Chapter 107 Master, Pity Me

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Yun Lige quickly arrived at Li Changsheng’s courtyard.

Sensing Yun Lige’s aura, Li Changsheng immediately stopped cultivating.
Then, he opened the door and cupped his hands to welcome Yun Lige.

“Greetings, Senior Brother.”

He now sincerely considered himself to be Lu Xiaoran’s disciple.
Naturally, he also respected Yun Lige and the other senior brothers and sisters.

Yun Lige nodded and smiled.

“Judging from your deep and melodious aura, you seem to be very energetic.
Presumably, you’ve already completely repaired your body and have begun to cultivate.”

Li Changsheng nodded and said, “All of this is thanks to Master’s help.”

“That’s right.
Master does indeed love and care for us disciples.
We should also work hard to cultivate and repay Master for his kindness.”

“Senior Brother is right.
Changsheng will definitely remember this.”

Yun Lige nodded again and threw some small porcelain bottles to Li Changsheng.

“These porcelain bottles contain Essence Dry Pill and Spirit Marrow Pill.
They’re all good medicinal pills that can help in cultivation.
Take them and use them.”

“Thank you, Senior Brother.”

“There’s no need to be polite.
I’m the eldest senior brother, so it’s only natural for me to take care of my junior brothers.
However, although you’ve repaired your body, you still have to pay attention to your work and rest when it comes to cultivation.
After all, you don’t have the Sword Bones anymore.
Cultivation won’t be as simple as before.
If you work too hard, it will injure your foundation.”

“Eldest Senior Brother is right.
I’ve also thought of this.
However, Master has just imparted the Azure Lotus Sword Art to me, so I can’t slack off.
After I advance a few more realm levels and reach the fifth level of the Void Reversion Realm, I’ll take a break.”

Yun Lige: “???”

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His head was instantly filled with question marks.

“Wait, did you just say that you would reach the fifth level of the Void Reversion Realm if you increase your cultivation by a few realm levels?”

Li Changsheng nodded.

“Yeah, why?”

“What’s your current cultivation level?”

“My current cultivation level is at the first level of the Void Reversion Realm.”

Yun Lige: “…”

Li Changsheng saw that Yun Lige’s expression was not very good and his heart skipped a beat.
Could it be that he had said something wrong or done something wrong to make Eldest Senior Brother unhappy?

“Eldest… Eldest Senior Brother, are you alright?” “Ah? Oh, no, nothing.
Why wouldn’t I be? You did very well.
Cultivate well.
I’ll go talk to Master about something.” As soon as he finished speaking, Yun Lige immediately turned around and quickly left.
The moment he turned around, the corner of his eyes had already turned misty.

He had to hold it in!

He could not cry!

If he cried here, he would never be able to raise his head again.

Where was the dignity of Eldest Senior Brother?

He had to hold it in!

Behind him, Li Changsheng raised his eyebrows in confusion.

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“Eldest Senior Brother seems to be in a bad mood.
Could it be that I said something wrong? Looks like in the future, I should show more respect in front of Eldest Senior Brother to avoid making him angry.”

As for Yun Lige, he had just left Li Changsheng’s courtyard.
Just as he returned to his own courtyard, he saw his master standing in his courtyard with one hand behind his back.

In an instant, he seemed to have seen his savior.
He could not help but cry.

Then, Yun Lige took three steps and quickly arrived beside Lu Xiaoran.
With a plop, he directly knelt down and hugged Lu Xiaoran’s thigh.

“Wuwuwu… Master, take pity on me.”

Lu Xiaoran was stunned and could not help but be somewhat at a loss.

“What’s wrong?”

As soon as he said this, Yun Lige cried even more sadly.

“Wuwuwu… Master, every disciple you took in is stronger than me… My junior sister is the princess of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace, so I endured it.
Junior Brother Tianyuan is the heir of the Ancient Ape Tribe, so I also endured it.
But now, Junior Brother Changsheng is only a cripple with no cultivation… Moreover, even his Sword Bones have been dug out.
However, now, he’s even stronger than me.
What’s the point of me living? As the eldest senior brother, I can’t help but feel bitter.”

Lu Xiaoran’s face twitched.

Wasn’t Yun Lige too tragic? His heart ached when he heard that.

However, it sounded like that was indeed the case.

The disciples Wang Cai found each time were much more talented than the previous ones.

Moreover, there were some special restrictions.
For example, the God Ream Sword Soul Li Changsheng obtained could allow him to far surpass his previous three disciples.

On the other hand, although Yun Lige was the first to enter the sect, his talent was the worst.

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In terms of cultivation speed, he was inferior to the other junior brothers and sisters.
Therefore, his cultivation definitely could not catch up to the others.

He rubbed Yun Lige’s head and consoled,

“Alright, stop crying.
I just bought this outfit.
Stop crying.”

“But Master, I feel really wronged!”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but sigh and say, “Alright, I know you’re wronged.
How about this? I’ll think of a way to help you increase your strength.”

Yun Lige’s eyes lit up.

“Master, is what you said true?”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.

“Do I need to lie to you?”

In any case, Yun Lige was also his disciple.
If Yun Lige’s cultivation increased quickly, Lu Xiaoran would also obtain an increase in his cultivation.
Therefore, there was no need for Lu Xiaoran to refuse.

“That’s great, Master.
Thank you.
Lige will definitely cultivate well and not let Master down.”

“Don’t be happy so early.
To be honest, your talent is actually inferior to others.
Therefore, even if I help you, you might not be as accomplished as your junior brothers and sisters.”

After a pause, he continued, “How about this? Help me do something first.
I’ll think of a way to help you increase your strength.”

“Master, please tell me.
Even if I have to climb a mountain of blades or enter a sea of flames, I will definitely complete the task.”

“It’s not that exaggerated.”

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Lu Xiaoran took out an identity token from his pocket and threw it into Yun Lige’s hand.

“This identity token belongs to your Uncle-Master, Li Daoran.
You have to pretend to be your Uncle-Master and go to the Acacia Faction to help me buy information on a guy called Lin Fei.
He’s currently the emperor’s son-in-law.”

Yun Lige received the identity token and immediately cupped his hands.

“Don’t worry, Master.
I’ll go now.
Please sit for a moment and wait for my good news.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded.

“Hurry up and go.
Come back early.”


Yun Lige immediately turned around and left.
As for Lu Xiaoran, he began to ponder how to help Yun Lige increase his strength.

Because of the limitations of one’s talent, Yun Lige’s cultivation speed was definitely inferior to others.

However, there were other methods.

Yun Lige’s meridians had already been shattered.
The Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture he cultivated did not require meridians.
However, other cultivation techniques required meridians.

Most importantly, Lu Xiaoran could not repair his meridians.
In that case, Yun Lige would not be able to cultivate the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture.

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