p> ”Ugh… You should be careful. If they dare to bully you, remember to come to find me and Enke. ”

Unless there was a major change in favorability, there would be no notification. Furthermore, there was no such thing as madly giving gifts to people so that their favorability would increase to the max in a day. These were all living people!

It was because he was human that he could be moved by words.

Char suddenly broke free from Ksenjas grasp and took half a step back with a determined attitude.

”Hey… Why are you… ”

”Regarding Mr. Wester, I actually have something to tell you. ” Char mustered up his courage. ”He cheated on you. ”

”What? ”

Ksenjas expression froze, but she recovered in an instant. She stared at him warily, as if she was about to draw her sword and cut him.

”Why did you slander my husband? ”

Char shook her head. ”I didn . Since four months ago, hes been staying out all night. He said he was working in the monastery, but in fact, he was working in the tavern, just in disguise. Miss Sonya from the tavern knows about this, but she won tell you the truth. The village head also knew about it, but he chose to help Mr. Wester hide it because he was worried that you would leave the village. After all, there are still monsters around the village. ”

Ksenja was silent.

She had actually noticed that something was not right, but her trust in her husband made her choose not to doubt it.

Since Char had presented the evidence to her, she could not help but believe it.

”You… ”

”You want to ask me how do I know all this, right? I have a way to prove myself, but not now, ” Char explained before Ksenja could speak.

Like the players, he was also a hero who had wandered here. He had stayed in the village for a week and established a friendly relationship with most of the people.

However, evidence had to be created, and Char was just telling the truth to her.

”You want to know my motive, don you? ” Char spread his hands helplessly. ”You should remember that four years ago, you passed by Penthaz Town, which was destroyed by the monsters, right? ”

Ksenja nodded. She had never mentioned this to anyone else, and only her husband knew about it in the village.

”The town was wiped out by the monsters. You rescued a thirteen-year-old child from a collapsed house. However, your team was in a hurry at that time, and the kid was seriously injured. You guys had time to leave some food and water before leaving… That was me. I was the kid. ”

Ksenjas eyes widened.

”You… You survived? ”

”Yes, Ive survived. ” Char smiled from the bottom of his heart.

In fact, no one knew if the child was still alive or not. He was most likely dead, but Char knew about it, and Ksenja told him about it herself.

After he had completely conquered Ksenja, she would admit that it was the most guilty thing in her life. She would never forget the childs eyes of hope and despair.

Every time Char pretended to be the kid, Ksenjas attitude would change.

Of course, this was also a one-time piece of information. It was fine for one person to impersonate the kid, but when the second and third person used the same strategy to try and conquer Ksenja, she would know and probably draw her sword to kill them.

The fates of the characters in the game were intertwined, especially the small characters that no one paid attention to. Sometimes, a sentence or a piece of information was enough to make the favorability of the person drastically change, but unfortunately, most of the clues were not paid attention to. Even if they were paid attention to, they could not be used because of the time span.

However, this was not a problem for Char at all!

Sure enough, after hearing this, Ksenjas attitude changed drastically. She found it hard to believe, but she believed him because only she and her husband knew about this.

”No, did he spill the beans when he was drunk? ” She was still on guard.

”You left three pieces of black bread, two bags of water, and even helped me wipe my face. The bread is yours, the water is for you and Enke. No one else was willing to help, so Enke was the only one who helped. You even told me that everything would get better. With this, I managed to hold on for a week until the rescue team… ”

The more details he told her, the less guarded Ksenja became. In the end, her eyes were wet.

A drunk person would not be able to describe such details, but she remembered them clearly!

She reached out with a trembling hand, trying to touch Chars face.

”Im sorry. Im very sorry… I left you behind at that time… Im sorry… ”

Char held her hand and shook her head with a smile.

”No, Miss Ksenja, you don have to blame yourself. Its enough that the Seven Holy Spirits allowed you to transform into an angel and come before me so that I could live, and then let me meet you again. Ive also found a chance to repay you. Ill provide evidence to expose that scumbags true colors. Please be patient. ”

He kissed the back of Ksenjas hand and turned to leave the room.

[Ksenjas favorability toward you has increased.]

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