Hollow Dragon Sect

One Strike, One Kill

dashed toward Vasha with insane speed.

I can do this, he is strong but I can do this. I just need to use very fast and strong moves like a pulse to wear down his Shihakusho. Im gonna use that!! Jiao Xuan thought with a cold sweat as he approached Vasha.

”This is going to be it, for Xiao Ming!!! ” Jiao Xuan condensed his Qi in his saber and swung it.

”Take this! Flying saber slash! ” A saber slash so fast and powerful, empowered by Qi flew out of his saber toward Vasha.

Huh? A flying sword attack, he shouldn have the physical strength for that yet. So he has saber intent already? Vasha took on a more grave expression. His Qi erupted and formed a garment around him.

Pulse The garment erupted in a pulse and deflected the slash easily.

Thats not all. Ethereal Saber River Jiao Xuan used a movement technique to get behind Vasha and execute a saber technique.

”What!? ” Vasha was shocked.

Your Pulse technique might be a good defense but even it should have a weakness. Most of your Qi must have been directed to deflect the slash right? Leaving your defenses at your back weakened, in order words, I just need to time my saber attack with the trough of your pulse and my attacks will be effective. He executed the technique by coating his saber in Qi and slashing with such speed that his hands became a blur.

With his speed, the saber became a blur and afterimages began appearing. The sabers began to merge until they formed a river, an ethereal river in which the crest of the river clashed against the trough of Vashas Pulse.

Vasha was flooded by a river of saber light but even through all this, his face had a sadistic smile that gave his face a twisted and creepy feeling.

Swiiing. Splurt.

”Huh? ”

”Whats happening? Why is my body over there? Why is my world spinning? I just used the Ethereal Saber River, what is happening?

Thud. Jiao Xuans head fell to the ground with a sickening thud, blood spurted from his headless neck and his body fell to the ground.

”Huh? ”

If Jiao Xuan could turn his head now, he would see Vasha standing behind him, holding an odd-looking sword. The sword had a strange hilt that looked like the wings of a bird, a pommel wrapped in red clothing, and a blade, as black as the abyss, shaped in the fashion of a cleaver mixed with a sword.

Im dead? No, I don want to die, Xiao Ming, please hel… Before those last thoughts could leave his mind, his eyes had already gone dark, and his brain was dead.

”It was not a bad plan, but you severely underestimated me, ” Vasha spoke coldly to the corpse as he sheathed his blade.

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