle has given us Su Bei’s cars.
So what else can she drive?”

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“Oh, yeah.
Sorry, I really forgot.
Su Bei, how about I give them back to you?” Su Huixian said as if she had just remembered something.

Xu Meiqi said at once, “Cousin, what are you talking about? She did something wrong and ran away from the Su family.
She made Uncle so angry because she embarrassed both the Su family and the Du family.
Why do you have to be nice to her?”

Luo Lili also chimed in, “That’s right.
She also ruined the engagement five years ago.
Shame on her!”

But Su Huixian interrupted them.
“Girls, don’t say that.
Those cars had always been driven by Su Bei before.
If she still wants them, she can take them back.”

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