There was also a Starfall Emperor Formation that could summon the souls of experts to attack and disturb enemies in the array.

There were too many good things.
Lu Xiaoran was somewhat overwhelmed for a moment.

In any case, he would just accept all of them.

Actually, it was not much.

Thinking about it carefully, in the future, when his disciples cultivated to the Martial Monarch Realm and became Martial Monarch Realm experts, wouldn’t he still need to give them three to five Martial Monarch Realm weapons each?

How could they rely on their cultivation and cultivation technique alone?

After all, the other Martial Monarch Realm experts also had Martial Monarch Realm cultivation and Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques.

Next, there was only one gift bag left.

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If nothing unexpected happened, he would basically still be a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm item.
Lu Xiaoran was already somewhat immune to it and was not too interested

However, when the gift bag was opened, Lu Xiaoran’s eyes could not help but light up.

Low-grade God Realm-Trinity True Eyes.

“Another God Realm item?”

It seemed that the gift bag Wang Cai gave out after having absorbed the luck of the hot shots was really too powerful.

He decided that he had to kill a few more hot shots.

Lu Xiaoran opened the introduction of the Trinity True Eyes.

The Trinity True Eyes could evolve one’s bloodline power.
Its current level was low-grade God Realm.

The Trinity True Eyes could absorb and fuse suitable cultivation techniques to increase one’s characteristic, strength, and grade.

Seeing the characteristic of the Trinity True Eyes, Lu Xiaoran shouted in his heart, Impressive!

It was indeed worthy of being a God Realm item.
It was too abnormal.

It could actually absorb other cultivation techniques.

If he absorbed the Ten Directions Everlasting, would he be able to view the surrounding information from a 360-degree angle?

After absorbing the Great Void Chaos Steps, would he be able to travel 5,000 kilometers in a second?

After absorbing the Traceless Illusion, would he be able to use an illusion technique with a single glance?

Although those cultivation techniques did not require the Trinity True Eyes to be used, there was a problem.
They were all cultivation techniques.
If he wanted to use them, he had to circulate them in his body and absorb the spirit energy to complete the execution of the cultivation technique.

Although this speed was very fast, it was much slower than the speed provided by the Trinity True Eyes.

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This was especially true in high-level life and death battles.
It was possible that one would need to circulate multiple cultivation techniques.

For example, he would need the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to treat his injuries, the Traceless Illusion to create illusion techniques, and the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture to attack.

Now, he did not need to circulate his cultivation technique or mobilize his spirit energy.
All he needed was a a single glance.

With a single glance, the effects would be faster and more powerful.
He could also use more cultivation techniques!

With just a single glance, he could send you to the afterlife.

It was a very practical and perfect bloodline power.

After gaining a lot, Lu Xiaoran finally retracted his thoughts and looked at Li Changsheng with a smile.

“Changsheng, you’ve already completely repaired your body and obtained a God Realm Sword Soul.
You have to cultivate diligently and improve yourself as soon as possible.
Your Sword Bones will also regrow.”

Li Changsheng cupped his hands and lowered his head.

“Don’t worry, Master.
I’ll start cultivating the Imperial Sword Technique now.
I won’t let you down.”

The Imperial Sword Technique was the mid-grade Saint Realm sword technique Li Changsheng had obtained when he obtained the inheritance of the Heaven Separation Sword Saint.

It was also the strongest sword technique Li Changsheng had cultivated in his life.

However, Lu Xiaoran could not help but frown.

“The Imperial Sword Technique sounds very trashy.”

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