Everyone’s eyes turned cold as their hearts pounded in disbelief.

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The sect’s life-saving formation was an array that would only be activated when the sect was being destroyed.
It could teleport the disciples outside the sect so that they could escape and leave a chance for the Heaven Demon Sect to rise again.

And now, because of Lu Xiaoran and Li Daoran, they had to use this life-saving formation.

At this moment, everyone finally realized how powerful this array formation was!

On the other side, Lu Xiaoran and Li Daoran finally arrived at the Acacia Faction.

A sect like the Acacia Faction was a sect that specialized in providing relaxed entertainment and leisure for cultivators.
By doing foot baths, massages, and singing, they could earn cultivation resources through a series of warm services.

The Acacia Faction was not to be underestimated.

It had to be known that the consumption of a sect was huge.
Not only did sects need disciples to mine spirit stone mines, but they also needed disciples to go out and accept missions to earn cultivation resources to maintain the operation and development of the sect as well as the cultivation of the disciples.

Among them, luck and strength were not the only factors.

Otherwise, even if a sect was given a top-grade spirit stone mine, it still wouldn’t be able to keep it.

However, the Acacia Faction’s ancestor, Fairy Hong Yu, who was known as the Pink Skeleton, had taken a different approach to gaining resources.

She taught the woman different skills, allowing them to fully utilize her resources and advantages to create a series of popular services targeted at cultivators.
With these, she could start her sect from scratch.
The Acacia Faction had jumped from a small sect to one of the top sects of the Great Zhou Empire, and its strength was even above the Heaven Demon Sect.

Although many martial cultivators looked down on the Acacia Faction and felt that the Acacia Faction was too cunning, it still did not stop them from selling their beauty for resources.

The Acacia Faction continued to grow and attract countless male cultivators.

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Lu Xiaoran even suspected that Fairy Hong Yu was a transmigrator!

Back then, the reason why he had chosen to hide and develop steadily was also closely related to the Acacia Faction’s ancestor, Fairy Hong Yu.

“Greetings, masters.
Come and play.”

The fairy in charge of greeting guests at the entrance was different from the female cultivators of ordinary sects.
She was dressed in exposed clothing.

She had an off-shoulder shirt, a flowing short skirt, and high heels.
Her nails were stained bright.

Since all the female cultivators of the entire continent wore long dresses and were tightly wrapped, the attire of the Acacia Faction women was simply very impactful.

As soon as he arrived, Li Daoran could not help but gulp.
His eyes widened.

“Xiaoran, look at those long legs, look at that small waist, look at those tender white arms.
Heavens, this is what a woman should be like!”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but sigh slightly.

The men of the martial world were really too pitiful and inexperienced.

Although this Acacia Faction woman was dressed ahead of her time, in his previous life, girls that were dressed in this way were very common in the summertime.

It could even be considered relatively conservative.

However, Li Daoran was already unable to stand it.
It was no wonder that the Acacia Faction was so popular.

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The Acacia Faction woman was very tactful.
When she saw Li Daoran’s expression, she immediately walked forward and hugged Li Daoran’s arms from both sides.

“Master, come in and play.
Our Acacia Faction is very fun.”

Li Daoran had already been bewitched and had forgotten everything.
He nodded repeatedly.

“Yes, of course.
I came here specially to have fun today.”

“Then today, we must let this master understand the wonders of our Acacia Faction.”

“That’s good.
As long as you serve me well, I won’t be short of spirit stones.
The one behind is my brother.”

The female cultivators smiled charmingly and signaled to the door.
Immediately, two more female cultivators walked over with charming smiles.

However, before they could approach Lu Xiaoran, they were isolated by Lu Xiaoran’s protective aura.

“I’m not here to have fun.
I’m just accompanying my friend here.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he placed his hands behind his back and walked in, shocking many female cultivators.

“This is a strange sight.
After coming to the Acacia Faction, this guy actually managed to resist and not find joy?”

“Hmph, he’s only being reserved for now.
Soon, his true colors will be revealed.”

“That’s right.
Men are all perverts.
He won’t be able to keep this up for long.

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Lu Xiaoran naturally heard these words, but he did not care.
Instead, he silently summoned Wang Cai.

“Wang Cai, where’s the SSS-level disciple?”

“Coming, coming.
Master, I’m here.
I’m currently confirming the other party’s location.
I’ll send the information to Master first.”

The next moment, some information appeared in Lu Xiaoran’s mind.

Fang Tianyuan was the heir of the Ancient Ape Tribe and a top-grade genius who had only cultivated for 23 years and had already reached the first level of the Mountain Sea Realm.
Because his uncle had usurped power and forced his parents to die, he was currently being chased after by his uncle’s troops.

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes lit up.

“This template is so familiar.
Why does it feel like that character Simba… Could it be that… this time, I’m finally going to take in a protagonist as my disciple?”

However, in the next second, Wang Cai sent over another piece of information.

Fang Aotian, Fang Tianyuan’s uncle, was originally one of the previous heirs of the Ancient Ape Tribe.
The bloodline of the Ancient Ape Tribe’s chief was special, and each chief only had one son.
However, Fang Aotian’s father was an exception and gave birth to Fang Aotian and his brother, Fang Batian.

Because Fang Aotian was born with a thin figure, he was abandoned by the tribe.

Fifty years later, Fang Aotian returned as a Heavenly King and swept through the Ancient Ape Tribe.
He killed Fang Batian and his wife and became the new chief of the Ancient Ape Tribe.

“Damn! Wang Cai, I knew it!”

Even without looking at the story, just by looking at the name, Lu Xiaoran could tell that Fang Tianyuan’s uncle was the protagonist of this story.

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Fang Aotian, this name was filled with a posturing aura!

Forget it.
In any case, he shouldn’t have expected to be able to take in a protagonist as his disciple.
He could only accept some villains to barely maintain his life.

The villains were upright and spoke nicely.
They were unlike those protagonists, who wanted to kill everyone.

Thinking of this, he and Li Daoran also arrived at the Acacia Faction’s hall.

The same fairy continued to guide them with a smile.

“Master Li, what kind of activity are you interested in? We have people to accompany you to eat, drink, sing, and have fun.
We also have people who can help relax your muscles and get your blood flowing.”

Li Daoran waved his hand in an extremely carefree manner.

“Get me a batch of fairies.
I want the beautiful ones.
I do not lack money.”

The fairy smiled gently, her watery eyes curved like crescent moons.

“Alright, I’ll arrange it for you now.”

With that said, she clapped her hands.
Immediately, a row of female cultivators with enchanting figures walked out from the private room beside her.

They were all dressed in sleeveless cheongsams and short skirts.
They were even more alluring than the fairy that welcomed them in.

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