Chapter 8. Thats How He Knew…

Char had been to this room countless times, and he was extremely familiar with every corner of the house.

He did not need to push the door open to know what Ksenja was doing.

She was waiting for the temperature of the boiling goats milk to drop before she fed the baby with a spoon.

Her face exuded a motherly glow, and her short hair hung down to her ears. Her side profile was as perfect as a sculpture.

No matter how many times he looked at it, she was gorgeous.

It was just that she was not very smart.

Just like the previous reincarnations, Char only took a look at the situation inside the house and went to the well outside to get a bowl of water.

He actually did not have to do that.

He then placed the bottle of warm goats milk into the well water. Previously, Ksenja had just asked him to leave it aside quietly.

Ksenjas face turned red as she witnessed the scene.

”Has this bottle been washed? ” Char asked.

Ksenja was slightly stunned. ”Its clean… It was previously filled with No. 8 Holy Water. ”

”You can give a baby No. 8 Holy Water either. ”

Char stood up and poured away the milk in the glass bottle. He then washed the bottle repeatedly and heated it over the fire.

Ksenja opened her mouth, but she did not know what to say and could only watch him.

She did not know why she let Char into the house. Perhaps she felt that she had been too strict with him, so she did it.

However, he was actually completely in control of the rhythm in the room, getting busy like the real head of the family.

Looking at Char, she suddenly had a feeling… That she could rely on her.

She felt an inexplicable sense of trust and security toward Char, and she seemed to have relaxed a lot.

What am I thinking…

Ksenja touched her red cheeks and forcefully removed all these distracting thoughts.

Half an hour later, Char returned with a warm milk bottle.

Ksenja wanted to take the milk bottle away from Char, but he patted the back of her hand.

”Ill do it. ”

His tone was irrefutable, and Ksenja could not do anything. She could only accept it and let him do the rest.

Char gently fed the milk to the baby bit by bit. The frequency and amount were just right as if he had practiced it countless times. The amount and temperature of the milk were almost perfect.

”This much is good. ” He kept the rest and said, ”You can stick your face to the bottle to feel the temperature of the milk. Its best not to have any leftovers. This much is alright. ”

”Okay… I understand! ”

Ksenja hurriedly remembered it in her heart.

The baby fell into a deep sleep after having his fill. Char leaned on the side and looked at her quietly, and Ksenja also looked at him.

”Her name is Tifa, ” said Ksenja.

”Thats a really good name. ” Char reached out and touched the babys face.

”Shell grow up to be as beautiful as you. ”

Ksenja pursed her lips and laughed. ”You
e so sweet. ”

”Im serious, ” Char said seriously.

He had seen more than just little Tifa.

Ksenja had a quarter of the forest fairys blood, so her puberty was particularly long. Even she did not know about this. When the mother and daughter had their hair down, they were almost indistinguishable. Char could only tell from the touch and sound.

”Alright. I believe you. ” Ksenja smiled.

After a moment of silence, she suddenly said in a gentle voice, ”Thank you, Char. ”

Char smiled and shook his head.

”You can thank me later. Get ready, we
e going to explore the rotten forest. ”

”Huh? ” Ksenja was stunned. ”Are you inviting me to fight alongside you? By the way, I haven asked you what happened with Sonya. Why did she accompany you to explore the rotten forest… ”

”Of course, I have my own ways of doing things. ” Char pretended to be mysterious. He then explained, ”Ive done so much not just to let Sonya tell you the truth. In fact, I also know where the nest is, which is the source of the forest decay. Im going to take you to that place and resolve the crisis from the source. Ill make you the hero of the village so that you and little Tifa can have a safe future… ”

Ksenjas eyes suddenly froze when she heard him say that.

Then, her heart softened a little, and her eyes turned red.

Char was completely different from that man.

The man would always clumsily do those things before showing off, like a child asking for a reward.

”Hey, why are you crying… ”

Char panicked and waved his hand in front of her.

”Don cry… Did I do something wrong? ”

When she heard Chars voice, Ksenja smiled. Her smile was filled with motherly love as she pulled him into her arms.

Again, what a warm embrace.

[Ksenjas favorability toward you has increased to best friend.]

In fact, she was already his best friend.

Char tried to resist clumsily, but his 5 points of strength were completely useless against her 25 points of strength. In the end, he could only compromise and just hug her like that.

”Stay calm. ”

Ksenjas face was red as she patted his head.

”Hmph… ”

In the 177th round, Char was busy looking for the Holy Sword for Ortlinde before going to Zin
okhs nest. Due to the people from the church and the Empire, he had to design a series of complicated traps to make them believe that it was a coincidence that he helped Ortlinde find the Holy Sword. Otherwise, he would attract suspicion. As such, he was too busy and did not have the chance to visit Ksenja.

For the previous hundreds of rounds, going home once a year had become one of his favorite activities.

Therefore, in various senses, this was a long-lost embrace.

”How did you survive these past few years … ”

Ksenja asked as she touched his head.

”Im a wandering hero, so Ill just wander around and do good things for justice… ”

”Strange, you
e so weak. Didn the people from the church teach you anything? ”

”The church isn a charity organization. You have to sell your soul to join them. You
e essentially no different from the devil. ”

Char rubbed her face against him again, changing to a more comfortable position.

”The Seven Holy Spirits probably couldn stand it anymore, so they pointed at me and brought me to this village, and then I met you. ”

e so sweet… ”

Ksenja blushed even more. She seemed to have thought of something that was difficult to talk about.

”Hey, how did you know… ”

”Know what? ”

”You know that Im… ”

”You what? ” Char asked despite knowing the answer.

”Hey! You
e doing this on purpose! ” Ksenjas face reddened in anger. She gritted her teeth for a long time, but she could not say those embarrassing words.

She wanted to know how did Char know that she did not have enough milk to feed her baby!

”Yes? ”

Char snorted. ”How am I going to answer you if you
e not telling me the question? ”

Ksenja mumbled. She brushed his hair aside and kissed his forehead.

”You little brat… ”

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