Chapter 9. As a Player, You Have to Be Aware That You
e Just A Cannon Fodder.

Time was limited, and Char could not go any further.

Of course, the situation did not allow him to go on.

Sacred matters should always be placed on the appropriate occasion, and it was not time for Char as well.

A persons threshold would always increase. Char had reincarnated 177 times, and he did not lack patience and time.

Seeing that it was almost time, Char smiled gently and picked up little Tifa.

”Ill leave her to Auntie Susan. Get ready. Well meet at the west entrance of the village. ”

After he finished speaking, he went out of the house.

Ksenja had wanted to remind him to be careful, but she realized that Char was more professional in carrying the baby than she was, and she was puzzled.

What on earth had he been doing all these years?

3 P.M. The West entrance of the novice village.

Other than the five who had applied for the mission, there were four others who had gathered there. They had probably leveled up in the afternoon and gotten their hands on some weapons, so they were also waiting for Char at the entrance.

”Do any of you know the guy from this morning? I went to the forum and posted something, but they didn believe it. ”

”Thats right. There are so many novice villages, but it seems like this only happened in our village. The others haven even seen monsters above level 4, let alone doing team quests. ”

”Also, did you know that there were a few naive people in the novice village of the Nanhai District who went to see the daughter of the village chief? They were struck by lightning before they could even touch her. Then they were forced to log out of the game, have their accounts locked, and are banned from logging in for a whole year. I heard that the people from the youth psychological center even found them via their IP… ”

”Are you for real? ”

”Nonsense, the internet isn an illegal place. Its fine for them to do it elsewhere, but on the internet? They must be crazy! What would happen to female players in the future? Sometimes, you don even know what are they thinking. Please don get us into any trouble. ”

”Don worry, this is a game for all ages. ” Brandy nudged his friends elbow, hinting at something.

”Stop it. Char is here. ”

”Where is he? Hey, I found him! ”

”Good afternoon, boss! ”

”Boss, I… Whos the lady behind him? ”

Ksenja, who was dressed in light armor, was behind Char.

If it was a realistic Western fantasy, most of the players would have to wear full armor, but this game was obviously a Japanese fantasy. The armor fit Ksenja well. She walked over slowly and instantly became the focus of attention.

As Ksenja pulled out a broadsword the size of a door, their eyes were filled with fear and disbelief.

”She has 25 strength. ”

Char smiled innocently, ”I advise you guys to be kind to her. The three of them can be my witnesses. ”

Among all the gentlemanly gazes, the three of them appeared to be particularly upright. They looked straight ahead, and their hearts were as calm as water.

Their gazes met in the air, and in the blink of an eye, they had completed their communication.

”Brother, is this NPC going to fight monsters with us? ” Someone came over and asked.

”You can think of it that way. ”

Char laughed and gave Ksenja a look.

”Shes our full-time babysitter. Other than the fact that she doesn have much milk. ”

The swordswoman glared at Char in an obscure manner.

”Well, as expected. You easily did what we didn even dare to think about. First, it was Sonya, and now, its Miss Ksenja… ”

Air Conditioner was amazed by Char.

A few more people submitted their applications to join the team, and they set off.

Half an hour later, all of them arrived at the outskirts of the Rotten Forest.

Level 7 Enchanted Wild Boars and level 5 Enchanted Ravens could be found in this area.

In ”Fantasy World ”, level 4 was a dividing line. Monsters below this level were all newbie monsters. Above level 4, they began to learn the basic skills of seeking advantages, as well as moving in groups, but they also lacked intelligence.

For example, the Enchanted Wild Boars would lose its mind when it smelled the scent of a large number of strangers and approach them like a madman. During the first contact, most newbies would be caught off guard and frightened by its fierce aura, but in fact, they were not much different from ordinary beasts. 5 points of strength and agility plus a weapon were enough to deal with them.

Chars personal record was when he was a level 1 swordsman, he was able to kill 4 of the 6 Enchanted Wild Boars that were surrounding him before he died.

Of course, this was under the condition that he was accompanied by someone.

It was not Ksenja. Someone as strong as her would scare away the Enchanted Wild Boars. The one who accompanied Char last time was a weak and skinny Dark Elf who could conceal herself.

Ordinary Enchanted Wild Boars would be scared away by Ksenja, but it was not the case for the Enchanted Wild Boars on the outskirts of the Rotten Forest. Under the control of some kind of willpower, they divided into small teams and patrolled the area. They worked together and moved more strictly than an army.

”This is the place. ”

Char stopped under a tree that split into two and pointed at a guy holding a short dagger.

”You. Come here for a moment. ”

”Me? ”

The player ran over excitedly.

It was a short-haired girl with flat breasts. She was actually the strongest among the group of players.

”Whats the matter? ”

”How about being a cannon fodder? ”

”Eh? ” She was stunned.

”Being a cannon fodder is actually something. Everyone will die one day. You being squashed to death by Enchanted Wild Boars is also a way of death for a hero. Besides, you
e the only one here whos changed profession to a thief and has a 15% movement speed bonus, ” Char said.

”Hey, how did you know that Ive changed my profession to a thief? ” She turned around to look at the others. There were three people holding short daggers.

”Their weapons were bought at a shop, but yours was a free gift. He even gave you a talon. If you make good use of the talon, you might not even die. ”

The thief lowered her head and looked at the dagger. The grip of her dagger was indeed different from the others. It was a gift from her teacher.

”Youve goof observation! ”

”Ive seen it a lot, ” Char said with a hoarse tone.

She was quite powerful. On the fourth beta testing, he discovered that the Dark Brotherhoods branch was hidden in this novice village. The branch was in a well, and he had no idea how she went down.

”Bro, lets be friends! ” She raised her head. ”Ill be your cannon fodder then. Youll compensate me, won you? ”

Char raised an eyebrow. ”Of course. ”

The two of them added each other as friends. The female thief was called Apple Pie.

Apple Pie was satisfied after adding Char as her friend.

”Alright, boss. Where should I go then? How do you want me to die! ”

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