Nalan Hongyu fell silent, her expression flickering.

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A thousand years ago, she had transmigrated to this world.
Her family was famous and her talent was outstanding.

She originally thought that she was a legendary hot shot.
Unfortunately, she was too naive.
She would not become a hot shot just because she was a transmigrator.

After cultivating for hundreds of years and reaching the peak tenth level of the Emperor Realm, Nalan Hongyu seemed to have become ordinary.
Her cultivation did not increase much anymore.
It could even be said that she was unable to advance any further.

It was only when she arrived at the Heaven Secrets Pavilion that she realized that she was not a legendary hot shot.
Her luck was no different from ordinary people!

According to this rhythm, she was expected to be like the mediocre people of this world, getting married and having children before finally dying.

She was unwilling to accept this!

It had not been easy for her to encounter a transmigration opportunity.
She was really unwilling to die like this.

Therefore, she swore to the Heaven Secrets Pavilion that she would be one of the protectors of the Heaven Secrets Pavilion for the rest of her life.
If the Heaven Secrets Pavilion was in trouble, she had to rush back and protect it no matter what.

At this price, Nalan Hongyu finally obtained the secret of the Heaven Secrets Pavilion and gave birth to a hot shot for herself.

As the saying went, those with great luck could escape the restraints of the mortal world and the rules of the Heaven Dao.

At that time, when this hot shot matured, she would bring him into the Divine World together and ultimately become a peak expert.

In the secret technique of the Heaven Secrets Pavilion, there were several conditions Nanlin Hongyu needed to satisfy to create a hot shot.

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The first condition was to find a small family whose ancestor had ascended but whose family had already declined.
By giving birth to someone with such a bloodline, she could ensure that the child’s bloodline was not bad.
Moreover, in the future, as the child’s cultivation increased, he would be guided by the bloodline power of the ancestor who had already gone to the Divine World.

In this way, her child’s future would be infinitely raised.

The second condition was to find a dead master to assist this child.

In order to ensure that this expert master would seriously teach the child knowledge and guide him in his cultivation without harming him, she needed to make sure that this Master also needed her child’s help.

She also needed to have a certain level of skills to build a good foundation for him.
This was to prevent his foundation from being poor and his future from being poor.

With the help of the Heaven Secrets Pavilion, she chose the already deceased Martial Monarch Yue Ying and found her remnant soul ring and brought it to her son, allowing Lin Fei to awaken her in the future and become his master.

The third condition was to find a fiancée with an honorable status for him.
This fiancée needed to humiliate him in the future and stimulate his potential to prevent him from faltering and becoming ordinary.

Because of this, she took King Zining’s biological daughter, Ji Wuxia, and brought her away from the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.
She also arranged for King Zining to bring her daughter back four years ago for her to end the engagement with her son.

The fourth and most important condition was for her to stay far away from her son so that her son would one day come to the Nalan family to save her.

These factors would give him motivation and support to advance.
At the same time, they would also give him the power of luck that could resist the Heaven Dao rules.

Nalan Hongyu did not have the power of luck and was destined to be unable to break through the shackles in her life.

When she headed to the Great Zhou, she was already at the tenth level of the Emperor Realm.
Now, after hundreds of years, she was only at the third level of the Supreme Realm.

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Without her son’s luck, she would at most be able to reach the Supreme Realm in her life, let alone reach the God Realm.

“It’s useless to say those things now.
My son is dead, and the plans I designed for hundreds of years have all disappeared.
Without the power of luck, how can I transcend the tribulation and become a god?”

“There’s another way now.
That is, if you kill the chosen one and succeed, you will become the chosen one.”

“Your son can only be killed by the chosen one.
By killing the chosen one, you can not only avenge your son, but you can also rob the hot shot of his luck.
Isn’t it good to kill two birds with one stone?”

Nalan Hongyu’s eyes immediately lit up.

“That’s right.
However, you have to remember that you’re only ordinary.
You don’t have much power of luck at all.
When facing a hot shot, not only will you be unable to kill him, but you might even be killed by him.
Therefore, you have to find someone with great luck, who is also a hot shot, in order for you to have the chance to kill the chosen one!”

“Before that, don’t have any conflict with him or attack anyone related to him.
Otherwise, even the Heaven Dao might not be able to save you.
Moreover, what kind of existence is the Heaven Dao? It won’t save a tiny ant like you at all.”

Nalan Hongyu was not discouraged because of this.

“As long as there’s hope of killing him, that’s enough.
In order to nurture a hot shot, I, Nalan Hongyu, have worked hard for hundreds of years to get married and have a child with some nobody.
Now that I can become a hot shot, what’s wrong with enduring for a while?”

“In that case, go.
The Acacia Faction you created in the Great Zhou is enough for you to use.
I hope that you can succeed this time.
At that time, my Heaven Secrets Pavilion will also be able to rely on you to go to the Divine World.”

Nalan Hongyu turned around and left, laughing coldly in her heart.

There only needed to be one god.

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Now that the Heaven Secrets Pavilion could be of use to her, she was naturally willing to cooperate.

However, if she became a hot shot and reached the God Realm, the Heaven Secrets Pavilion would not be qualified to continue cooperating with her.

On the other side, at the entrance of the Ancient Forbidden Area, everyone could not help but be shocked.

The name list on the rankings was simply unpredictable.

Putting everything else aside, just the few dark horses were already very surprising.

Ji Wushang, Ji Qingshan, Ji Fanghua, and the others firmly occupied the top six of the Heaven Ranking and had never come down.

Although their rankings changed from time to time, it still did not allow the crown prince and his siblings to enter the top six.

This was simply unimaginable in the past.

Other than that, Qin Zimo from the Black Tortoise True Sect had actually also broken into the Heaven Ranking from the Earth Ranking.
Her ranking was not bad.

Of course, the results of the other Holy Sons and Holy Maidens who were originally ranked on the Earth Ranking were also very good.

However, at this moment, a change in the ranking instantly made the expressions of countless people present change.

“What’s going on? Lin Fei’s name has disappeared!”

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“The disappearance of the name on the Heaven Ranking means that the other party has already died.”

“But… who did this? Lin Fei is such a powerful genius and has the support of the Imperial Family.
How could an existence like him die?”

Just as everyone was feeling shocked, several figures rushed out from the Void Gate in succession.

Among them were the princes of the Imperial Family and the heirs of the various imperial palaces.

This made everyone present even more dumbfounded.

Before everyone could react, the Third Prince had already waved the spear in his hand and pointed it at King Zining.

“King Zining, is your Purple Peace Imperial Palace rebelling?”

King Zining’s head tilted, his mind filled with question marks.

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