Chapter 5. F*ck Her!

Half an hour was too short. From the location of the tavern, they could only walk to a place with less monsters in the wild. They would run out of time before they could kill a few monsters.

A silver coin could do a lot of things in the early stages.

No matter how he looked at it, it did not seem like a good deal.

No one would believe Chars real plan even if he told them.

He had hired Sonya to beat people up.

Moreover, he wanted her to beat up some NPCs.

The two of them arrived at the west side of the village, and the Guard Captain, Marden, who was patrolling, happened to be there.

Of course, this was because Char had calculated the time.

The Barbarian, Sonya, was not very popular in the village because her skin color, body shape, and accent were out of place with the local people. She was also stubborn.

The reason she could stay was that her blood grain malt wine was too popular, and the village was too lacking in combat power. Under the insistence of the village chief, the Barbarian stayed.

However, this did not mean that Marden would be polite to her.

On the contrary, Marden secretly looked down on the Barbarians, and even hated them.

The gap between the two would only be revealed after they entered the town.

There was a record in the towns archives, and Mardens origin was written on it.

Mardens grandfather used to be a lumberjack in the town. He was unlucky enough to encounter Barbarian bandits while working outside the town, and his head was chopped off and put on a human rack as a provocation to the town guards.

Mardens father had witnessed this scene with his own eyes and thus passed on his hatred for the Barbarians to his son.

Therefore, even though Sonya had nothing to do with the Barbarian bandits, Marden still hated her. He hated everyone who had bronze skin, thick eyebrows, braids, and tall bodies.

Therefore, when he saw Sonya approaching, he instinctively clenched his weapon and put on a vigilant posture, which was usually only used against monsters.

However, Marden did not make a move.

He did not make a move, but that did not mean Char would do the same.

Char pointed. ”Hit him, but don kill him. ”

The simple and direct order was to Sonyas liking.

She really liked this skinny human too much.

The Barbarian laughed and rushed toward Marden.

Marden realized that something was wrong and drew his sword to slash at her. Sonya took off the four-edged mace on her back and smashed it at Marden with a loud cry!

”Bang ”

Marden was sent flying with his sword, and he crashed into a tree.

The other guards were stunned for a moment, and their imposing manner was significantly reduced. They had always heard that Sonya was very strong, but now that they had seen it with their own eyes, how could they dare to fight her? All of them were trembling.

Sonya could not care less. She had long found this group of people to be an eyesore. In the name of protecting the village, the guards had been bullying her for a long time.

”Barbarian pig, Im going to kill you! ”

Marden, who was injured, came back and waved the long sword in his hand.

Although he was a man, he was only a level 11 Militia, while Sonya was a level 13 Berserker. Not to mention the difference between a half combat profession and a pure combat profession, just the difference in numbers alone would be sufficient. Hence, how could Marden be her match?

After some time, all of them were beaten to the ground.

Char was watching from the side.

It was easy to hire an NPC, but it was difficult to hire an NPC to fight an NPC. It all depended on who the player was.

If it was someone else, she would not have hit them. She was a Barbarian, but she was not a b*tch. She knew that he would not be able to survive if she attacked.

However, it was a different story since Marden was the target.

It was not the first time he had called her ”Barbarian pig ”. Every time they met in the village, this person would call her that. He even said that all Barbarians deserved to die and that her blood grain malt wine was brewed with human blood.

However, he was the villages Guard Captain, and Sonya could not do anything to him. She had been holding her anger in for a long time.

Now that Char had taken the lead, she had a chance to vent her anger and even get paid, so how could she reject it?

After a round of beating, Marden and the other seven guards could no longer stand up. The villagers who had witnessed this scene rushed to the village chief to call the police, but Char did not stop them.

”Damn! ”

Sonya pounded her chest like a mother gorilla.

”How much longer? ” She asked.

”40 minutes, ” Char replied.

Hearing this answer, Sonya was only stunned for a second and did not refute him.

”Alright, 40 minutes it is. ”

40 minutes was her limit, which was what Char had tested after several failures.

If one looked deeper into it, they would find that this was a coincidence in design, exquisite beyond compare.

40 minutes was just enough for them to get to a place related to Captain Marden.

”Lets go, ” Char said.

The two of them left the village one after another.

35 minutes later.

On the west side of the village, they had already entered the demonic forest. After making a few turns, even Sonya became serious.

Once their employment relationship ended, she would immediately abandon Char and leave without hesitation.

e here. ”

Char stopped in a strange hexagonal open space.

Sonya looked at him warily, knowing that he would hurt her if she did anything wrong.

The Barbarian would keep her promise under the premise that her life was not in danger.

Char gestured for her to calm down, and then gave her a Barbarians chest thump.

”In the name of my father, please trust me.

”My blood is your blood. ”

Then, he stretched out his hand.

Sonya was stunned for a second before she pulled out a knife from her boot. She cut Chars finger and smeared the blood on her lips.

[Due to the contract, Sonyas favorability toward you has temporarily increased to intimate (Effective time: 5 minutes).]

[Due to the contract, all the damage that Sonya takes will be transferred to you for the next 5 minutes.]

This was the contract ceremony of the Barbarian. It would only be used in large areas when they were deep into the territory of level 60 monsters in the grassland.

”No matter what you see or hear from now on, please believe that I won harm you, ” Char said.

Sonya nodded, stabbed the mace into the ground, and sat down cross-legged.

Char turned around in satisfaction and shouted into the air, ”

”In the silent night, all things withered and death will return.

”When the black rain falls, everything falls, including the moon, and all living beings wail.

”In the night of the waning moon, all living beings wail, all things perish!

”Milolo Lux, Ive brought the living sacrifice you wanted! ”

After a moment, a gust of cold wind suddenly blew in the rotten forest, even though it was daytime.

The leaves rustled, and the crows circled above their heads.

A thin and shriveled figure holding a walking stick staggered out of the darkness. Her body was surrounded by black gas, and with every step she took, the black gas on his body faded a little.

By the time she arrived in front of the two, she had already completely turned into a thin old woman.

Her body was hunched, and she was leaning on a white bone staff. Her face was covered in blood-stained bandages, and only her eyes could be seen.

e not my servant. Who are you… ”

”The servant of a servant, the minion of a minion. ”

Char bowed slightly, showing great respect.

The servant was Marden. The Guard Captain, who had buried his hatred deep in his heart, had been corrupted when he went out three months ago. Since then, a guard had mysteriously disappeared from the village every month, and they were all sent to be sacrifices.

”Oh, you
e very outstanding, kid… ” She said.

Milolo Lux looked at Sonya greedily. She could feel her blood and flesh.

She did not suspect there was a trap waiting for her because ordinary people could not find this place at all, and normal people did not know about the spell as well.

Suddenly, she heard an order from behind her.

”F*ck her! ”

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