Ji Wuxia suddenly spoke and made Lu Xiaoran nod.

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“That’s right.
In that case, Wuxia, I’ll let you and Lige go together.
Lige will be the main attacker.
You guard the outside to prevent anyone from the Lin family from escaping.”

Fang Tianyuan and Li Changsheng immediately felt regretful, their hearts bleeding.

Why did they not think of this?

Ji Wuxia was overjoyed and immediately cupped her hands.

“Remember, the same rules apply.
Don’t waste your breath and just attack directly.
Use your most powerful moves .
After destroying the Lin family, leave quickly and don’t stay for long.”

After the two of them replied in unison, there was a long silence and silence.

After a while, Lu Xiaoran finally could not help but ask,

“Why aren’t the two of you leaving?”

Ji Wuxia coughed lightly.

“Master, have you… forgotten something?”

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat puzzled.

Ji Wuxia was somewhat anxious.

“Shouldn’t Master also prepare an Emperor Realm armor for me? Or give me some powerful medicinal pills?”

“What do you want that for? You’re not the one in charge of the attack.
You’re only guarding the periphery to avoid the small fries from escaping.
Do you really need a Martial Monarch Realm weapon for this? Even if you’re not embarrassed to use one, I would still be embarrassed for you.”

Ji Wuxia was completely dumbfounded.
At this moment, she simply felt like crying.

If she had known, she would have volunteered earlier.
Now, she was working for nothing.

Fang Tianyuan and Li Changsheng could not help but chuckle.

Seeing their smug expressions, Lu Xiaoran said angrily,

“Are the two of you very happy?”

The two of them immediately stood up and shook their heads.

“We would never dare to be disrespectful in front of Master!”

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“Yes, no matter how funny it is, we won’t laugh.”

Seeing that the two of them were holding back their laughter until their faces turned purple, Lu Xiaoran did not know what to say.

“Since the two of you are so free, then I have an assignment for you.
Here, learn this location and go and dig out your little junior sister.”

Fang Tianyuan and Li Changsheng were instantly dumbfounded.

“Dig… dig out Little Junior Sister? Master, did I hear wrongly?”

“No, you didn’t hear wrongly.
I want you to dig her out.”

With that said, Lu Xiaoran got Wang Cai to turn Zhuge Ziqiong’s position into a mark.
After that, Lu Xiaoran passed it to the two of them.

“Hurry up and don’t waste time.
After you’re done, immediately meet up near the Ancient Ape Tribe.
I’ll wait for you there.”

Hearing the words “Ancient Ape Tribe”, Fang Tianyuan’s body instantly trembled.

He knew that his master was going to stand up for him this time.

After his disciples’ missions were distributed, Lu Xiaoran finally set off and rushed to the Ancient Ape Tribe.

Since it was extremely far away, Lu Xiaoran did not rely on the teleportation ability of the Trinity True Eyes.
Instead, he used the Martial Monarch Realm Heaven-Breaking Shuttle.

This thing was basically an extremely powerful and small flying ship.
However, its appearance was not very elegant.
It seemed like a detergent bottle.

It was not big, but it was very fast and would not deteriorate for a long time.

He did not need spirit stones to activate it.
He only needed to place his hand on it and gently touch it to release a little weak spirit energy to obtain continuous kinetic energy.

Lu Xiaoran stepped on the Heaven-Breaking Shuttle.
With a thought, spirit energy was injected into the Heaven-Breaking Shuttle and it instantly broke through the void, rushing to the vicinity of the Ancient Ape Tribe at an extremely fast speed.

A black light flashed in the void.
Lu Xiaoran arrived near the Ancient Ape Tribe from the Imperial City.

He had just arrived at the Ancient Ape Tribe and happened to encounter a huge battle.

“Damn, what a coincidence.
Did I encounter a hot battle?”

Lu Xiaoran smacked his lips and sat on the Heaven-Breaking Shuttle.
He took out a small snack from his storage bag and ate as he watched the battle below.

“Looking at the clothes of the cultivators on both sides, it should be the Demon Sect and the Ancient Ape Tribe.
That Demon Venerable is quite ruthless.
It hasn’t been long and she’s already fighting Fang Aotian.”

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At this moment, the battle below was at the climax.
However, the Demon Sect clearly did not have the advantage.

This was because there was a proud woman at the fourth level of the Void Reversion Realm on the other side.
She held a Saint Realm weapon and was wearing a Saint Realm armor.
She was killing a lot of the Demon Sect’s people.

“Kill all these demon cultivators! Don’t let a single one of them off.”

She was ruthless.
Every time she attacked, she would definitely take away many demon cultivators’ lives.

Lu Xiaoran carefully observed.
Although this woman’s cultivation was not high, she cultivated a Saint Realm cultivation technique.
Coupled with her Saint Realm weapon and armor, it was not a problem for her to be able to surpass two to three realm levels.

On the other hand, the Demon Sect’s cultivators were not doing so well.

The entire battle did not last for more than two minutes before it ended with the Demon Sect cultivators being wiped out.

When the woman finished killing the last demon cultivator, the disciples of the Ancient Ape Tribe all jumped in joy, excitedly celebrating the victory of this battle.

“Long live the Ancient Ape Tribe! Long live Chief Aotian! Long live Madam Zi Yun!”

The woman’s mouth curled up.

“In this battle, she killed a total of 8,000 demon cultivators.
Her results are extraordinary.
I wonder how Brother Aotian will reward her.”

After putting the Saint Weapon back into her storage bag, she strode forward.
Just as she was about to turn around, her head suddenly darkened.

Her expression changed as she sensed a sense of danger.
She was about to escape, but it was already too late.

The Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark directly smashed down on her head, turning her into dust.

The strength of a Martial Monarch Realm weapon had even directly shattered her soul.
Her Saint Realm armor had also been flattened.

The Ancient Ape Tribe disciples who were cheering were instantly petrified, as if they had turned into a pile of sand statues.

After a long while, everyone reacted and immediately lost control.
Some directly fainted from fear, and others screamed heart-wrenchingly.

“Madam Zi Yun has been killed! Madam Zi Yun has been killed!”

Lu Xiaoran could not be bothered with these idiots.
With a thought, the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark was instantly retracted by him, and his figure disappeared from the world.

Before disappearing, he circulated his dantian and sent a voice transmission:

“Go back and tell Fang Aotian that our Demon Sect is not something your Ancient Ape Tribe can resist.
Get him to surrender as soon as possible.”

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Running after fighting had always been Lu Xiaoran’s good tradition.

It was also common for him to divert attention and scam others.

In any case, it was not like the Demon Sect was a good thing.

After leaving this area, Lu Xiaoran needed to find a place to gather information.

Information was especially important.
After all, he did not know how far Fang Aotian had progressed.

It was unknown how the battle between the Demon Sect and the Ancient Ape Tribe had unfolded.

He had originally planned to find a nearby Acacia Faction.

However, because of his relationship with Lin Fei’s mother, Fairy Hongyu, Lu Xiaoran dismissed this idea.

Who knew if that woman had visited the Acacia Faction.
If she did, wouldn’t he be exposed if he went to the Acacia Faction?

At that time, wouldn’t he have to face the enemy’s mother dramatically in advance.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran could only find a pheasant sect to gather information.

It was the kind of small sect that even Li Daoran was unwilling to go to.

Not only was the service of this small mountain sect inferior to the service of the Acacia Faction, the fairies were also… well… perhaps it was no longer appropriate to call them fairies…

The cultivation of the low-quality fairies here was not high, so they were naturally worse at maintaining themselves than the fairies of the Acacia Faction.

The clothes they were wearing were even more ridiculous than the Acacia Faction’s.
As for how ridiculous they were, if their current appearances were placed on the website of Lu Xiaoran’s old world, it would definitely require payment to be viewed.

Fortunately, Lu Xiaoran was wearing a bamboo hat and a coat, so these fairies could not see his handsome face and did not welcome him too warmly.

Lu Xiaoran found a fairy… who was dressed relatively normally.
With a few steps, he arrived in front of the other party.

Seeing him arrive, the other party immediately narrowed her eyes, the corner of her mouth curled up slightly, and she leaned over coquettishly.

Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over the others around him and whispered without leaving a trace,

“I’m not here to have fun.
I want to buy some information.”

“So you want to buy information.”

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After hearing Lu Xiaoran’s intentions, that fairy clearly lost her interest and returned to her previous lazy appearance.

Lu Xiaoran was not surprised by the other party’s expression.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your money.”

The fairy was still not interested.
Clearly, she did not know how much Lu Xiaoran had.

They usually only got paid a little when selling information.

“Don’t be so arrogant.
My price is very high.
If you want to do it on the grass, it’s ten low-grade spirit stones.
In the room, it’s thirty low-grade spirit stones each time.
On the bed, it’s fifty low-grade spirit stones.
If you want to ask for information, then don’t bother.”

Lu Xiaoran directly took out a high-grade spirit stone and threw it in front of the other party.

“Do you believe that I can make you lie on the grass forever?”

Seeing that high-grade spirit stone, the fairy’s eyes widened as she leaned towards Lu Xiaoran.

“Aiyo, Master, so you’re actually a big shot.”

Lu Xiaoran immediately took a step back.

“Keep your distance and talk nicely.”

The fairy pursed her lips and smiled.

“Master, don’t be angry.
We’re just a small sect in the wilderness.
We rely on these spirit stones.
If you had taken this out earlier, I wouldn’t have treated you like that.”

Lu Xiaoran shook his head.

“With your service attitude, it’s no wonder you can’t beat the Acacia Faction.”

“Aiyo, grandpa, don’t look down on our small sect in the wilderness.
In terms of service, how can the Acacia Faction compete with us? Moreover, how much does the Acacia Faction cost?”

“You get good value here.
If you don’t believe me, you can try it now.”

“I won’t be willing if it’s just one high-grade spirit stone.
However, with two high-grade spirit stones, I guarantee I won’t sleep in my bed tonight.
Three spirit stones, you don’t have to treat me like a human.
Four spirit stones, I don’t care how many people you bring with you.
Five spirit stones, I don’t care if the people you bring are humans or not!”

The corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth twitched fiercely.

“Alright, stop talking nonsense with me.
I want to know what’s the current situation of the battle between the Ancient Ape Tribe and the Demon Sect.”

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