Hollow Dragon Sect

Externalize and Pulse

ckered. His thrust was so powerful that it broke the bed into pieces.

Jiao Xuan tried to dash toward Vasha but was once again stopped by Ah Jun.

Vasha continued to thrust furiously. The sounds of his groans, and Xiao Mings howls were torture to Jiao Xuan.

He began to cry profusely. He clenched his saber with such force that it began to break its hilt. Rage seeped out of his every pore and he screamed with fury. ”Every last one of you, Im going to murder every last one of YOU!!! ”

”Try and do so, pathetic cuck! ” Ah Jun sneered and rushed forward to receive the blow of the oncoming Jiao Xuan.

Their clash was loud and powerful. Jiao Xuans strength was greater and he began to overpower Ah Jun.

”Grr. Hollow Blood Ignition! ” Ah Jun shouted, igniting his blood, granting him more strength to resist Jiao Xuan.

”Die, Die, Die! ” Jiao Xuan shouted like a madman.

Let it all flow out, your pain, your rage, your energy, your Qi! Jiao Xuan began to roar as a sharp light erupted from Jiao Xuans sword.

”What!? This is, this is… ” Ah Jun stuttered in shock when he saw the sharp light.

”Hmm… Interesting. ” Jiao Xuan said without a hint of fear while he continued his thrusts.

Jiao Xuans saber met no resistance, and easily sliced through Ah Juns sword like tofu. His saber continued downward, cutting Ah Jun from the shoulder to his waist. Blood spurted out of the cut and Ah Jun fell to the ground.

”Impossible, that is Externalized Qi. You
e in the Beast King realm? ” Ah Jun vomited blood and fell to the ground with a thud.

”Hmm… ” Vasha pulled himself out of Xiao Ming and looked at Jiao Xuan curiously.

”So, you
e in the Beast-King realm, granting you the ability to externalize your Qi, bring it out of your body, and coat your weapon in it. Congratulations, you have reached a stage that only 1 in 100 cultivators ever reach. ”

I can feel it, flowing out of my body, strengthening me. I can see it, its like a colorless mist, amazing, so this is externalized Qi. Jiao Xuan paid no heed to Vashas words, his concentration was still on his body after his breakthrough.

Oh no, I have to rein it in, or else, I will exhaust it all. Jiao Xuan controlled his Qi that was leaking and confined it into a mist coating his body. He turned to look at the naked Vasha, smiling at him with interest, and his rage once again erupted. His rage caused his Qi to churn and explode violently, it even changed its color from a colorless mist to a deep red.

”Im going to kill you! ” Jiao Xuan growled and took a stance with his saber.

”Now that Ive reached this stage, I can easily kill you! ” Jiao Xuan dashed toward Vasha, propelled by Qi exploding from his feet, making him even faster than before.

”Are you sure about that? ” Vasha said mockingly, not moving away from the raging Jiao Xuan.

”Die, bastard!!! ” Jiao Xuan reached Vasha instantly and raised his saber for an overhead slash.

Xiao Ming barely managed to mutter on the broken bed, ”No, run Xiao Xuan. ”

Before his saber could touch Vasha, he show a sinister smile tug at Vashas lips, then there was a forceful pressure, before a blinding light and an explosion.

”Pulse, ”

Boom. An overwhelming pulse erupted from all around Vasha, it stopped Jiao Xuan and his saber and sent him flying out of the room and out of the building. The room erupted in wooden splinters even as Jiao Xuan flew out of the third floor of the building like a ragdoll. He was knocked into a tree, which reduced his momentum, causing him to fall to the ground like a puppet with broken strings.

Blood leaked out of every orifice of Jiao Xuans body, and he was unable to stand up. Vasha walked out of the building, clad in a simple robe and with a sheathed sword in hand.

”Sorry pal, Im one of those 1 in 100. ”

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