Chapter 103 Rebirth

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After that, Lu Xiaoran did not stay any longer.
He used his spirit energy to control the medicinal herbs and gradually helped Li Changsheng repair his body in an orderly manner.


Although it was gradual and orderly and he did not stuff them all in at once, it was still hard for the other party to resist.
After all, this terror was still not something ordinary people could handle.

Li Changsheng’s screams sounded endlessly.

Fortunately, this was inside the Mountain and River State Painting.
No matter how he shouted, he could not be heard in the outside world.

With the support of the medicinal strength, Li Changsheng’s body finally began to break out of the cocoon and be reborn.

On the surface, the broken leg had already begun to grow back slowly.

Inwardly, his broken meridians and shattered dantian were constantly recovering.

There were more than a hundred precious medicinal herbs, including the Hundred Beast Demon Marrow and the Martial Monarch Blood Pill… These were all top-grade items.

Not only could they repair Li Changsheng’s body, but they would also strengthen his body again.

This process lasted for an entire day and night.

After a day and night, Li Changsheng’s body was finally completely repaired.
Other than the lack of Sword Bones, he was no different from before and was even stronger.

“It’s time.”

Lu Xiaoran pushed the Sword Soul into Li Changsheng’s body.
This was the true highlight.

If the Sword Soul fused with Li Changsheng, it would only be a matter of time before he stepped into the Martial Monarch Realm.

In fact, it was even possible for him to surpass the Martial Monarch Realm.

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However, this Sword Soul was shockingly powerful and could not be fused casually.
It was accompanied by a huge risk.

Once he succeeded, Li Changsheng would benefit greatly.
If he failed, Li Changsheng might even be destroyed.

As the Sword Soul entered his body, an irresistible sword intent instantly began to invade Li Changsheng’s body and soul.

If it wanted to take root in Li Changsheng’s body, the first thing it had to do was resist the genes and soul in Li Changsheng’s body.


This time, Li Changsheng felt pain thousands of times worse than before.

It was as if his soul was about to be torn apart alive.

He held on.
In less than five seconds, his entire consciousness fell into darkness.

No matter how Li Changsheng struggled, he was unable to wake up.

This was no longer a matter of willpower.
In front of a God Realm Sword Soul, Li Changsheng was simply unable to resist.

His heart instantly turned cold.

Could it be that such a huge opportunity was going to be destroyed in the blink of an eye?

He wondered if his body would be reduced to ashes if the Sword Soul failed to enter his body?

He did not understand why the heavens gave him hope just to take it away again.

In his life, even though he had been defeated by the hot shots countless times, he had never been so furious.
However, today, he was furious for the first time.

He was completely furious.

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Was he going to be suppressed just because he was not as lucky as the hot shots.

Was he supposed to be a stepping stone simply because he wasn’t the chosen one?

He refused to accept this!

Perhaps because Li Changsheng’s struggling cry was effective, an emerald green light flashed in the darkness.

Li Changsheng’s eyes lit up and he immediately grabbed this light.
In the next moment, his darkness was suddenly expelled, allowing him to wake up and see the world outside again.

However, in the next moment, he was stunned on the spot again.

What entered his sight was Lu Xiaoran, and behind Lu Xiaoran stood a jade green giant more than 100 feet tall.

Lu Xiaoran wore a dragon robe and sat on the green dragon chair, his eyes seeming to be able to pierce through the void.

The green light emitted from Lu Xiaoran’s body was filled with abundant life force.
It shone on Li Changsheng’s body, allowing his body to be nourished and quickly recover.

“This is… a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique?”

Li Changsheng’s faith in life had completely collapsed.

After cultivating for so many years, he believed that he had already seen countless experts in his life.

However, after meeting Lu Xiaoran, he finally understood.

The strongest expert in this world was none other than his master.

This time, he would definitely be able to avenge his parents.

He would definitely be able to make the name Li Changsheng famous in the Great Zhou again! The fusion process lasted for more than nine days.

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Although it was complicated and long, he still benefited a lot.

After Li Changsheng successfully fused with the Sword Soul, lightning flashed and thunder roared in the sky of the entire Imperial City.

Dark clouds covered the sky as lightning trembled.
The refined lightning was like a sword beam that tore through the sky.

Everyone in the Imperial City was shocked by this world phenomenon.

Countless experts flew out of their residences.
Even in the Royal Imperial Palace, a few rare figures stood on the palace walls and looked at the sky in shock.
“What’s going on?”

“This abnormal phenomenon seems to indicate the birth of a top-grade genius.
Even the bloodline of the Great Zhou Imperial Family is not even half as powerful as the bloodline of this genius.
Since when did such a terrifying bloodline appear in our Great Zhou?”

“Search with all your strength.
No matter what, we have to find this peerless genius and strictly protect him.”

This abnormal phenomenon caused an uproar in the entire Imperial City.

As for Lu Xiaoran and Li Changsheng, because they were in the Mountain and River State Painting, they were not affected at all and were not detected by anyone.

After Li Changsheng repaired his body and fused with the Sword Soul successfully, his cultivation also began to continuously rise.

The first level of the Body Refining Realm… the eighth level of the Body Refining Realm… the fifth level of the Postnatal Realm… the seventh level of the Connate Realm… the ninth level of the Master Realm… the fourth level of the Spirit Realm… the third level of the Mountain Sea Realm… the fifth level of the Soul Refining Realm… In the end, it only stopped after reaching the first level of the Void Reversion Realm.

When he opened his eyes, two lights shot out like sword lights and instantly pierced through a huge mountain in front of him.


A violent explosion was as loud as a thunderclap.

Sword intent also surrounded him.
Although he did not use any spirit energy at all, martial

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se cultivation had not reached the Master Realm would probably not be able to stand beside him.

Lu Xiaoran nodded in satisfaction.

The gains were very good.

It was perfect.

His cultivation directly increased from the fourth level of the King Realm to the eighth level of the King Realm.

It had increased by four realm levels.

Although it was only four realm levels, they were still realm levels at the King Realm!

Even if one had good opportunities, it would still take at least 100 to 200 years for them to advance like this.

If one’s talent was not enough, they might not even be able to advance by a single realm level in their entire life.

Moreover, a Sword Soul had also appeared in his body.

In the future, his sword techniques would have a certain enhancement.

Lu Xiaoran predicted that although he was currently at the eighth level of the King Realm, it shouldn’t be a big problem for him to surpass his realm and beat up an eighth level Emperor Realm expert… This was even without using the array formation and only relying on his own methods.

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