Chapter 145 My Disciple Lige Is About to Rise?

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“Show me Yun Lige’s information panel.” “Alright, Master.”

Soon, Wang Cai opened the information interface of his disciples.

Lu Xiaoran glanced at it.

“Eh, not bad.
This child Lige has already advanced to the third level of the Void Reversion Realm.
Not bad.
The effect of the Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pill is indeed not bad.
In addition, he also cultivates an additional Battle God Art and has two Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques to enhance his absorption speed.
With this, his cultivation can at least surpass Wuxia.”

It’s not easy.
Li Ge finally isn’t at the bottom anymore.
He has finally risen.”

Lu Xiaoran was very relieved.
Although his cultivation technique and medicinal pills had improved greatly, Lige’s personal efforts had also contributed to the result.

If Yun Lige had not worked hard enough, it would have been impossible for him to reach this level.

There were also a dozen small gift bags and a huge gift bag.

Lu Xiaoran accepted them one by one.

Then, he opened Ji Wuxia’s information panel.

After being silent for a while, Lu Xiaoran finally sighed faintly.

“This is all fate.”

Ji Wuxia’s cultivation had already reached the fifth level of the Void Reversion Realm, two levels higher than Yun Lige’s.

However, he could not help but be happy.
After all, he could not stop Ji Wuxia from cultivating just to give Yun Lige time to surpass her, right?

In silence, Lu Xiaoran received Ji Wuxia’s upgrade gift bag.

Then, Lu Xiaoran opened the information panel of the third disciple, Tianyuan.

Seventh level of the Void Reversion Realm.

Since the third disciple was already like this, he could already guess what the fourth disciple’s cultivation was.

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Indeed, when Lu Xiaoran opened Li Changsheng’s information panel, Li Changsheng’s strength had already reached the first level of the Creation Realm.

After reaching the Creation Realm, he would reach the Shattering Void Realm.
Li Changsheng would also be the first to catch up to Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation level before Lu Xiaoran activated Wang Cai.

It had to be known that because there were not enough Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pills, Li Changsheng did not get a single Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill.

In this situation, Li Changsheng was still far ahead.
Thus, it meant that the outcome was not dependent on medicinal pills.

Lu Xiaoran received Fang Tianyuan and Li Changsheng’s upgrade bags with tears in his eyes and felt heartache for Yun Lige for three seconds.

Yun Lige would probably find it difficult to rise in this lifetime.

“Lige, it’s not that I’m biased.
It’s just that your talent is inferior to the three of them.
I have no other choice.”

After feeling heartache for three seconds, Lu Xiaoran looked at the pile of gift bags in front of him.
The muscles on his face could not help but relax.

“Time to open the mystery box.”

As usual, he would eat the bad food first before eating the good food.
He opened the small gift bag first and left the good things for last.

Top-grade Saint Realm Dragon Tiger Yang Armor x1.

Not bad.
A small gift bag already contained a top-grade Saint Realm item.
It seemed that the items obtained from this gift bag would not be low.

Top-grade Saint Realm Wind Cloud Pill x120.



The Wind Cloud Pill was a healing medicinal pill.
With this pill, one could repair one’s injuries in the shortest period of time.
Moreover, it had no side effects at all and could even repair the lost spirit energy.

It could be said to be a necessary pill to kill and rob others.

If he was not around and could not use the Azure Thearch Longevity Art, Yun Lige and the others could also take medicinal pills to stall for time.

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High-grade Saint Realm Explosion Thunder Pill x800.

Top-grade Saint Realm Shadowless Sword x1.

Lu Xiaoran was extremely satisfied with the large number of medicinal pills and weapons he obtained.
Basically, the weakest among them was a mid-grade Saint Realm weapon.

If it was a Heaven Realm item, it would be no different from trash to him.

If it was at the Saint Realm, he could still let his disciples use it.

Soon, there were only three small gifts left.
Lu Xiaoran opened them again.

Low-grade Martial Monarch Realm Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill x200.

Mid-grade Martial Monarch Realm Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill x100.

Low-grade Martial Monarch Realm Ghost King Spirit Armor x1.


Lu Xiaoran could not help but exclaim.

The small gift bag now even contained Martial Monarch Realm items.
Although it was basically low-grade and there weren’t many mid-grade items, they were still Martial Monarch Realm items!

Wang Cai was too powerful now.

Next were the four big gift bags.
Since the small gift bags had already been opened, it was unknown what the big gift bags would contain.

Low-grade God Realm Mountain God Pillar.

God Realm weapons were incomparably hard.
They could also be enlarged into 90,000 kilometers in length or be shrunk into the molecular level.

“Indeed, I knew it.”

After all, he had already received Martial Monarch Realm items from the small gift bags.
It was no wonder the big gift bags contained God Realm weapons.

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This thing was comparable to the characteristics of the Jingu Bang.
In the future, he could give it to Fang Tianyuan.
After all, he was from the Ancient Ape Tribe.
It was said that he had the bloodline of the Ancient Immortal Ape in his body, but he did not know if it was true.

If it was true, he would probably not disappoint

Then, Lu Xiaoran continued to open the second big gift bag.

Mid-grade Divine Concentration Pill x10.

The Divine Concentration Pill was a mid-grade God Realm medicinal pill.
Each person could only take one pill in their lifetime and it could be used to increase their talent.

“Damn, even talent can be increased.
Now, Lige finally has a chance to rise.”

Lu Xiaoran felt even happier than when his own talent increased.

After all, Yun Lige was really too tragic.
He could not help but pity Yun Lige.

Lu Xiaoran felt much better and continued to open the next two gifts.

Top-grade God Realm Body Modeling Mark X1.

The Body Modeling Mark was a top-grade God Realm weapon.
By absorbing a drop of blood essence, one’s soul intent would be nurtured in it.
Once one died, they could even be resurrected.
After being resurrected, they would recover to their peak state before death.

The time of revival depended on the other party’s cultivation.
The higher the cultivation, the longer the revival time.

Mid-grade God Realm Divine Dao Spirit Stone X5.

Divine Dao Spirit Stones was a God Realm item that could be used to increase low-level weapons to the level of God Realm weapons.


Lu Xiaoran could not help but feel his scalp turn numb.

These two things were also top-notch and powerful.

Not to mention the other effects of the Divine Dao Spirit Stone, the fact that he could level up any weapon in his possession into a God Realm weapon basically equivalent meant that he would have five God Realm weapons in the future.

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The Body Modeling Mark was even more abnormal.

As long as he absorbed a wisp of soul and a drop of blood essence, he would be able to reconstruct his body.
Wasn’t this equivalent to buying a revival token in a game?

As long as he stored his, Yun Lige, and the others’ blood essence and soul intent in it in advance, in the future, if Lige and the others could not beat their enemies and were killed, they could also use these things to revive again.

It meant that they would be safe.
In that case, it would be even less risky for him to deal with hot shots in the future.

With his own people having the ability to be revived endlessly, even if the other party was the biological son of the Celestial Thearch, they would still be annoyed to death.

Lu Xiaoran directly stored a drop of his blood essence and a wisp of soul intent inside first to ensure that someone could resurrect him after he died.
After all, if he suddenly died and could not be resurrected, it would be a huge loss.

Of course, he had to ensure his own safety first.

After doing all of this, Lu Xiaoran put everything away happily.

It was also time for him to find his disciples.

It was already the end of the month and the Ancient Forbidden Area was about to open.

Everyone had cultivated painstakingly for a month.
It was also time for them to take a foundation examination and test their true level.

During this test, he will kill Lin Fei!

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