e can get 1,000 pills at a time.
It’ll be enough for a long time.”

Ji Wuxia’s face could not help but twitch fiercely again.

At this moment, she was fully convinced that Lu Xiaoran was a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

In fact, Lu Xiaoran was naturally not a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
His current cultivation was only at the third level of the Shattering Void Realm.

All of this was just Ji Wuxia and Yun Lige’s own imagination.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran was opening gifts in his room.

When Yun Lige advanced to the master level, he was given a huge gift bag.
After he advanced to the perfected master level, he also received ten small gifts.

mid-grade Heaven Realm Spirit Marrow Pill x100.

Top-grade Heaven Realm array formation, Immovable Bright King Formation x1.

High-grade Heaven Realm Dragon Burial Spear x1.

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Lu Xiaoran had gotten a lot of good stuff.
Just like how the Essence Energy Pill was an upgraded version of the Qi Gathering Pill, the Spirit Marrow Pill was an upgraded version of the Essence Energy Pill.

One Spirit Marrow Pill was even comparable to a hundred Essence Energy Pills.

The other items were also all Heaven Realm treasures.

It seemed that as Lu Xiaoran’s disciple’s cultivation level increased, the items he obtained from the gift bag also became better and better.

If his disciples all became Martial Monarch Realm experts in the future, wouldn’t that mean that he could receive even better items?

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran opened the huge gift bag.

Top-grade Martial Monarch Realm Realm cultivation technique—Great Void Chaos Steps.

The Great Void Chaos Steps was a peerless movement technique.
It allowed the user’s speed to increase along with his cultivation.
With this movement technique, one could travel 50 kilometers, 500 kilometers, 5,000 kilometers… When their cultivation reached a certain level, they could even reverse time and space!

Lu Xiaoran could tell at a glance that this cultivation technique was extraordinary.

It was too heaven-defying.

If he did not cultivate it, he would have let down Wang Cai for giving him such a good gift bag.

Lu Xiaoran immediately went into seclusion and began to cultivate the Great Void Chaos Steps.

“Yin and Yang are divided in one breath.
Yin and Yang become the Three Purities.
The Three Purities are divided into the Four Symbols and the Four Symbols transform into the Five Elements…”

Cultivation often lasted for long periods of time.
In the blink of an eye, a month passed.

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A month later, Lu Xiaoran woke up.

His eyes turned white and black.
The two colors emitted a strange glow that was filled with dignity and intimidation.

“I didn’t expect to spend so much time mastering the Great Void Chaos Steps this time .
It spent even more time on this than I did on the Azure Thearch Longevity Art.
Looks like even though the Azure Thearch Longevity Art is a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation, a movement technique like the Great Void Chaos Steps is still a little stronger.”

“However, for a peerless genius like me, it’s still not a big problem.”

If it were anyone else, even if they were a little genius, they would still have to spend several years mastering the perfected Great Void Chaos Steps.
As for Lu Xiaoran, he only needed half a month.
This speed was definitely heaven-defying.

For the other half of the month, he circulated the two Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques in his body with all his strength to increase his cultivation.

“For the past month, I’ve been cultivating the Great Void Chaos Steps and the Azure Thearch Longevity Art non-stop.
With the help of the Spirit Marrow Pill, my cultivation should have already broken through to the fourth level of the Shattering Void Realm.
At this rate, there’s hope for me to break through to the Essence Realm this year.”

As he spoke, Lu Xiaoran looked at his own cultivation again.

Sixth level of the Shattering Void Realm!

This rocket-like upgrade made Lu Xiaoran suddenly somewhat speechless.

This was the Shattering Void Realm, not the Body Refining Realm!

He had advanced by another two levels in the same month.
This speed was a little too much!

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