Hunting Down the Last Elf

Her Co-Partner Of The Cafe

g around. We gotta lead the workers, ” she said as she stood up with the empty coffee mug.

”Me? Playing around? Girl!!! I ain playing around. Youve been tagging along with me too… ” Her yellings were falling to a dead end. Alice kept ordering every staff who nodded their head and proceeded with their work just as their boss ordered them to do so.

Gloria kept whining only to get a stern and serious look from Alice. She raised her hands in a surrendering gesture sensing her seriousness.

”Im all good, partner, ” she said, faking a smile with a grin. While the two girls proceeded in running the cafe along with their staff the customers started to flock into the cafe right after the open sign was placed sharply at nine a.m. Alice settled in her cabin, going through the accounts while Gloria had the staff concerned about their work. Delivery calls came one after another and the workers were working like bees early in the morning. They seemed so energetic than they usually did. Probably, the happiness of the day was Friday, and theyd get to stay off tomorrow.

Well, even the two bosses were happy. Gloria would get to sleep all day long in her little cocoon while Alice being Alice, would spend her time reading books and emptying cups of coffee curled in her not-so-fluffy blanket.

Being the owner of the cafe was not as easy as it seemed to be said. Alice and her friend had to keep shifting from one work to another even though they were the boss. They didn mind it. All that concerned them were running the cafe to their hearts content and putting a satisfied smile on their customers. After all, it was their cafe.

Gloria, her friend was her co-partner, having equal shares in the cafe. They didn mind even if one of them had the higher shares. They were more than glad to make it out of the cafe after putting in so much effort and dedication to reach the state where they were right now. In the beginning, they had to bear a lotta criticism from society, who did not like the idea of pure human ladies leading a business, even though it was a little cafe. They felt ridiculed to be customers of the cafe which was being led by the human race and not the higher race.

While the cowardly human beings mocked the two of them, not to say they were ladies at that. That being the reason was more than enough for society to consider them as a laughing stock. More like a live Tv show for them.

Human beings were part of the lower races. They barely had their portion of land to live on. Even though they did, there was no saying they weren under threat by the vampires and werewolves. Few small towns and villages, but… that was all. They had no peace living. Theyd not know when theyd be prey to the other, jumping into their houses and sucking their blood, ripping their not-so-healthy fleshes apart.

It wasn something new to say about the rogue vampires and the crazed werewolves barging into their land. Only theyd show themself mindlessly for pureblooded ones would always act decent when they
e the cunning foxes in real. Theyd do their dirty work secretly and clear their names turning into newborn babies. But there were some, who act recklessly, mindless of their reputation. Like, the pompous bitches of the rich elites and the offspring who were spoiled to no end.

Rich brats or spoilt brats! Whatever you may call them.

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