hat tears kept falling, but strangely, he could not make a sound.

Char rang the bell again

”Go on. ”

Marden could not control his body, and he chased after Enke, who was already on the ground. He raised his fist but was stopped by Ksenja.

”Char! ”

Ksenja glared at him, and Char stopped helplessly. However, at the same time, he glared back at her as if he was complaining about her actions.

As a result, Ksenja avoided his gazes with a guilty conscience.

”Back off! ” Char ordered.

Marden did as he was told.

Char threw the bell on the ground and spread out his hands. ”Well, you
e a wise man, aren you, village chief? So you should understand what this means, right? ”

Others might not know the story behind the village chief, but he knew it very well.

Strictly speaking, he was not a human. He was a puppet created by the church in the long history of fighting against monsters. He was full of wisdom and as hard as iron. He would not have prejudice or selfish desires, and he would always maintain justice.

However, he lacked human touch as well.

During the 11th round of beta testing, which was also the only time Char had a bad ending, he had suggested a head-to-head fight with him to become the village chief. After losing Char, the village chief committed suicide. However, before that, he left the information he had collected to Char and taught him how to be a good village chief.

The village chief walked to Enkes side and helped him up.

”Use [Purification] on Captain Marden. ”

Enke did not dare to delay even a moment as he opened his toothless mouth and finished the incantation in a leaking accent.

A milky white light landed on Mardens body. He trembled and a wisp of black gas emerged from his body. It turned into a ghostly face in mid-air and screamed loudly.

This thing was exactly the same as the ”Egg of Chaos ” in Zin
okhs place.

The village chief placed two fingers on his temple and glared at the black gas. Two beams of white light came out of his eyes and shot at it.

Marden then fell limply to the ground.

Now that the truth was spoken, Char had suddenly turned from a villain to a hero who had saved the village. Although the militia still looked at him with some resistance, there was faint respect.

Just by completing this hidden quest, his reputation would be enough for him to leave the village. However, he was still lacking in levels.

The normal procedure was to please everyone in the village with twenty to thirty side missions.

When the matter was over, everyone left and went back home. Sonya even received a reward from the village chief, who waived her a months rent.

The Barbarian came in front of Char and pounded her chest.

”You. Sonyas friend. ”

”Its my honor, ”

Char then continued, ”My friend, please tell Miss Ksenja about her humiliation and let the truth come to light. ”

Even though Sonya felt that the method was rather despicable, she still did it for Chars sake.

Sonya went over to Ksenja and said a few words to her. Her expression was helpless, and she was heartbroken. She wanted to argue, but Sonya pulled Enkes pants down and took out a human-skin mask from his crotch.

”What a disgrace. ”

She tore the mask off and spat on the ground.

Sonya was not mocking Enke, but Ksenja.

In her eyes, Ksenja was a strong person, so she should not be toyed with by such a weakling

Of course, Ksenja also understood this, but it was difficult for her to change her emotions. Her heartbroken look made people want to protect her.

Char looked at it for a while and did not care anymore. It was not that he was cold-blooded, but he had seen it too many times.

He had also forgotten how many women he had conquered in his 177 reincarnations.

It was difficult for him to truly invest his feelings into any woman.

He knew that all of this would eventually be wiped out and forgotten, leaving him alone in this bloody system.

He had thought of being a sad hero who would watch over a girl in every reincarnation and tell her the story of thousands of reincarnations. Easier said than done. He could not hold on after three or four reincarnations. As they were madly in love with each other, Char could not stand the unfamiliar feeling when the two of them met again after he reincarnated. With that, his yearning for beauty was slowly worn away.

In the end, only calmness and numbness could keep him alive. He believed that he was a human, not a piece of data.

At this moment, the village chief walked over.

Char turned around as he met the village chiefs calm gaze.

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