Hunting Down the Last Elf

Her Co-Partner Of The Cafe

Survival takes bravery that any of you are worthy of it. And when you do survive, the magic happens. You may realize the power it took to survive made a giant in you.

We create our roadmaps to survive our little lives, but each one turns out to be unique because we are unique. Sometimes the problem you
e facing can be related to anothers but the circumstances and the experiences you face may differ from one another, yet we still can place signs to help others in their ways.

Blooming the hues of the world anew as if each were a tiny flower reborn early in the morning. The sun was glowing with its all might, brightening the small town, and awakening the people from their deep slumber.

”ALISE!!! ALISE!… ALISE!!! ” A shrill and furious voice of a lady heard from the little house. It was audible enough to reach the neighbors ears.

Nothing new… Just as usual…

But… did the person to whom the name belonged care?

NOPE! That was a big no!

”Uhh… This girl never fails to hurt my vocal code. Every morning. Every. Single. Morning! ” muttered the middle-aged woman, walking out of her cute little kitchen. She left the spatula beside the gas cooker and went away in an attempt to wake her daughter. Wiping her wet hands dry on the pale pink apron draped around her waist, she walked through the small narrow hallway and turned to her left.

”Alice! ” she called her again, standing in front of the first few steps. There was no response. ”Alice, I swear Im gonna drench you with water! ” She warned getting up the stairs, ”Im right in front of your door, ” she screamed on top of her lungs and turned the silver door knob.

The familiar whiff of her daughters favorite lavender smell entered her nose before she could even step into the room. The sweet smell of it calmed her nerves, but not to the level that could slip out the main purpose she came in for.

She scanned the whole room, the bed was a total mess. Two out of the three pillows were up and down and the bolster was dumped in between the bedside table and the bed. The other pillow was lying without the cover on the floor and not to say the blanket. It was hanging down from the bed tangled with the other two pillows.

The mess made her fume out in rage. Just what kind of a girl was she thought the lady.

”ALI- Oh, there she is, ” she spotted her daughter lying down like an earthworm kissing the floor with her closed eyes. Gritting her teeth, her mother took off the thing plugged into her ears which were almost pinkened. The sole reason for all the yells that had to go unheard.

The loss of music woke the sleepy head the very instant her mother took off the AirPods. ”These white little worms are surely gonna eat your ears one day! ” her mother yelled at her and bent down to pick up the thrown pillow along with the baby pink blanket.

”Ohhh… For goodness sake, ma mère! They ain any worms! They are earphones, Mama. EAR. PHONES! ” she stressed the latter as she stood up groggily in her sleepy state. Her mother harshly threw the pillow on the bed and gave her a fierce look. Alices breath hitched at the cold shoulder she was giving her early in the morning. She smiled at her uneasily, scratching her nape.

”He… he… he… ”

”Now, listen, young lady, Whatever the thing this… I don give a damn… But, remember one thing, you better keep it away from me and my eyes… ” she warned, ”Unless… you have the wish to see them roasting in front of your very eyes. Don worry, Ill not forget to feed it to you, ” Her voice was low and intimidating as she never look away from her daughter.

”M… mama- ”

”Alice… Do you have any idea, how long have I been screaming out my lungs? Don be surprised even if the whole town welcomes you at the doorstep… ” walking toward the room door she was about to step out but glanced behind. A look of pain in her eyes, but she masked it, ”I swear youd never know when might I die. Even if the world crumbles down, youll be the last Ill have to expect help from. ”

”Mama! ” gasped Alice, not believing what she heard but taking it playfully, ”How could you say such a thing? ”

”Well, what do expect to come from my mouth, huh? ” she asked placing her hands on her hips with a scrutinizing look, ”Must I always yell and call you out as if alerting the beginning of the world war? ” she questioned, and left the room with the door closed shut.

”Uff… Alice! This time, shes extremely mad at you, Alice. Extremely! ” She mumbled, pulling out her bird nest hair.

”…Alice~ ”

”Ha mamma…? ”

”Come down, I say?! ” Her mothers voice reached her room from down You
e not gonna make it out to the cafe if you take any time longer… ”

”Holy Sh*t! What time is it? ” she screeched and glanced at the little alarm clock, resting on her bedside table, displaying the time all in its glory.

”Jeezzshh!! Its quarter past eight, and Im still in my Pjs! ” she cursed, running everywhere she could to get herself ready and dash out to her cafe.

”I told you not to plug in those worms. Now, look what youve got yourself into, ” her mother shook her head as she gazed at her daughter running all around the house.

”Uh… not now mamma… ”

”Okay… Okay… Don chicken out. Breakfasts ready! ”

”Can you pack it in for me? Ill have it at the cafe, ” she requested putting a file into her little backpack.

”Make sure you have it all, ” she said as she packed the food. A food package that could suffice more than a person.

Alice ran toward the dining table and gulped down a glass full of water. She kissed her mom and took hold of the lunch bag and waved her goodbye.

”Come home safe, baby girl. Stay away from- ”

”-The crazy bloodsuckers, and don let them smell your blood, ” Alice completed what he mom was to say and continued, ”I know mom… You know, only a decent set of them visit the cafe, and they
e all pretty much friendly, ” she assured and kissed her moms cheeks once more. ”Do call me if you need anything, alright? ” Her mother patted her daughters head dearly as she nodded her head. She slid Alices hair behind her ears and inspected her ears which looked big.

”Don gaze at them so intently. Who knows, when might it come off, with the way you look at them… ” humored Alice with a little chuckle escaping her lips as she hugged her mother one last time before leaving the doorstep.

”Love you… ”

”Love you too, mama bear! ” she screamed as she inserted the key into the keyhole of her little Vespa. In a few seconds, the engine made a sound, and so did she go with a pleasant smile tugging on her lips.

Mrs. Anderson locked the door shut once she saw off her daughter. She walked toward the gramophone in the silence where the ticking of the old grandfather clock was the only thing that was reverberating in the little house and took an old disk that was resting beside the player. She placed it over the player and dropped the center spindle over the disk.

Classical music played, entering the deepest of her soul, speaking from the parts of the brain and heart. Little memories reminisced in her, feeling her heart pace unsteadily.

Her ever-lost lover!

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