Chapter 147 Villain Attacking

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“That’s right! It’s very sweet! The taste of Master’s medicinal pills definitely won’t be bad.
In terms of Master’s alchemy skills, no one dares to compete with Master.
You guys haven’t been with Master for long.
You’ll know in the future.”

Lu Xiaoran almost believed what he said.

If not for him seeing the soreness in Yun Lige’s cheeks and his muscles twitching, he would even suspect that Fang Tianyuan and Ji Wuxia had been lying to him previously.

However, it had to be said that Lu Xiaoran’s heart was really quite warm.

Although these disciples were all very filial, only Yun Lige was the most filial, the most caring, the most understanding, and the person who saved him the most trouble.

As for Ji Wuxia, Fang Tianyuan, and Li Changsheng, they looked at each other and could not help but feel some contempt for Yun Lige.

Eldest Senior Brother’s bootlicking appearance was indeed somewhat humble.

One had to have respect for their master.
However, they were all adults and geniuses.
Other than the hot shots, what else could they not compare to?

However, their Eldest Senior Brother’s humble appearance made them feel that it had somewhat lowered their standards.

However, just as the three of them were despising Yun Lige’s bootlicking style, Lu Xiaoran took out the Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear.

“Lige, you’ve been cultivating very hard this month.
I’ve seen everything.
Other than the Divine Concentration Pill, Master also prepared to reward you with a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
Take this Martial Monarch Realm weapon and don’t use it casually.
Just use the other weapons I gave you.
If you encounter a top-notch expert, use this Martial Monarch Realm weapon to save your life.”

“Yes! Master, I will definitely remember your teachings!”

Ji Wuxia :”…”

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Fang Tianyuan :”…”

Li Changsheng :”…”

Thousands of thoughts raced through the three of them.

Was this how this worked? Was there a mistake? Did he just obtain a Martial Monarch Realm just by bootlicking?

Damn, they had been careless.

They originally thought that their Eldest Senior Brother’s bootlicking tactics were extremely rotten.
Unexpectedly, this strategy suited his master’s taste.

Indeed, such a tactic was most terrifying when it actually worked.

“Master, your alchemy skills are really the best in the world.
I’m also looking forward to Master’s medicinal pills.”

Fang Tianyuan’s appropriate behavior made Ji Wuxia and Li Changsheng somewhat unable to sit still.

However, before the two of them could speak, Lu Xiaoran directly retorted,

“Then look forward to it.
After all, Master’s pill refinement technique is still somewhat inexperienced.
The pills I make are still sour and bitter.
I still need to work on my skills.”

The three of them were instantly covered in tears.

Didn’t they say that the early bird gets the worm?

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Although Eldest Senior Brother’s cultivation and talent were inferior to theirs, he had obtained a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

It was no wonder their master cared so much about Eldest Senior Brother’s feelings and doted on him.
It seemed that Eldest Senior Brother was too good at bootlicking.

With his bootlicking skills, he had completely won over their master’s favor.
All of master’s favoritism was focused on him.

Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over the few of them and continued, “Alright, cheer up.
The killing of Lin Fei this time is the second step of our Avengers Alliance.
It’s very key and we can’t be careless.
I’ve already prepared a strict plan.
The four of you can’t be careless.
You have to strictly carry out my plan.”

“Yes, Master!”

Then, Lu Xiaoran gave Saint Realm armor and Saint Realm weapons to each of them.

Previously, they had Heaven Realm weapons that they could take out when dealing with ordinary people.
However, it would probably be a little difficult for them to use Heaven Realm weapons to deal with Lin Fei.
Lin Fei definitely had a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

However, Lin Fei did not dare to casually take out the Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
After all, he did not want to casually attract attention Otherwise, he would definitely be robbed by the Great Zhou Imperial Family.

However, he definitely still had a Saint Weapon and would use it to fight first.

Heaven Realm weapons were also not qualified to fight a Saint Realm weapon.
Therefore, Lu Xiaoran prepared a Saint Realm weapon for each of them.

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran had even given Yun Lige a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
It would be fine if Lin Fei did not take out his Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
However, even if he did, the four of them would not be afraid.

The reason why he did not give everyone a Martial Monarch Realm weapon was that the four of them might not be able to kill Lin Fei.

The four of them had very powerful talent, but their luck was completely inferior to Lin Fei’s.
Therefore, no matter what, Lin Fei would definitely escape in the end.

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This was the rule of thumb!

Secondly, the aura of a Martial Monarch Realm weapon was already very powerful.
If too many Martial Monarch Realm weapons appeared at the same time, it would definitely attract the attention of the Great Zhou Imperial Family.
At that time, it might even expose him.
In the end, he might even have to oppose the Great Zhou Imperial Family.

As usual, the few of them will fight in the frontlines.
They would attack Lin Fei first and reduce his strength.
It would be best if they could injure him severely, and cause his luck to plummet.

Then, Lu Xiaoran would stay outside to prevent Lin Fei from escaping with any secret techniques.
In the end, he would successfully kill Lin Fei and ensure his death, not leaving a single soul behind.

After arranging all of this, Lu Xiaoran arranged for them to enter Ji Wushang’s team.

In the Ancient Forbidden Area, not only were the disciples of the Imperial Family and the disciples of the various imperial palaces inside, but also the disciples of many other first-tier sects were also present.

For example, sects like the Black Tortoise True Sect.

Their elite disciples’ cultivation levels were not low either.
They had all come to the Ancient Forbidden Area to find a trace of opportunity.

Ji Wuxia was a member of an imperial palace and occupied a spot.
Ji Wuxin and the others also had their own spots and were followed by attendants they had chosen.

Yun Lige, Fang Tianyuan, and Li Changsheng pretended to be Ji Wuxia’s attendants.

Ji Wushang was an heir and had three guest spots .
On the other hand, Ji Wuxia only had one guest spot.
After giving the guest spot to Lu Xiaoran, everyone could successfully enter the Ancient Forbidden Area.

Some people in the Purple Peace Imperial Palace also complained.

After all, among the five of them, other than Ji Wuxia, the others were all outsiders.
Since even these outsiders were given the chance to go to the Ancient Forbidden Area, the young people in the Purple Peace Imperial Palace were naturally somewhat displeased because they did not get any spots.

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However, under Ji Wushang’s insistence, they were helpless.
After all, Ji Wushang was the heir of the Imperial Palace.
Even their father, King Zining, had to give his closest eldest son some face.

Everyone packed up and set off for the Ancient Forbidden Area.

On the other side, in the secret room of Princess Ruyang’s estate, Lin Fei slowly opened his eyes.


He exhaled a breath of turbid air and smiled.

“I’ve finally broken through.
The first level of the Soul Refinement Realm! I only spent a month to advance from the peak tenth level of the Mountain Sea Realm to the first level of the Soul Refinement Realm.
Since ancient times, there shouldn’t have been many people who advanced at this speed, right?”

The strongest group of geniuses in the Great Zhou are the direct descendants of the Great Zhou Emperor, including Ruyang and her siblings.”

Although they also had cultivation above the Soul Refinement Realm, they were all members of the Imperial Family.
They had started cultivating since they were young and had countless resources to support them before being able to advance to this level in such a short period of time.”

“As for me, I only began to rise in the past three to four years.”

In four years, I broke through to the first level of the Soul Refinement Realm from the Postnatal Realm.
This breakthrough is enough to make those direct descendants of the Imperial Family sweat with shame.”

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