Chapter 143 Demon Venerable?

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“Although you have a Martial Monarch Realm weapon, I also have something that’s not inferior to you at all.
In front of this secret treasure of mine, it’s useless even if you have a Martial Monarch Realm weapon! Prepare to die!”

Lu Xiaoran’s expression suddenly froze.

He knew that Elder Netherworld was about to unleash his ultimate move.

Elder Netherworld could only unleash a cultivation at the second level of the Emperor Realm now.
However, he was able to fight the two Emperor Realm experts and four King Realm experts of the Imperial Family without being at a disadvantage.
He had to have relied on this method.

Lu Xiaoran conservatively estimated that Elder Netherworld’s secret treasure also had fatal damage to Emperor Realm experts.

If one was careless, it was very likely that they would be injured.

He could not be careless.

“Go! Netherworld Sacred Flame!”

As Lu Xiaoran pondered, Elder Netherworld had already begun to release the Netherworld Sacred Flame.

Although the Imperial Family members coveted the Martial Monarch Realm weapon in Lu Xiaoran’s hand, they were still somewhat human.

Knowing that Lu Xiaoran had saved their junior, they could not help but remind him.

“Sir, be careful.
This Netherworld Sacred Flame is extremely powerful.
It can even burn one’s soul.
Once the flame gets on your body, you will only have a chance of survival if you sever the part of your body that’s on fire.”

As he spoke, the Netherworld Sacred Flame had already surged out of the white jade porcelain bottle.

Lu Xiaoran originally wanted to defend, but when he saw the flames, he was immediately stunned on the spot.


Netherworld Sacred Flame?

Wasn’t this thing something that he had created after fusing the Traceless Illusion and True Intent Unravel? How did it become the Netherworld Sacred Flame?

Something was wrong…

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Lu Xiaoran’s mind worked very quickly.
In the blink of an eye, he understood this matter.

Previously, when Elder Netherworld’s disciple, Heaven Monarch Blood Demon, used the Bloodbath Teleportation Formation, Lu Xiaoran had released flames to silence them.

He reckoned that Elder Netherworld had not died and had used a Heaven Realm Dharma treasure to put the flame away.
This was because the material of a Heaven Realm Dharma treasure was already able to resist this flame.

This flame mainly burned living beings.
It was not very effective against inanimate objects, especially when it was above the Heaven Realm.

Then, by feeding the flame with his blood essence, he could stop the flame from dying out.

Therefore, it became his killing weapon in the end.

With this, he could fight evenly against the two Emperor Realm experts and four King Realm experts of the Great Zhou Imperial Family

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran was in a mess.

Taking advantage of his confusion, the flames also covered his body.

“Not good!”

The expressions of the Imperial Family members immediately changed drastically, and Elder Netherworld laughed smugly.

“Hahahaha… you lose! After being infected by this flame, even if you’re a Martial Monarch Realm expert, you won’t be able to escape death!”

However, before he could finish speaking, the flames that covered Lu Xiaoran’s body slowly extinguished themselves.

Elder Netherworld’s smile immediately stopped, and his jaw almost fell from shock.

The members of the Imperial Family were completely dumbfounded and stood rooted to the ground.

That was the Netherworld Sacred Flame! It was also known as the Indestructible Divine Flame!

Elder Netherworld had used it to kill a King Realm expert of the Imperial Family.
In fact, it was unknown how many experts of the Imperial Family he had killed with this thing.

Now, it had lost its effectiveness on this mysterious person!

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What kind of an international joke was this?

Wasn’t this mysterious person too awesome?

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment before recovering.

Seeing this scene, Elder Netherworld suddenly trembled.

“I better run!”

Without any hesitation, he detonated two drops of his blood essence on the spot and used the Bloodbath Transportation Formation to escape.

A red light flashed, and he disappeared on the spot.

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran snorted lightly and activated his Trinity True Eyes.
He also shattered the void and chased after the other party.

After the two of them left, the entire mountain valley immediately returned to silence.

Whether it was the experts in the sky or the juniors below, they all stared fixedly at the place the two of them were at before they disappeared.

After a long time, a king could not help but tug at King Zining’s sleeve and say, “Third Brother, do you know how that mysterious person did it?”

King Zining was dumbfounded.

“I don’t know either.”

“Then should we chase after them now?”

“Chase? Where? How? Is your cultivation technique enough or is your array formation strong enough? With that speed, probably only the two Imperial Uncles can catch up, right?”

The few of them looked at the two Emperor Realm elders.
The two old men looked at each other, their ears burning.

To be honest, even the two of them could not catch up.
They did not even see how Lu Xiaoran and Elder Netherworld escaped.

Although they were all Emperor Realm experts, it was still difficult for them to match both Elder Netherworld’s formation and Lu Xiaoran’s movement technique.

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It was as if everyone was studying in the same class, but they still got better grades.

They were simply not on the same level.

“Cough cough… I think that expert should be able to kill Elder Netherworld.
We’re all heavily injured, so it’s best for us to return to the Imperial City to rest.”

King Zining said with a puzzled expression,

“Imperial Uncles, shouldn’t you chase after them and take a look? To confirm the end?”

The two Emperor Realm experts immediately glared fiercely at King Zining.

“If you don’t speak, no one will think you’re


On the other side, Elder Netherworld used the Bloodbath Transportation Formation and instantly teleported 2,000 kilometers away.

“Cough cough… Damn it, where did this guy come from? He’s actually so abnormal? Fortunately, I ran fast, otherwise…”

Before he could finish speaking, a familiar shocking aura suddenly sounded from behind him.

“Damn it, why is he so fast?”

Elder Netherworld was so frightened that his scalp went numb.
His Bloodbath Transportation Formation was a top-notch teleportation formation.
It could teleport people at an extremely fast speed, and it was the best way to kill and rob others.

In the Demon Sect, it was a top-notch existence!

Why was Lu Xiaoran even able to catch up to the Bloodbath Transportation Formation?

However, although he was shocked, he did not dare to be careless at all.

The moment he turned around, he directly released the Netherworld Sacred Flame from the white jade porcelain bottle.

This time, he had risked his life without leaving behind a single spark.

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By killing the Great Zhou cultivators, he had already accumulated more than a hundred cubic meters of flames.
Previously, he had used a lot to deal with the Great Zhou pursuers.
Now, he still had eighty cubic meters left.

However, just as he turned around, he could not help but curse.


In front of him was actually more than a hundred thousand cubic meters of imperishable flames, and Lu Xiaoran was standing in the flames.

At this moment, Elder Netherworld understood everything.

Lu Xiaoran was the true master of this flame.
What was laughable was that he actually wanted to use this flame to deal with the other party!

Damn, he was completely doomed!

If he had known that this guy was so abnormal, he wouldn’t have provoked him.
He would have fled the moment he saw him.

However, it was too late now.

There was no medicine for regret in this world.

He had already given up resisting and closed his eyes in despair.

In front of Lu Xiaoran, he had a deep sense of powerlessness, feeling that resistance was futile.

However, just as the flames that filled the sky were about to surround him, a black light mixed with an invincible aura suddenly shot over from the distance.

Its speed was even faster than Elder Netherworld.

Its evil aura was even stronger than Elder Netherworld’s!

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