Chapter 138 Elder Netherworld’s Might

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The Purple Cloud Pavilion was one of the most famous restaurants in the Great Zhou Imperial City.

It was not famous because of the top-notch food, but because of its symbol.

In the Great Zhou Imperial City, there were countless restaurants.
However, the Purple Cloud Pavilion was the only restaurant that did not allow any trouble.

It was once the favorite restaurant of the Great Zhou’s founding emperor.

There were even rumors that aside from the natural dragon vein and the rich spirit energy located here, one of the reasons why the Great Zhou Capital was decided to be established here was because of the Purple Cloud Pavilion.

It did not matter if you were a prince or princess.
If you caused trouble here, you would be severely injured or even die.

If one caused trouble in the hall of the Royal Imperial Palace, there might still be a chance of survival.
However, in this place, there was no mercy.
There were only rules, and they had to be followed.

On this day, a group of special guests arrived in a private room in the corner of the Purple Cloud Pavilion.

They were not old, at most 50 years old.
Because they all cultivated, everyone seemed very young.
Basically, they only looked to be in their twenties.

Those who were not of the same level or stronger could not tell their bone age.

“Long time no see, Ji Luoyun.
I didn’t expect you to be here too.
Previously, I heard that you offended Imperial Prince Lin and had your arm crippled.
I didn’t expect the Heavenly Cloud Imperial Palace to have already repaired your broken arm so quickly.”

The man called Ji Luoyun snorted and revealed an ugly expression.

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“Ji Tianshui, what right do you have to ridicule me here? If I remember correctly, you’re the first person in the Imperial City to offend Imperial Prince Lin, right? Back then, your dantian was shattered by a punch from that brat Lin Fei and you were so frightened that you peed.
Why? Your dantian has just recovered and you’re starting to be smug again?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the air was filled with a dense smell of gunpowder.

Seeing that the two of them were about to fight, a woman among the few of them glanced at the two of them and said, “If the two of you have the guts, go and spar with Lin Fei.
Why are you guys so noisy?”

As soon as he said this, the two of them could not help but ridicule, “Ji Fanghua, are you in a position to interrupt?”

“That’s right.
Previously, we looked down on Lin Fei, but in the end, we were slapped in the face by Lin Fei.
Not only were we defeated by Lin Fei and severely injured, but we also got humiliated and became the laughing stock of the Qi Imperial Palace and even the entire Imperial City.
However, compared to you, you’re still much more embarrassing than the two of us.”

“In the future, we will still live our lives as before.
However, I don’t think you’ll ever find anyone who would want to be with you.”

Ji Fanghua shook her head and did not look angry.

Whether anyone wants to be with me or not is my problem.
On the other hand, you guys only care about being eccentric here.
Didn’t you think that what happened today was a little strange?”

“What’s so strange about that? You guys only asked me out for a meal.
I just didn’t want to embarrass you guys.”

Ji Fanghua glanced at him and said, “You’re thinking too much.
No one invited you.
I’ve already spoken to Qing Shan in private just now.
My subordinates reported that it was Qing Shan who invited me.
However, the two of us didn’t invite each other at all! As for the few of you, it’s already not bad if you don’t fight.
How could you invite each other?”

It’s obvious that someone has used our respective names to invite us here.”

As soon as she said this, everyone’s expressions suddenly became solemn.

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“Who is so bold? How dare they lie to us princes and princesses?”

Ji Qingshan tapped the chair handle and calculated calmly.

“Among the few people here today, Luoyun, Tianshui, Fanghua, Chenshan, and I are all the princes and princesses of the Great Zhou Imperial Family.
Moreover, we have also offended or indirectly offended Prince Consort Lin and have been punished by him.
This is the only thing that all of us have in common.

For the other party to invite all of us, this matter would definitely have to do with Lin Fei.
Of course, it’s probably impossible for Lin Fei to invite us.

The other party… probably has a grudge with Lin Fei.
Moreover, he wants to gather the enemies of Lin Fei.”

As soon as he finished speaking, praises sounded in the air.

“That’s right.
As expected of the heirs of the kings’ families, you guys are indeed smart.”


Everyone’s expressions changed as the spirit energy in their bodies immediately began to erupt.

However, in the next second, they were suppressed by an even stronger force and were unable to activate the spirit energy in their bodies.

Everyone’s expressions instantly became solemn.

“Who are you? Why are you being so mysterious? Get out!”

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Ji Tianshui shouted softly.
In the next second, the air distorted.
Lu Xiaoran, who was wearing a black robe, a bamboo hat, and a mask, slowly appeared in front of everyone.

He looked at everyone with a pitiful expression.

Be it in terms of cultivation or intelligence, these fellows were actually not bad.
After all, they were also direct descendants of the various imperial palaces in the Great Zhou Empire.

Unfortunately, they just had to encounter Lin Fei.
Therefore, their intelligence had been reduced and did something stupid that they normally wouldn’t do.
In the end, they had angered Lin Fei before getting punished by him.

“Are you from the Demon Sect?”

Ji Qingshan narrowed his eyes and pretended to be calm as she spoke.

“However, there’s no evil aura on you.
If you’re not from the Demon Sect, leave quickly and we won’t pursue the matter.
Otherwise, you might not be able to bear the consequences of kidnapping the direct descendants of the various imperial palaces.”

Lu Xiaoran slowly raised his bamboo hat, and his golden eyes instantly entered everyone’s sight.

The few of them could not help but pause, and their pupils began to dilate as their minds fell into a blank.

“You’ll know my identity soon.”

With a smile, Lu Xiaoran implanted new memories into their minds.

Then, he gave them each a Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill.

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Puppets also had to be nurtured for them to be useful.
Otherwise, they would only be puppets.

At the same time, thousands of kilometers away from the Imperial City, six experts in royal clothing roared and were burned to ashes by the pale golden flames.
Even their souls were turned to ashes.

Not far away, the long-robed Elder Netherworld threw out a top-grade Heaven Realm white jade porcelain bottle and absorbed the pale golden flames.

A smug expression appeared on his face.

“Among the six Essence Realm experts, the one with the lowest cultivation level is at the fifth level of the Essence Realm.
However, even he can’t resist this faint golden flame.
After burning for more than ten breaths, he already died.
This golden flame is indeed powerful.”

The evil cultivator servant beside him said with a hint of envy, “Congratulations, Elder Netherworld, for obtaining the divine fire.
The might of this divine fire is probably not inferior to a Saint Weapon.” “Saint Weapon? Hehehe…”

Elder Netherworld glanced at him in disdain.

“As expected, you’re not able to tell the true strength of this weapon.
This flame is definitely not a Saint Weapon.
Its might is completely not inferior to a Martial Monarch Realm weapon!”

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