Chapter 4. Player

During the beta testing, the experience points were tripled, regardless of whether it was for farming monsters or doing quests.

The best record Char had was Swordsman (Level 14) and Nightingale (Level 13), along with a full set of forged equipment and an ancient magic longsword.

Even so, it still took him half a month.

It seemed like for the open beta testing, there would not be any triple benefits. It would take him more time to farm, so he was not in a hurry at all.

In the long reincarnation, he increasingly understood the core gameplay of this game. The more he treated it as a game, the more he would lose. Only when he truly integrated into the world would the rewards be everywhere.

Quests, rewards, and equipment were all low-quality items. Human communication was the most important thing in the game.

Before the players could dominate the situation, they were all NPCs.

Char wanted to target Ksenja from the very beginning.

After they became friends, he could bring this level 14 swordsman along to do quests. She could bring her own equipment as well. Although it was not enough to bring her out of the village, it would be much more efficient for her to bring a level 1 newbie around.

Of course, the players who had joined the game would not understand these principles. They would have to slowly figure it out.

Char had only taken two steps when the three brothers appeared again.

”Hey, what did you mean by that? ”

The leader was aggressive, and the three of them had rolling pins in their hands. They were obviously here to make trouble.

”You must have bought it from Jim in the bakery. Did he also say that his rolling pin was very strong and that it had once killed a magical rabbit outside the village? ” Char laughed.

The three of them looked at each other.

”How did you know? ”

Char did not answer and continued, ”There are 50 copper coins in the beginners bag. Its best to use it to rent a house in the early stages. Unless you want to sleep on the grass in the middle of the night. During the early stages of the game, the worst thing to worry about is a lack of supplies. If youve got a house, your natural recovery speed is three times faster. ”

After he finished speaking, he returned to the main topic.

”As for what happened just now, I was trying to save you. Mrs. Wester is a Level 14 swordswoman. With one strike, the three of you will be left with only skin and bones. Even if you can recover, youll have to meditate for a day and a night to be fully recovered. Whats the difference between that and wasting an entire day? ”

The three of them were stunned, and the hostility in their eyes was gone.

The leader hesitated for a moment before he asked, ”Why did she want to hit us? ”

”If you get too close to a beautiful woman on the street and stare at her chest for three seconds. Do you think shell call the police? ”

”But… Shes an NPC… ”

”Whats wrong with an NPC? Would an NPC lie to you to buy a stick thats good for nothing? ” Char patted the shoulder of the leader. ”Change your way of thinking. Don underestimate this game. ”

The two of them brushed past each other.

Char had only taken two steps when he heard footsteps behind him.

”Please wait! ” The leader caught up with them and gave them a friendly smile. ”Hi, my names Air Conditioner. This is my friend. Instant Cold Drink and Boiled Brandy. Im sorry for what happened just now. Can we be friends? ”

Char realized that adding friends was possible, but he did not know how to do it, so he simply nodded.

He had already acted so coldly so that they would probably take the initiative.

He did not know what did Air Conditioner do, but a few seconds later, he heard a notification sound.

[Player: Air Conditioner has requested to be your friend.]

It had been thousands of years!

Finally, a living person has added me as a friend!

Char sighed with emotion.

He accepted the request, opened the system settings, and found the new social button.

He turned off all the social notifications and was content to be an autistic player.

”Were you an expert player in some gaming community? ” Air Conditioner asked carefully.

”Im just a normal player, ” Char replied.

”I see… ”

Everyone started from the same starting line. No ordinary person could have so much information on the first day of the game.

Hence, Air Conditioner exchanged a few glances with the other two before they sent a trade request to Char.

Char accepted the request. Seeing a trade window for the first time, he was as excited as a child.

There were 90 copper coins on it, which were the leftovers from the three of them.

”Youve already given me the money, so what are you going to do? ” Char asked him.

However, Air Conditioner smiled indifferently.

”In our hands, this money is less than the rent of two rooms. But in your hands, it may be able to offset the value of this information. ”


Char felt that this was an interesting person and clicked ”Accept ”.

Air Conditioner was right. If Char could earn more money in the beginning, it would be a little more convenient for him.

After taking benefits from them, he still had to give something back to them.

”The shepherd in the West of the village lost a sheep. Mrs. Wester has just given birth, but she doesn have enough milk. You can find a way to get some milk for her. She can teach you [Power Slash], ” Char said.

”You even know that she doesn have enough milk? ” Air Conditioner was dumbfounded.

”Yup… ” Char smiled subtly.

Of course, Ksenja did not tell him that…

After the simple exchange, both parties went their separate ways.

There were many more people in the novice village, but they were easy to distinguish. They could be seen at a glance as players.

Most of them were like flies, but there were also some who noticed that something was wrong. They restrained themselves and talked to the NPCs to obtain information.

Everything Char told the three guys came from the NPCs. They could find the information themselves, but it was a different matter whether they understood it or not.

Char did not go to the village chiefs place to join in the fun. After becoming a village chief, the system would give him a buff called [Eye of Insight]. It could see through a characters class and level, so the village chief would not even look at you before your combat class reached level 10.

He spent 5 copper coins to hitch a ride on an ox cart. Ten minutes later, he arrived at the tavern on the other side of the village.

This place was quite far from the center of the village, so there were not many players. It was morning, so the tavern was temporarily closed.

Char picked up a stone from the ground and threw it at the window, shattering it.

”Whos there? ”

A tall figure knocked the door open and came out.

The two-meter tall red-haired Barbarian, Sonya, was the tavern owner.

The Barbarian was a resident of the Northern Red Grasslands, which was occupied by monsters. Her parents had fled here and opened this bar, which sold a very popular blood grain malt wine.

Sonya was born with large shoulders and a round waist. A human could stand on her arms, and a horse could run on her shoulders. She was the only person in this novice village who could match Ksenja evenly.

In her eyes, the weak blonde priest was a beauty. According to the iron rule of the grasslands, only the strong could have a wife. That was why she could watch Ksenja marry the priest and have children.

If it was any other woman, she would have already taken action!

It was also because of this that Sonya would not take the initiative to expose the affair of the priest. In her eyes, it was a disgrace to Ksenja, and she was happy about it.

Sonya saw that there was only one person standing outside the door and immediately rushed over.

”Did you do this? ”

Barbarians never brushed their teeth or gargled, so their breath was harmful.

”Yes, its me, ” Char replied, not frightened by the giant lady at all.

Of course, Sonya was not on his list, but he had fought alongside this female Barbarian before, so he was very familiar with her temperament.

The more straightforward he was, the better.

He threw out a silver coin that he had just exchanged it for 100 copper coins.

”This is for your window and Ill hire you for half an hour. ”

”Where are we going? ” Sonya raised her eyebrows.

”Follow me. ”

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