Although Zhuge Ziqiong was somewhat embarrassed, this was still the first request her master gave her.
She still had to abide by it.

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Soon, she handed the water she used to wash her feet to Lu Xiaoran.

“Master, I just washed my feet with this.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and threw a small porcelain bottle to Zhuge Ziqiong.

“In this small porcelain bottle is the Martial Monarch Realm blood I just extracted from the Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill.
Take it and cultivate.”

Zhuge Ziqiong received the small porcelain bottle and swept her gaze over it.
She could not help but shudder.

She originally thought that Lu Xiaoran would at most produce one or two drops of Martial Monarch Realm blood essence.

At first, she thought that since Lu Xiaoran was so powerful that he even had a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique, it would not be strange for him to produce a bit of Martial Monarch Realm blood essence.

However, she did not expect Lu Xiaoran to have obtained so much Martial Monarch Realm blood essence.

Wasn’t this too terrifying?

Did he capture a Martial Monarch Realm expert, tie him up, and then bleed him to collect this?

Ignoring Zhuge Ziqiong’s shock, Lu Xiaoran directly put her into the Mountain and River State Painting.

At the same time, Lu Xiaoran also released Yun Lige from the Mountain and River State Painting.

He would definitely dump this water on himself.
No matter how beautiful Zhuge Ziqiong was, Lu Xiaoran did not have such a perverted hobby.

However, he still had to experiment.
If it could really increase luck, his disciple might have a chance of becoming a hot shot in the future.

Just like how Nalan Hongyu could nurture Lin Fei, he could also nurture Yun Lige, Ji Wuxia, and the other hot shots.

“Master, you called for me?”

Yun Lige walked out of the Mountain and River State Painting.
His attitude and tone were very respectful.

After being punished by his master just now, not only was he respectful to his master, but he was also afraid.

Lu Xiaoran did not waste his breath and went straight to the point.

“It’s like this.
I might have thought of a way to increase your luck and want to test it with you.
If it works, I’ll increase your luck.
In the future, even if you encounter a hot shot, you won’t be suppressed.”

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Yun Lige was stunned.
In the next moment, his heart felt warm, and his eyes turned sour.

“Master, you’re really too good to me.
I just made a huge mistake.
How could you still think of me when you encountered such a good thing?”

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“The two are not connected.
I don’t want to talk about the past anymore.
Life is in the future, not in the past.
Hurry up and test it for me.
After you’re done, go and cultivate.”

Yun Lige nodded and wiped his tears with his sleeve.

“Master, tell me.
What should I do?”

Lu Xiaoran pointed at the basin of water in front of him.

“It’s very simple.
I just need to…”

Before Lu Xiaoran could finish, Yun Lige stretched out his right hand and stopped him from continuing.

“Stop talking, Master.
I understand.”

Before he could finish explaining, Yun Lige already understood?

He had never told him this before, had he?

Just as Lu Xiaoran was thinking, Yun Lige had already picked up Zhuge Ziqiong’s foot wash and gulped it down.

He only wanted to try splashing it on Yun Lige.
He never asked Yun Lige to drink it.

After drinking it all, Yun Lige put down the wooden basin in his hand and burped again.
Then, he smacked his lips and said,

“Master, where did you prepare this divine water? It’s not bad.
It’s fragrant and sweet.
After drinking it, I feel much more refreshed.”

“How can this thing be sweet?”

“That’s right! Master, haven’t you tried it yourself? There’s still a little left.
Do you want to try it?”

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand repeatedly.

“No, no.
Since you said it’s sweet, it must be sweet.
Master trusts your judgment.”

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“Then has my luck increased?”

“I’ll take a look first.”

Lu Xiaoran opened the Trinity True Eyes and swept his gaze over.
Yun Lige’s luck had not increased.

This made him somewhat disappointed.

Could it be that there was a specific factor to the foot washing water? It was possible that nothing would happen when it was used on ordinary people.
Perhaps only specific people could increase their luck and become hot shots after coming into contact with the foot washing water.

Or could it be that Zhuge Ziqiong had already become a zombie and her physique had changed, so Yun Lige was unable to increase his luck?

Lu Xiaoran wanted to test it again, but after thinking about it, he decided to forget it.

He was afraid that Fang Tianyuan and Li Changsheng would also be hot-headed and would also pick up the huge basin and gulp it down.

However, seeing Yun Lige’s expectant gaze after drinking the water, Lu Xiaoran was also embarrassed to disappoint him.

“Yes, it did increase a little.”

Yun Lige was immediately overjoyed and smiled happily.

“I knew it.
After all, it’s only natural for Master’s gifts to be extraordinary.
It can even increase one’s luck.”

Lu Xiaoran fell silent and did not answer.

However, he could not be blamed.
Before he could finish, Yun Lige had already finished his drink.
He did not even have the chance to explain.

“By the way, Master, when I just came out, I saw a beautiful girl with long hair.
She’s Little Junior Sister, right?”

“Then do you want me to help you guide Little Junior Sister? After all, she just arrived.
I think as the Eldest Senior Brother, I have the responsibility to help you share some of the burden.”

Yun Lige immediately entered the Mountain and River State Painting.
Lu Xiaoran also began to cultivate, preparing to resist Fang Aotian in the future.

In the Mountain and River State Painting, Yun Lige quickly found his junior sister.

His junior sister was only a zombie and should not be able to eat the Divine Concentration Pill to increase her talent.
On the other hand, not only had he eaten the Divine Concentration Pill, but his talent had also far exceeded before.
Moreover, he had just drunk the huge pot of divine water his master had bestowed to him to increase his luck.
In terms of talent, he should at least be in the top five of Zhishui Peak!

With this level, he had to show his strength today and restore the dignity of the Eldest Senior Brother of Zhishui Peak.

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In any case, they were both Lu Xiaoran’s disciples and not outsiders.
It was not a big deal for him to show off.

“Are you Little Junior Sister?”

Zhuge Ziqiong, who had just found a quiet place and was about to cultivate, was suddenly stunned when she saw Yun Lige suddenly appear.

Yun Lige coughed lightly and said, “I’m Yun Lige.”

Zhuge Ziqiong immediately stood up and cupped her hands towards Yun Lige.

“So it’s Eldest Senior Brother.
I’m Zhuge Ziqiong.
Greetings, Eldest Senior Brother.”

“No need to be so polite.
I actually came here to guide you and see if you need any help in your cultivation.”

“In that case, thank you, Senior Brother.
Speaking of which, I’m also somewhat puzzled.”

“As the saying goes: Zombies are not part of the five elements or the six Daos.
In fact, they achieve longevity and live as long as the world by gathering the essence of the sun and moon.
However, in the Heaven Amplification Six Path Art, it also says that zombies should use themselves as the foundation to absorb the power of the six Daos and fuse it with the five elements and the eight trigrams, becoming one with all things in the world.
Aren’t these two contradictory?”

Was his junior sister’s cultivation technique that profound? If he could not understand what she was saying, how could he guide her?

Seeing that he was silent, Zhuge Ziqiong said in confusion.

Yun Lige looked at his junior sister’s sincere and somewhat puzzled expression and immediately felt his ears burn.

No, he could not leave in embarrassment.

He was the Eldest Senior Brother of Zhishui Peak.
He needed to rise to the occasion.

Thinking of this, Yun Lige immediately took a deep breath and said in all seriousness,

“It’s precisely because you’re not part of the five elements that you have to fuse with the five elements.
It’s precisely because you’re outside the six Daos that you have to create a new set of six Daos.
Zombies are originally formed from the resentment of the heavens and the earth, foul aura, and sanguine aura.
They rely on sucking blood to nourish themselves.
To put it simply, although you’ve surpassed the six Daos, you still have to rely on the orthodox world’s six Daos to survive.
As for the Heaven Amplification Six Dao Art, it allows you to be independent from the orthodox six Daos and create a new set of six Daos.”

In any case, he was only making stuff up.
It did not matter if his junior sister understood or not.
It was fine as long as he kept his face.

However, after Zhuge Ziqiong heard this, she fell silent for a long time.

Soon, spirit energy began to gather from her body!

It was spirit energy and not sanguine aura.

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The zombies could only absorb sanguine aura and the essence of the sun and moon and it was impossible for them to absorb spirit energy.
Thus, Zhuge Ziqiong absorbing spirit energy meant that she had already succeeded in learning the Heaven Amplification Six Dao Art.

Immediately after, the aura on Zhuge Ziqiong’s body immediately began to increase.

First level of the Body Refining Realm, second level of the Body Refining Realm… Postnatal Realm… Connate Realm… Master Realm… She only stopped after reaching the Spirit Realm.

Zhuge Ziqiong let out a breath of turbid air and opened her eyes with a gentle smile.

“Thank you, Senior Brother, for answering my doubts and making me… Eh? Where’s Senior Brother?”

“Senior Brother, are you still there?”

“Where did Eldest Senior Brother go?”

On the other side, the atmosphere in the Ancient Ape Tribe’s ancestral hall was solemn again.

The coffin in the ancestral hall had already increased from two to six.

In other words, six of Fang Aotian’s women had already died.

His mood was very bad, and his eyes were scarlet red like blood and were filled with an extremely dense killing intent.

Originally, he had prepared to gather the experts of the Ancient Ape Tribe to form an extremely powerful team that could sweep through the Demon Sect.

Moreover, things were going well.
Even one of the three top-notch experts under the Demon Sect’s Demon Venerable, Elder Black Fiend, was killed.

However, he did not expect the Demon Sect to also change their strategy.
They began to mobilize and disperse their troops.
Moreover, they used various dirty tricks to escape after fighting.

Not to mention that the Ancient Ape Tribe could not capture anyone at all, they even suffered heavy casualties everywhere! This was because all the experts had been gathered together and the other teams did not have any experts presiding over them.

“Demon Sect! You asked for this! Even the heavens can’t protect you if you dare to touch my women!”

Lu Yi stood not far from him with a concerned expression.
Seeing him so furious, her heart ached.

“Aotian, don’t be too sad.
Even if my sisters die, they will still protect you in the heavens.”

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