Fang Tianyuan was stunned.
He did not expect the other party to actually want to take him as a disciple.

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If Lu Xiaoran had only killed those few elders of the Ancient Ape Tribe, he would definitely kneel down and worship him as his master without hesitation.

However, Lu Xiaoran’s subsequent actions made him hesitate.

This guy was indeed powerful, but his brain… seemed to have a problem?

Was it really reliable for him to learn from him?

“Stop daydreaming.
Are you willing to be my disciple?”

Lu Xiaoran asked again.
Fang Tianyuan was silent for a moment before carefully saying,

“Then… what will happen if… I refuse?”

“If you refuse? It’s fine.
I don’t like to force people.”

Although Lu Xiaoran said it very nicely, Fang Tianyuan could clearly sense a powerful spirit energy constantly condensing in Lu Xiaoran’s right hand.

This made Fang Tianyuan’s face twitch fiercely.

Based on his previous actions, Fang Tianyuan knew that what Lu Xiaoran said was not true at all.

He knew that if he refused, he would be deader than dead in the next second.

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Therefore, without any other choice, Fang Tianyuan immediately knelt on the ground.

“Junior Fang Tianyuan is willing to take you as his master.”

Ding… congratulations on obtaining an SSS-level disciple.
Reward: top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique—Indestructible Golden Body.
Reward: top-grade Martial Monarch Realm weapon—Void Shattering Hammer.

Hearing that the other party had become his disciple and Wang Cai had given out the rewards, Lu Xiaoran finally revealed a loving smile again.
The spirit energy in his right hand also instantly disappeared.

He patted Zhou Hao’s head and said happily, “Good, you sure are a good disciple.
Get up quickly.”

Only then did Fang Tianyuan heave a sigh of relief and slowly stand up.

“Master, which sect are you from?”

“I’m from the Heaven Demon Sect.”

Fang Tianyuan was stunned.
He had heard of the Heaven Demon Sect before.
After all, everyone lived in the same area.
However, did the Heaven Demon Sect have a figure like Lu Xiaoran?

The strongest people in the Heaven Demon Sect seemed to be the sect master and the grand elder.
However, their cultivation levels should not exceed the fifth level of the Shattering Void Realm.

The Lu Xiaoran in front of him was clearly not one of the two.
However, the cultivation Lu Xiaoran demonstrated just now was far stronger than his father’s, which was only at the Void Reversion Realm.
He was definitely not at the Creation Realm but an expert above the Shattering Void Realm!

Could it be that the Heaven Demon Sect was filled with hidden experts? Could there be some unknown secret?

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Just as he was feeling puzzled, Lu Xiaoran’s voice sounded again.

“That’s right.
I’m from the Heaven Demon Sect.
This is not a place to talk.
Let’s go.
I’ll bring you out of here first.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran flicked his finger and passed a medicinal pill to Fang Tianyuan.

“This is the Essence Restoring Pill.
It can instantly heal all your injuries.
Let’s go.”

“Hiss ~! Essence Restoring Pill!”

Fang Tianyuan’s heart trembled as his eyes widened.

The Essence Restoring Pill was a healing medicinal pill.
No matter how much damage one’s body suffered, as long as one consumed a single Essence Restoring Pill, they would completely recover in the shortest period of time without leaving behind any sequelae.

Moreover, although the Essence Restoring Pill was only a low-grade Heaven Realm medicinal pill, the raw materials were rare and it was extremely difficult to be refined.
The market supply was insufficient, so it was very expensive and very difficult to buy one.

However, his master had given him an Essence Restoring Pill.
He was truly generous.

However, if someone had given it to him when he still had his status as the heir of the Ancient Ape Tribe, he would not be so shocked.

However, the problem was that at this moment, he was only an insignificant disciple who had just been accepted into the sect.
The weight of this greeting gift was not ordinary.

“Eat quickly.
We have to leave quickly to avoid being discovered.”

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Fang Tianyuan immediately swallowed the Essence Restoring Pill.
The medicinal pill entered his body and refreshed his mind.
A warm feeling wrapped around his wound like a flowing spring, nourishing his wound and gradually making it heal.

“Master, where are we going now?”

Lu Xiaoran walked in front, and Fang Tianyuan immediately followed behind.

The two of them had just left the forest when Lu Xiaoran turned around and used the Burning Heaven Palm again, burning the entire forest into an endless fire.

This scene made Fang Tianyuan speechless again.

Could this master’s zodiac sign be a rat?

Just now, he had already burned the bones of those elders and shattered their souls.
Yet, he still wanted to burn the entire forest.
Wasn’t he being too cautious?

However, he did not dare to casually slander his master.
This was because although his master had some problems, his cultivation was still impressive.

The two of them quickly arrived near the Acacia Faction.
Lu Xiaoran told Fang Tianyuan to guard in the distance and not to casually approach.
He also threw him a mask.

“The people from the Ancient Ape Tribe still don’t know if you’re dead or not.
The Acacia Faction has a mix of good and bad people.
If you get exposed, there will be a risk.
Wait here.
I’ll go and find your uncle-master.”

After experiencing the previous incident, Fang Tianyuan was already used to his master’s cautiousness.
He even felt that it made sense.

This made him feel that this master’s habits were somewhat contagious.

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After Lu Xiaoran made arrangements for Fang Tianyuan, he quickly arrived at the entrance of the Acacia Faction.

However, before he entered, he saw Li Daoran hugging his legs and squatting at the entrance of the Acacia Faction.
He looked like a little girl who had been wronged, and there were two more hickeys on his neck.

Beside him was the fairy who had welcomed them in previously.
She was squatting beside him and consoling him.

“Grandpa Li, our Elder Zhang Dazhuang looks a little shabby, but her massage techniques are really top-notch in our Acacia Faction.
We definitely didn’t cheat you of your spirit stones.”

“Bullsh*t! What do you mean a little shabby? Her figure is even more robust than our Heaven Demon Sect’s forging elder.
Her face shape is even more manly than our Heaven Demon Sect’s disciple guarding the mountain.
How can you call that a little shabby? Do you know why I came here to spend money? Don’t you know very well what I’m doing here? If you give me a girl with such a hideous face, aren’t you just scamming me of my money?”

“Alright, Master Li, don’t be angry.
Why don’t I arrange two more 198 girls for you? If you’re willing to increase the price, I can also give you some excitement.”

“Forget it.
When I arrived, I was in high spirits and was filled with anticipation.
Now that I’ve been tortured by you guys, I don’t have any thoughts at all.
I couldn’t even pee just now.
Even if you get the best girl in your Acacia Faction to strip naked and lie in front of me, I will still not be in the mood.”

“What’s going on? Old Li.”

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran’s appearance made Li Daoran feel as if he had found a glimmer of hope.
The large tear bead immediately couldn’t help but burst.

“Wuwuwu… Old Lu, you’re finally back.
Their Acacia Faction is bullying us.

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