As the first rays of light rose, a deep sound sounded from Lu Xiaoran’s dantian.

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He opened his eyes, and two lightning-like purple lights flashed in them as the corners of his mouth curled up.

“Hah! Finally, I broke through.
I heard that the sect master is only at the Creation Realm, and I’ve already broken through to the Shattering Void Realm.
I should be considered the strongest existence in the Heaven Demon Sect, right?”

Lu Xiaoran was originally not from this world.
Ten years ago, he had transmigrated to this strange and mysterious world where the strong were respected.
After transmigrating, he realized that he had obtained a system and also became an inner sect elder of the Heaven Demon Sect.

He originally thought that he would reach the peak of his life.

In the end, it turned out that this system took forever to load.

It had been ten years and it was still loading.

Helpless, Lu Xiaoran could only rely on himself.

For the past ten years, he had never left his home or left his home.
He cultivated in a low profile and developed steadily.
At the same time, he also developed his skills for array formations, pill refinement, weapon refinement, and various other secondary professions related to cultivation.

Finally, today, his cultivation level broke through to the Shattering Void Realm and he became the strongest person in the Heaven Demon Sect.

Although there were even more powerful existences outside the Heaven Demon Sect, those big shots were even more ignoble.
They would casually go into seclusion for hundreds or thousands of years and basically wouldn’t come out unless there was something serious.

Therefore, he could live a peaceful life in the Heaven Demon Sect.

Ding… system loading progress at 100%.
Do you want to activate it? ‘

Lu Xiaoran was stunned for a moment before saying,

“You’re late.
I’ve already cultivated to the Shattering Void Realm and become a top-notch expert.”

“A top-notch expert at the Shattering Void Realm? Then what do you consider a Martial Monarch Realm expert?”

“Are you even aware of the Supreme Realm?”

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“Have you experienced the Tribulation Transcendence Realm?”

“Have you heard of the Saint Realm?”

Lu Xiaoran: “System, stop talking.

“Activated successfully.
Congratulations to the host for binding the invincible strongest master system.”

Lu Xiaoran held his chin.

“Invincible and strongest.
It sounds very powerful.
Then, System, sign in for me.”

“This system does not have the sign-in feature.”

“Oh, so it’s a lucky draw? Fine then, give me an SSS-level reward or something.
Do you have the mastered Primordial Sacred Body? Or perhaps you have something that can help me reach the Martial Monarch Realm? It’s also fine if it’s a divine artifact.”

“That feature is also not available.”

“Then what features do you have?”

“This system is the invincible strongest master system.
Its main feature is to take in disciples.”

“Is it too late for me to unbind myself from the system?”

“Once the system is bound, it will be bound for life.”

Lu Xiaoran was so furious that he almost broke down.
This system was too despicable.

It was one thing for it to only be activated after ten years, but it was actually a master system that made him take in disciples.

He had not come this far step by step to become someone’s teacher and take in disciples.

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As if sensing Lu Xiaoran’s anger, the system responded again.

“The mission of this system is to take in disciples.
If the disciple increases his or her cultivation, the host will also be able to increase his own cultivation.
If the disciple comprehends a cultivation technique, the host will also comprehend the cultivation technique.”

Lu Xiaoran instantly felt his scalp turn numb.

Hearing this explanation, he finally understood the meaning of being invincible and strongest.

This was simply too monstrous.

If he took in a disciple, he would be able to obtain the same results without even cultivating.

In this way, what was the point of cultivating? As long as he kept taking in disciples and made these disciples cu

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