If he continued to pursue like this, he might not be able to capture Han Zhen even if he had to sacrifice his life.

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However, speaking of which, for the first time in his life, Lu Xiaoran started to like the hot shots.

This Han Zhen was simply the same as him.

If he could win, he would fight.
If he could not, he would run.
If the other party chased after him, he would take the opportunity to attack again.

Unfortunately, this brat was not a villain.
If he was, it would still be better if Lu Xiaoran could take him in as a disciple.

Lu Xiaoran’s interest in this Han Zhen was much higher than his interest in the other party.

However, he had no choice.
The current person with a villain template was Jun Bujian, and Han Zhen had the smart protagonist template.
Lu Xiaoran could only subdue Jun Bujian.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran took a deep breath.
Then, he arrived in front of Jun Bujian.

Everyone sensed Lu Xiaoran’s sudden appearance and were instantly shocked.

Lu Xiaoran was not stupid to fight so many people.

It was not that he could not beat them, but it was not good to attract too much attention.
After all, Han Zhen was still nearby and might be eyeing them covetously.

Therefore, almost the moment he appeared, Lu Xiaoran activated the Mountain and River State Painting.

The Mountain and River State Painting was very powerful and was activated immediately.

In this situation, the few low-level Martial Monarch Realm experts were all pulled into the Mountain and River State Painting by Lu Xiaoran on the spot, leaving only Jun Bujian.

Seeing this scene, Jun Bujian’s pupils suddenly constricted.

As the holy son of the Jun family in the Eternal Forest, he had seen all kinds of experts.

However, this was the first time he had seen someone like Lu Xiaoran.

The other party had killed a group of Martial Monarch Realm experts the moment he attacked.
Wasn’t this guy’s methods too monstrous?

Jun Bujian questioned coldly.
At the same time, his right hand had already activated a hand seal slightly, prepared to attack at any moment to deal with Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran looked at his finger with a faint smile and said, “Stop wasting your energy.
Even if you are a first level Martial Monarch Realm expert and the Holy Son of the Jun family with many tricks up your sleeve, it’s still useless.
If I really want to kill you, you won’t even have the chance to attack.”

Hearing Lu Xiaoran’s words, Jun Bujian was even more shocked.

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However, he could vaguely guess that Lu Xiaoran might not be looking for him to kill him.
This was because he could sense that Lu Xiaoran did not have any killing intent.

“Who are you? Why did you come to me?”

“My name is Lu Xiaoran.
As for why I’m looking for you, it’s naturally because I want to take you in as my disciple.”

“Take me in as your disciple?”

Jun Bujian’s pupils constricted again, and she was shocked to the extreme.
He did not expect Lu Xiaoran to actually make such a request.

However, he quickly shook his head and said, “That’s impossible.
You should know my identity.
It’s impossible for me to take anyone as my master.”

“If you don’t acknowledge me as your master, you will sooner or later be killed by Han Zhen.”

Hearing this, Jun Bujian was immediately angered to laughter by Lu Xiaoran.

“How ridiculous.
Why would I be killed by Han Zhen? Aren’t you thinking too highly of Han Zhen? You’re simply disrespecting the Jun family.”

“You don’t believe me? Why don’t… you try using me? In any case, it shouldn’t be difficult for Han Zhen to reach my level in the future.
If you can’t beat me, you definitely won’t be able to beat Han Zhen in the future.”

Lu Xiaoran was right.
Although Han Zhen was only at the first level of the Martial Monarch Realm, his ability was not to be underestimated.

Lu Xiaoran had just observed the trap formation Han Zhen had set up.

Han Zhen’s array formation level had already reached 80%.

On this continent, this level could already be said to have reached the peak.

Other than Lu Xiaoran, no one could break Han Zhen’s array formation level.

Moreover, he also had other strengths.

In addition, when Lu Xiaoran first arrived, he sensed that there was a heart palpitating power of laws hidden in the air.
It was the aura of a God Realm cultivation technique.

In other words, the escape cultivation technique Han Zhen had was at the God Realm.

A God Realm cultivation technique was already a cultivation technique that surpassed this world.
Moreover, it was an escape technique.

In this way, if Han Zhen wanted to escape, no one in this world could stop him except for Lu Xiaoran.

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Perhaps there was a chance for Han Zhen to reach the tenth level of the Martial Monarch Realm.

However, it was impossible for a tenth level Martial Monarch Realm expert to deal with Han Zhen now.

By the time a tenth level Martial Monarch Realm expert wanted to deal with Han Zhen, Han Zhen might have already grown to the point where even a perfected tenth level Martial Monarch Realm expert would be helpless against him.

Most importantly, he was a hot shot.

It was simply too simple for him to grow.

It was only a matter of time.

The other party pondered for a moment, his eyes flickering.
Then, he nodded.

“Alright! I’ll give it a shot.
However, there’s a premise.
Your cultivation has to be suppressed to the same level as mine.
In this way, the competition between us will be meaningful.”

Lu Xiaoran smiled indifferently.
This guy was more or less smart.
He was not completely stupid.

He knew that Lu Xiaoran was a high-level Martial Monarch Realm expert.
If they really fought, he would not be able to gain the slightest advantage if Lu Xiaoran suppressed him in terms of cultivation.

However, since Lu Xiaoran wanted to take the other party in as a disciple, he naturally had to make sure that the other party was willing.

“Alright! I agree.
However, it should be easy for Han Zhen to kill enemies above his level.
How about this? I’ll lower my cultivation to the first level of the Saint Realm and play with you.
However, if you lose, you have to acknowledge me as your master.
If you win, I’ll let your subordinates go.”

“Lower to the first level of the Saint Realm? Are you crazy?”

The other party could not help but exclaim.
He did not care about becoming Lu Xiaoran’s disciple.
Instead, he cared about the arrogance in Lu Xiaoran’s words.

The other party would be an entire realm lower than him!

Moreover, there was a difference in rules between a Martial Monarch Realm expert and a Saint Realm expert.

Although a Saint Realm expert could also use the power of laws, it was simply child’s play compared to a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

It was the difference between someone who took a loan and someone who had a massive fortune.
The difference in speed and strength could allow the other party to seize the initiative and gain the upper hand in various other aspects.
There was a qualitative difference between a Saint Realm expert and a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

Lu Xiaoran was simply courting death by lowering his cultivation by an entire realm.

The other party took a deep breath and shook his head.

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“You’re really crazy.
However, you asked for this yourself.
Don’t blame me.”

Thinking of this, he took a deep breath and circulated the strength in his body, emitting a faint golden light.

In the next moment, with a thought, his body instantly arrived beside Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran did not dodge or panic.
He activated the Trinity True Eyes and flames directly enveloped Jun Bujian’s entire body.

Jun Bujian’s pupils constricted and he immediately erupted with a terrifying spirit energy, wanting to shake away the flames.

However, in the next second, he realized that he had miscalculated.

This was because not only did the flames not extinguish, but when they touched his spirit energy, they also burned more and more fiercely.

Before he could finish speaking, Lu Xiaoran directly threw a Primordial Chaos Emperor Fist at Jun Bujian’s chest.

Jun Bujian’s thoughts were disturbed by the eternal flames.
Before he could react, he was punched in the chest by Lu Xiaoran.

However, he did not care.

Firstly, he was at the first level of the Martial Monarch Realm, and at this moment, Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation had already been suppressed to the first level of the Saint Realm.

The difference in cultivation meant that Lu Xiaoran was unable to even break through his own defense.

Secondly, he was wearing a Martial Monarch Realm armor.
If Lu Xiaoran wanted to attack him, he had to break through the defense of the Martial Monarch Realm armor first.

How could Lu Xiaoran break through two layers of defense?

However, just as he thought that Lu Xiaoran’s punch was unable to injure him, a huge force transmitted fiercely from his skin to his heart.

The Trinity True Eyes absorbed the True Intent Unravel defensive characteristic and completely ignored the other party’s defensive value.

Jun Bujian immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.

If not for the fact that his Martial Monarch Realm body had already been strengthened to a certain level, this punch would have been enough to explode his heart.

Even so, the punch of a first level Saint Realm expert still made his heart suddenly throb.
The defensive ability of his entire body suddenly trembled because of the intense pain inside.

After all, no matter how powerful the organs were, they were still the weakest parts of the human body.

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In the next second, Lu Xiaoran threw a hundred punches.

Every punch landed heavily on Jun Bujian’s body and transmitted to his organs.

In the blink of an eye, Bujian organs were all beaten to the point that they were filled with blood and were about to rot.

He waved his hand repeatedly.

“Stop… stop fighting… stop fighting… cough cough cough…”

With that said, he spat out another mouthful of blood with a few pieces of his organs.

Only then did Lu Xiaoran stop.
Then, with a thought, he retracted the eternal flames and also used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to recover Jun Bujian’s body.

In an instant, Jun Bujian’s body recovered to its peak state at a visible speed.

He touched his chest and felt his surging heart beat.
He was extremely shocked.

Lu Xiaoran had simply shattered his worldview again and again.

A first level Saint Realm expert had defeated a first level Martial Monarch Realm expert.
Who would believe this?

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran’s recovery technique had almost instantly healed a heavily injured Martial Monarch Realm expert.

Even with the Jun family’s best healing methods and the best Martial Monarch Realm pills, it would still be impossible for them to completely repair the serious injuries of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

This simply exceeded Jun Bujian’s understanding.

Lu Xiaoran smiled and said, “How is it? Can you take me as your master now?”

After pondering for a moment and taking a deep breath, he knelt towards Lu Xiaoran.

Although he had the arrogance of the Jun Family’s Holy Son, he was not stupid.

Lu Xiaoran had suppressed his cultivation to the Saint Realm.
However, the other party had still beat him to the point that he was unable to fight back.

If the other party did not suppress his realm, it would probably not be a problem for him to fight a perfected tenth level Martial Monarch Realm expert.

He was simply lucky to obtain such a master!

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