much? Let’s go now.” While I was lost in my thoughts, Nicole came back after changing her clothes.
I awoke from my trance and stood up.

“Did Adele-noona go back first?”

She thought about following us, but she went back first because she’s too tired today.
But when did you start calling Adele your ‘noona’?”

“That’s because Adele-noona told me to call her that.
We talked about it when you went over to spar for awhile.”

“Hmm… Really? By chance did she say something useless?”

“Not really.
Other than pinching my cheeks or asking what my ideal type is?”

“You two…”

I shouldn’t have said that.
I couldn’t help but notice Nicole’s expression starting to distort like a demon.

“Phew… never mind.
I’ll think about it later.
Anyway, Isaac, do you have any clothes in mind?”

“Something like a formal suit?”

“A suit…”

Nicole glanced up and down at me at my response.
Then she nodded and said as if she had a rough idea, “Certainly you are thin, so a suit would be perfect for you.
Overall, a plain style that is not flashy?”

“Yes, exactly.”

“Hmm… Still, it would be nice to have a patterned waist-scarf, maybe.
Let’s pick a suit that matches your hair color.”

“Red? Really? Won’t it be too conspicuous?”

My hair is red, and to be specific, it is a bright red that stands out even from a distance.
Not to mention that my eyes are golden and gleam like those of a beast, so once you meet me, you will never forget them.

Despite my question suggesting denial, Nicole flicked her index finger and opened her lips.
“There’s something that you are mistaken about.
It’s that you stand out everywhere with just your red hair, regardless of your clothes.”


“Early on, Dave was known for his red hair before he became famous for his skills.
Even those who didn’t know Dave’s name recognized him by his red hair.”

Oh really? If so, there is nothing left to say.
I’ve thought about it before, but it seems that red hair is rare in this world as if it’s almost non-existent.

“Come to think of it, do you know what Big Brother is doing right now?” I asked.

“Oh? I sent him letter, but he’s probably still training.
I don’t know the details.”

“Do you plan to join the Navy Knights too?”

“I’d love to, if possible, but the Navy Knights aren’t something ordinary so it’s not easy to enlist.
The competition rate is 1 to 100, and a lot of them transfer to other places because it’s too hard.”

Hearing this, I believe I have a better understanding of how strong my father was.
He was not just a member of the Knights, but the Knights’ commander, so he would have been treated as a tactical weapon in the Minerva Empire.

After all, the Knights of the Navy fight other races more than their fellow humans.
These days Father has been quiet, but in the past, he clashed with beastmen who crossed our borders without even breaking a sweat, and even fought elves.

I wondered briefly if my father was the stereotypical reclusive master warrior that you read about in fantasy novels, and then I moved on to another question.

“Did sister really once attend the freshman gathering too?”

“Yes, of course I did.”

“Did you happen to wear a nice dress?”

“I wore a dress for the first time in my life.”

What happened then?” As a younger brother, it’s a bit strange for me to say this but my older sister, Nicole, resembles our mother and has a very attractive appearance.
Furthermore, she has a healthy body as a result of the consistent training she has received from our father since childhood.

A beauty like this attended a meeting while wearing a fancy dress? It was basic for her to receive all kinds of stares, and there is a high probability that she received countless introductions from men in particular.

And my predictions were right.

“…I don’t have a very good memory.
The men were so attached to me that I couldn’t even enjoy the event properly.
I didn’t attend any gatherings from then on.” Nicole’s expression darkened slightly.
Her voice was full of annoyance and regret.

As expected.
Is there anything else besides that?”

“I have no intention of telling you, so take care of yourself.”

Okay.” I gave up right away because it would be difficult to dig deeper and upset Nicole’s heart.
Besides, the struggles of beauties like Nicole were something I, as a man, can’t understand.

Nicole smiled mischievously when I stopped asking questions, then asked softly, “Why? Do you want to see your sister in a cute dress?”

Not at all.
I think I’ll have to throw my eyes away if I saw that.”

Our Isaac is good at jokes, isn’t he?”

“Ouch!” She pinched me! She may have been pinching me weakly, but her basic grip is terrifying and it hurt a lot.

Anyway, after this brother and sister friendly conversation, the two of us were able to arrive at the clothing store before long.
It was an apparel store located in the downtown area of Halo Academy, so it was quite large.

How can I help you?” As we walked inside, the receptionist welcomed us with a friendly business smile.
I was a little hesitant because it was my first time in this world’s version of a clothing store, but Nicole took it skillfully.

“I’m looking for a man’s formal dress suit, where can I go?”

“Ah, yes.
You can go over there for the men’s dress section.” The receptionist pointed.

“Thank you.
Let’s go.”

“Right.” I was able to reach the men’s formal wear section after exploring around the area a bit.
Various types of formal attire were lined up as if to fit the term ‘men’s formal wear’ in a corner.

I was hesitant coming here because it reminded me of a department store, which were often crowded, but I forced myself to enter saying it was a fantasy.
It won’t be too busy inside, will it? Nothing is more stupid than using common sense from a previous life to predict the future in a world like this, however.

A dissatisfied voice from nearby said, “Haa… This is also not good.
Is there anything else besides this?”

“I… Guest.
I’m sorry, but this is the last one.”

“What? Are you kidding me? Is this the only thing?”

After arriving at the formal-wear corner, it seemed that there was already a customer looking around.
However, things were a little strange.

The dissatisfied voice continued, “There are more clothes than these in our mansion! Does it make sense that this is all you have?”

“I’m sorry, but these clothes are everything in our store.”

“Sorry? That’s it for an apology? Shouldn’t you bring more styles of clothes here somehow?!” A man who appeared to be a guest was yelling, and it was clear that the sales lady was at a loss for words.

Nicole and I went in the direction of the voices to probe the scene.
After all, I needed the assistance of an employee in order to get a suit fitted.
When we arrived at the source of the commotion, my eyes widened.

‘That guy…’ A total of three people stood in front of a full-length mirror.
A younger man yelling, a helpless maid next to him, and an older man standing farther away with clothes dangling from his arm.
In addition, the young man who yelled was dressed in a lavish robe.
Even for someone unfamiliar with the world of fashion like myself, the robe exuded an exorbitant price like it was proud of itself.

But the younger man’s appearance drew even more attention.
He was attractive, but his expression had become stern and arrogant enough to reduce his attractiveness to zero so I didn’t want to take a good look at him.

“Damn… Should I have brought something from the mansion? I thought Halo Academy was good at supplying everything needed for its students, but that wasn’t the case at all.”


“…Huh?” The young man who had been muttering something looked this way, perhaps feeling Nicole’s and my gaze.
And when he met my gaze, his eyes widened and he looked slightly surprised.


Jackson was the name of the young man in the colorful robe.
He was the son of a count, and he had been trying to work his wiles on Cecily and Rina since the first day, but his hopes were always dashed.

He’s also the one who hates me because I managed to get Cecily’s and Rina’s attention.
I could see that much as he stared at me with ferocious eyes every time I attended the same class.

I was uninterested in him, however.
I was too preoccupied with school to pay attention to just one childish person.
Anyway, I thought about what to say in the moment of silence—I quietly opened my mouth.



Jackson’s face contorted at my grave-sounding greeting.


– – – End of Chapter – – –


Translator’s Notes:-

life fuckin feels like a rollercoaster of failure to me at this point…man I’ve literally wasted more than a year of my life passing this exam and if I don’t pass it, my past 4 years of studies and effort will all be worthless….damn it…life sucks…

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