Almost in an instant, the demon beasts erupted with all their aura in an attempt to resist Lu Xiaoran.

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How powerful was the combined strength of several Supreme Realm experts?

Because this aura was too powerful, several cracks directly appeared in the entire cave.

This was only the aura.
It was not even their attack.

One could imagine how powerful their spirit energy attack would be.

However, just as the few demon experts were about to attack, Lu Xiaoran also released his aura.

Just a trace of aura instantly made the souls of the demon big shots tremble.
It was as if a huge nuclear bomb had been thrown into their souls.

The air immediately became deathly silent.

The demon beast Supreme Realm martial artists who were filled with righteous indignation just now had completely lost their fighting spirit at this moment.
They stared at Lu Xiaoran.

Martial Monarch Realm expert?

The other party was actually a Martial Monarch Realm expert!

How were they supposed to fight?

The other party could probably directly kill all of them with a single thought, right?

Buttface hurriedly stuffed a bottle of medicinal pills into its mouth.
It did not have the time to chew them and swallowed them quickly.
Then, it quickly rushed towards Lu Xiaoran.

“Brothers, let’s fight him to the death!”

As soon as it finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over, and an invisible power of laws instantly sent Buttface flying.

Buttface brushed past the demons and smashed fiercely into the wall behind it, creating a huge pit.

The other demon beasts were immediately shocked.

As expected of a Martial Monarch Realm expert, just a glance from the other party was enough to send the Supreme Realm Buttface flying.
Even if all of them went up, they would probably still not be able to withstand a single slap.

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape secretly transmitted its voice, “Brothers, didn’t we just say that we wanted to share our blessings and difficulties with Brother Buttface? Now that Brother Buttface has been beaten, how can we sit idly by?”

The Golden-Winged Eagle was silent for a moment before transmitting its voice.

“If you have the ability, go and avenge him! That’s a Martial Monarch Realm expert! A Martial Monarch Realm expert! Even if all of us gather together and self-destruct, it’s impossible for us to injure him at all.”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape :”…”

“Boss Ox, what should we do now?”

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The Azure Ox Supreme’s eyes flickered incessantly.

“What else can we do? The other party is a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
At this point, we have no other choice.
We can only sacrifice ourselves to protect the group! Brothers, I’ll take care of him.
You guys leave.”

The demons could not help but feel a trace of sadness.

The few of them had cultivated together for thousands of years and had an extremely deep relationship.

They did not expect that they would one day be separated from each other.

Boss Ox slowly stepped forward and walked towards Lu Xiaoran.

That broad back looked even more tragic under the narrow light of the cave entrance.

Finally, it arrived beside Lu Xiaoran.

The hearts of the demons rose to their throats.

Would Boss Ox be instantly killed by the other party like Buttface?

At this moment, Boss Ox’s knees suddenly bent and it knelt in front of Lu Xiaoran with a bang.

Because it used too much strength, a huge pit even appeared in the ground.
Cracks spread in all directions like a spider web.

Then, it lowered its arrogant head and made a bowing posture.

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape :”…”

The Golden-Winged Eagle :”…”

The Earth Tiger Bear :”…”

The three demons instantly collapsed.

“Boss Ox, are you crazy? How can you acknowledge a human as your master?”

“Boss Ox, you have the Azure Ox bloodline among our demon race! You’re a demon comparable to a ninth level Supreme Realm human! Where’s your demon dignity?”

“Boss Ox, you’re a traitor to our demon race! Do you think he will forgive you just because you’re like this? He won’t at all! Humans have never been sympathetic to demon beasts.”

However, just as the three demons roared, Lu Xiaoran smiled and said, “Originally, I would have definitely killed you for barging into my cave.
However, since you’re willing to acknowledge me as your master, I’m not an unreasonable person.
Alright, I’ll take you in as my slave.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran used the Beast Control Divine Art and shot out a drop of blood essence to subdue Boss Ox.

The three demons were immediately speechless.

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Boss Ox seemed to have taken advantage of the situation and muttered like a pet trying to please its master.

If it became Lu Xiaoran’s servant, it would lose its freedom.
However, if it did not become Lu Xiaoran’s servant, it would definitely be beaten to death.

After, hadn’t Buttface been sent flying after the other party threw a single glance over?

Moreover, there was another extremely important matter.

It had the Azure Ox bloodline.
Compared to other demon beasts, it had more materials to use.

For example, its skin was the best material and could be used to make Saint Realm or even low-grade Martial Monarch Realm armor.

Its flesh was edible and tasted rather tender and delicious to humans.

Its bones could cook soup and refine pills.

Its organs could be made into delicious dishes.
They also had magical effects.

If it fell into Lu Xiaoran’s hands, it would definitely be several times more tragic than the other demon beasts.

It would be skinned and skinned… Its private part would even be skewered.
It would be too painful.

Compared to this, it would rather become a servant.

Moreover, the other party was a Martial Monarch Realm expert, so it did not lose out.

However, the three demons quickly mocked again.

“Azure Ox, you shameless thing.
In order to survive, you actually tried to please a human!”

“Just you wait.
Even if you suck up to him, he won’t let you off.
In the end, you’ll only be his slave.
When you charge into the enemy line and become his cannon fodder, you’ll regret it.”

As they were mocking, the demons saw Lu Xiaoran take out two Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pills and stuff them into the Azure Ox’s mouth.

“Since you’re so obedient, I’ll give you some medicinal pills.
As long as you’re obedient, you can eat medicinal pills every day in the future.”

The Golden-Winged Eagle :”…”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape :”…”

The Earth Tiger Bear :”…”

A moment later, Buttface recovered from his dizziness.

It could not help but slander in its heart.
“Master is really too ruthless.
He doesn’t treat me as a human at all.”

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However, there was nothing it could do about it.
After all, the other party was its master and it was only a servant.

It still had to cooperate and keep up the act.

Thinking of this, it roared and shattered the surrounding rocks before rushing out of the cave.

“Charge! Demon beasts will never be slaves! For the dignity of demon beasts, for that noble freedom, we’ll fight him to the death.
Follow behind me and pay attention to your…”

Before it could finish speaking, four powerful auras had already bombarded Buttface at the same time.

A powerful force blasted Buttface into the cave again.

Fortunately, the strength of four Supreme Realm martial artists was not comparable to a single glance from Lu Xiaoran.
This time, Buttface did not faint and instead limped out.

“Brothers, why did you injure me?”

Boss Ox chewed on the medicinal pills noisily and said vaguely,

“Buttface, please pay attention to your tone.
We’re not that close.
Please don’t call me brother.”

“That’s right.
We’re already Master’s servants.
If you attack Master, you’ll make an enemy of us.”

They surrendered just like that?

It was prepared to put on an entire show, which included being generous and fighting 300 rounds.

In the end, before it could start acting, Boss Ox and the others actually surrendered.

Where was the ambition of these demon big shots?

Did they not care about their dignity? Did they not care about their righteousness?

Was freedom no longer good, or was the hope of becoming a Martial Monarch Realm demon beast worthless?

At this moment, as they looked at the shocked Buttface, the Azure Ox, and the other demons, they erupted with his strength again.

“Buttface, you have two choices now.
Either you become Master’s demon servant like us, or we can only send you on your way.”

The few demon experts had already decided that they would either drag Buttface down with them or kill him.

Otherwise, if it went out to talk nonsense and ruin their reputation, the few of them would be the shame of the entire demon race.

It was even possible that they would be killed by those top-notch existences of the demon race!

That would really be the end.

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Seeing that the few demon beasts that it used to be brothers with were about to attack it in the blink of an eye, Buttface could not help but slander in its heart,

“What superficial brothers.”

However, although it was slandering, it did not want to be beaten again.
Therefore, it immediately raised its hooves and surrendered.

“Don’t hit me.
I want to be like you guys and acknowledge him as my master.”

Hearing this, the demon beasts immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Now, they did not have to worry about their embarrassing matters being exposed.

When the dust settled, everything returned to calm.

The few Supreme Realm demon beasts were all raised in the back of the mountain by Lu Xiaoran.

Seeing that Lu Xiaoran was not around, the Golden-Winged Eagle finally whispered,

“Boss Ox, are you really willing to be this human’s demon servant?”

Boss Ox lay on the grass and stuffed a medicinal pill into its mouth.

“Of course I’m unwilling, but there’s nothing we can do.
After all, you also know that his strength is too powerful.
He’s far from someone we can deal with.”

After a pause, Boss Ox’s words suddenly changed.

“However, this doesn’t mean that we’ve really become his slaves.
We can still completely turn the situation around.
Thinking about it carefully, he has a lot of medicinal pills and natural treasures.
We can eat them first and then pretend to serve him.
When he’s killed one day, won’t we be free?”

The three demons’ eyes immediately lit up.

“Impressive! Really impressive!”

“As expected of Boss Ox!”

“Hmph! Stupid humans.
They thought that they had taken us in as slaves, but they never expected that we’re only staying for his medicinal pills.

Not far away, Buttface could not help but shake its head as it watched Boss Ox and the other three demons discuss passionately while shamelessly stuffing medicinal pills into their mouths.

They were still too young!

Thinking back, there once was a dog who had the same thoughts as them.

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