A figure he had never seen before slowly walked over with his hands behind his back.

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Every step he took caused ripples in the air.
This figure also emitted a spiritual aura that revealed an extremely deep cultivation that shook the air.

As he walked, the elders who were prepared to attack him also seemed to have suffered an extremely powerful pressure.
All the muscles in their bodies could not help but tremble.
They bowed slightly and were unable to straighten their backs.

At this moment, Fang Tianyuan felt like his soul had suffered a violent impact!

This was an expert he had never seen before!

To him, Lu Xiaoran was simply like a god!

In shock, the figure slowly walked past him and towards the elders of the Ancient Ape Tribe.

The pressure the elders endured was also increasing.
Even though they used their full strength and crazily circulated the spirit energy in their bodies, they were still unable to withstand it easily.

One of the elders gritted his teeth and forcefully endured it as he shouted with his full strength,

The other party did not answer.

The elder shouted again, “Sir, we are all elders of the Ancient Ape Tribe.
We didn’t mean to offend you.
Please show mercy.”

The other party finally spoke, but Lu Xiaoran did not answer them.
Instead, he directly attacked!

With a punch, killing intent surged.

The expressions of the elders changed drastically.
They no longer cared about their dignity and used the secret technique of the Ancient Ape Tribe, the Blood Explosion Teleportation Technique.

By erupting with a drop of blood essence, they could move quickly and forcefully escape.

As soon as the Blood Explosion Teleportation Technique appeared, they were all about to disappear from their original spots.
Their speed was shocking.

They were fast, but the other party was even faster.

Unfortunately, Lu Xiaoran’s Great Void Chaos Steps was even faster!

He instantly surpassed everyone.

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The elders’ pupils constricted, and their breathing froze.

Before they could react, the other party’s Lightning Bolt Fist had already landed on them.
The punch was monstrous.
With just one punch, it struck them down.

The few elders were all sent flying back and smashed fiercely onto the ground.
Each of them created a huge pit on the ground.

Everyone almost spat out a mouthful of blood in unison.
Their clothes were all destroyed, and the bones in their chests had even collapsed.
They looked incomparably tragic, even worse than the beggars on the street.

Fang Tianyuan’s pupils constricted, his heart raced, and he was so shocked that his breathing almost stopped.

At this moment, he could only see the figure standing in the air.

It filled him with admiration.

Geniuses were all arrogant and would never submit to anyone.
However, at this moment, Fang Tianyuan felt that he was willing to submit to this expert in front of him!

The few elders crawled up miserably, their minds collapsing to the limit, and they begged trembling,

“Senior, please spare us.
We really did not know that Senior was here and disturbed you.
Senior, please forgive us…”

However, before they could finish speaking, another sword beam slashed down unreasonably.

This sword beam emitted a light that was as dazzling as the stars in the galaxy.
It seemed to be even stronger than the sun, making it difficult for people to open their eyes and not dare to look directly.

The sword move smashed mercilessly onto the few elders and mercilessly struck them with an unstoppable momentum.

Waves exploded, and sword aura spread everywhere.

In an instant, the few elders were directly slashed to death by this invincible sword aura!

In fact, the powerful sword aura did not lose its momentum and forcefully slashed out a huge rift more than a thousand meters long!

The ground began to tremble.

Fang Tianyuan’s heart throbbed even more.

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What kind of god was this?

Without saying a word, the other party had unleashed such a killing move.

The other party had killed all the elders who were chasing him with just two consecutive attacks.

It had to be known that the cultivation levels of these elders were all above his.
Each of them had the strength of the sixth or seventh level of the Mountain Sea Realm!

In the entire Great Zhou, they were already an impressive force.

However, they were all wiped out in just two moves!

How domineering was that?

He was simply extraordinarily powerful and decisive.

This was an absolute expert!

At this moment, the other party had already landed.
Fang Tianyuan was about to go forward and kneel to express his gratitude when he saw the other party walk quickly to the corpses of the few elders.

Fang Tianyuan was suddenly at a loss, not knowing what the other party wanted to do.

The other party waved his hand, indicating for Fang Tianyuan to calm down.
Just as Fang Tianyuan was feeling puzzled, he saw the expert suddenly attack the corpses of the Ancient Ape Tribe elders and unleash a move.

“Snow Slaying Sword Art.”

“Violent Wind Lion Roar.”

Fang Tianyuan was immediately puzzled.

What… was this senior doing?

They were already deader than dead.
Why did this senior still use his cultivation technique again and again to break their corpses into pieces?

What was he trying to do?

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A moment later, all the elders’ corpses had been shattered into dust.
Only then did the other party slowly stop.

Fang Tianyuan heaved a sigh of relief and thought to himself.
It should be over now, right?

However, the next moment, he saw the other party make another hand seal.

“Moon Slaying Gale Dance! Quick!”

After the order was given, a violent wind immediately blew away the ashes of the few elders.

Fang Tianyuan was completely speechless.

Wasn’t it a little too much to not even let go of the ashes?

However, the other party was still a senior expert who had saved him after all, so he could not say anything.
He took a deep breath and was prepared to go forward to thank him.

However, before he could step forward, the other party set up another array formation.

“This is… the Soul Convergence Formation?”

Fang Tianyuan was dumbfounded once again.
What was the point of setting up the Soul Convergence Formation at this moment?

Then, he saw the other party use the Soul Convergence Formation to gather the souls of the few elders.
Then, another powerful thunderous punch swept out and shattered their souls into dust.

Could this senior be a pervert?

After doing all of this, the other party finally stopped and stretched leisurely.

Fang Tianyuan almost vomited blood.

At this moment, the image of a respected expert he had built up had already been destroyed.

He was already starting to doubt his life.

This guy was not a god.
He might be a lunatic!

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That’s right, he was definitely crazy.

If he wasn’t crazy, he would have stopped after killing them, let alone go that far.

He had killed the enemies, destroyed their corpses, scattered their ashes, and then brought back their souls just to destroy them again.

He did not miss anything.

He was already beyond cure.

Heavens, what a strange existence was this?

Was there a need to do this when he was already so powerful?

Putting aside the fact that he was much stronger than them, was there really a need to deal with the lifeless corpses?

Fang Tianyuan’s little head was dizzy and he was completely unable to understand the senior’s actions.

He was even a little afraid and wanted to run.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.
The other party had already targeted him.

“Hello, nice to meet you.
Let me introduce you.
My name is Lu Xiaoran.”

Seeing Lu Xiaoran’s smile, Fang Tianyuan trembled in fear and immediately bent down to respond.

“I wouldn’t dare, I wouldn’t dare.
Junior Fang Tianyuan greets Senior Lu.”

He looked sincere and respectful, afraid that Lu Xiaoran would do to him what he did to them.

Lu Xiaoran nodded in satisfaction.

“Not bad.
You’re humble and polite.
You’re a good seedling.
How about it? Are you interested in becoming my disciple?”

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