With the goal of exposing Lu Xiaoran, the group of Jun family experts strode towards the Nameless Sect.

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In the next second, the air fell into a deathly silence.

“I don’t think I can move.”

“I don’t think I can move either.”

“It’s an array formation! There’s a Martial Monarch Realm formation here.”

“That’s not right.
How can a Martial Monarch Realm formation suppress us? We’re all Martial Monarch Realm experts.
We’re all the strongest elites of the Jun family.
We were all chosen from various branches to protect the Holy Son.”

“There’s not one Martial Monarch Realm formation here, but hundreds of Martial Monarch Realm formations.
These Martial Monarch Realm formations are interconnected.
Although there’s only one Martial Monarch Realm formation under our feet, it’s connected to the other Martial Monarch Realm formations.
If we want to escape from this formation, the other formations will start to work at the same time.
In this way, our strength will all be divided.
Therefore, we can’t break through this Martial Monarch Realm formation at all.”

At this moment, the elders of the Jun family immediately felt their hearts turn numb.

This guy’s ability to build array formations was actually so powerful?

Heavens, just the strength of this array formation was enough to make the entire Jun family look at him in a different light.

This guy was an awesome and ruthless person!

At this moment, a few extremely powerful demon beasts suddenly flew past in the sky.
A group of equally powerful demon beasts also walked past them.

They expelled some relatively low-level demon beasts that were trying to enter the Nameless Sect.

Sensing that the other party’s aura was similar to theirs, the Martial Monarch Realm experts of the Jun family were immediately shocked.

“This is… a Martial Monarch Realm demon beast? Why are there so many Martial Monarch Realm demon beasts here? Why are they chasing so many Saint Realm and Supreme Realm demon beasts over?”

The Black Tortoise passing by could not help but glance at them.

“This is nothing.
We’re all inexperienced.
Our master has a total of twenty-eight Martial Monarch Realm demon beasts.
Currently, less than ten have appeared.”

After a pause, it roared to the side.

“Don’t be lazy.
Hurry up and go in.
We still have to find other high-level demon beasts.”

“Master… Master? Could their master be that Lu Xiaoran?”

The Black Tortoise’s expression turned cold as it shouted into the sky.

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“Brothers, these bumpkins actually called Master by his name.”

The group of Martial Monarch Realm demon beasts immediately roared and rushed over.

The few Martial Monarch Realm experts of the Jun family were trapped in the array formation and were unable to unleash their strength at all.

For a moment, they were beaten bloody by several Martial Monarch Realm demon beasts.

A moment later, the Black Tortoise and the other demons spat and turned to walk towards the Nameless Sect.

“A group of bastards.
Mere Martial Monarch Realm experts dare to be arrogant in our Nameless Sect? They even dare to call Master by his name.
They’re simply courting death!”

“If not for Master’s imminent battle, I would have shattered his two yolks just now.”

The people from the Jun family were extremely aggrieved.
They supported each other and crawled up from the ground, their faces filled with fear.

“What kind of joke is this? This Lu Xiaoran actually summoned a group of Martial Monarch Realm demon beasts to acknowledge him as their master?”

“It’s fine.
From what they said, this Lu Xiaoran seems to have a huge battle coming up in the next few days.
At that time, as long as we follow and watch from the side, we will know clearly how powerful he is.”

“That’s right.
In any case, we only need to protect the Holy Son.
As for wanting us to work for him? Don’t even think about it.”

“If he can’t do it, we’ll directly bring the Holy Son away.
In any case, we can’t delay the Holy Son’s participation in the Eternal Forest’s grand meeting.”

On this side, after entering the mountain gate, Jun Bujian immediately went to visit his senior brothers and sisters.

When he arrived at the hall and saw the senior brothers and sisters, he was immediately somewhat surprised.

Were these the senior brothers and sisters of the Nameless Sect?

Why was there not a single Martial Monarch Realm expert?

With confusion, he stepped into the hall.

“Everyone… are you all the senior brothers and sisters of the Nameless Sect?”

Yun Lige and the others smiled and nodded.

After introducing their identities one by one, they said, “Master just told us about you through his thoughts.
I heard that your cultivation is very high.”

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“Junior Brother is really too humble.
You’re already at the first level of the Martial Monarch Realm, but you’re still so modest.
Among us, there aren’t any who have reached the Martial Monarch Realm yet.
However, it shouldn’t be long before a few of us do.
Junior Sister Ziqiong, Changsheng, and Junior Brother Xinian will probably become Martial Monarch Realm experts in less than two months, right?”

If he was not wrong, the few of them should only be at the Saint Realm, right?

Even Zhuge Ziqiong, who had the highest cultivation, was only at the eighth level of the Saint Realm.

It had to be known that the higher one’s cultivation was, the slower their cultivation would increase.

It could be said that even with good talent, it would take a year for one to advance from the Body Refining Realm to the Postnatal Realm.

As for the first level of the Saint Realm to the second level of the Saint Realm, it might take dozens or hundreds of years.
Some people might not even be able to break through in their lives.

Even Jun Bujian had to spend a lot of effort to break through to the Martial Monarch Realm back then.

Among them, opportunities, luck, talent, timing, location, people, and so on were all indispensable.

He still remembered that as the Holy Son of the Jun family, he had basically gotten everything he needed.
Despite that, every time he broke through, he would spend at least ten years.

Sometimes, he could not be confident that he could do it in ten years.

This was considered extremely good.
He could even be said to be a genius.

However, now, Yun Lige and the others actually said that Zhuge Ziqiong and the others would break through to the Martial Monarch Realm in a few months.
What a joke!

“Alright, let’s not talk nonsense.
The battle is imminent.
In the future, we’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other.
Now, I’ll help you cultivate first.”

Yun Lige spoke again, breaking Jun Bujian’s confusion.

Then, Yun Lige took out a bottle of medicinal pills.

“Here are 200 Martial Monarch Realm Pills, Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill, Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pill, Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill, and so on… They’re all very precious medicinal pills.”

The other party’s heart immediately trembled.

They were all Martial Monarch Realm pills.
Why would he give them all to him?

Although he was a Martial Monarch Realm expert and the holy son of the Jun family, the Jun family did not dare to casually take out 200 Martial Monarch Realm pills for him to consume.

Was this Nameless Sect that rich?

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Just as he was feeling shocked, Ji Wuxia handed him a demon beast egg.

Just as Jun Bujian was about to be puzzled as to why he was given a demon beast egg, he sensed the aura of a divine beast on it.

At this moment, his eyes widened.

What kind of joke was this?

“This… this is… a divine… divine beast egg?”

It had to be known that this was not the Divine World.
Even if he was a Martial Monarch Realm expert, it was impossible for him to not be shocked.
This thing that belonged in the God Realm had actually appeared here.

Ji Wuxia smiled and said, “That’s right.
Looks like Junior Brother Jun is indeed knowledgeable.
This is a divine beast egg.
If you eat it, it can also increase your cultivation by a lot.
Also, this Divine Concentration Pill can increase your talent.
Although your talent should be very good, it’s always good to eat more.
If it’s not enough, you can tell Eldest Senior Brother.
Eldest Senior Brother will report it to Master.”

As the dignified Holy Son of the Jun family, what had he not seen before?

What kind of people had he not encountered before?

However, today, his worldview was shattered after meeting Lu Xiaoran.

Were divine beast eggs for eating?

Moreover, there were divine pills that could increase talent?

Where did he get these from?

Did he steal this from the higher realm?

The most ridiculous thing was that they actually said that if it was not enough, he could still ask for more.

In this world, everyone ate Martial Monarch Realm pills.
However, the Nameless Sect had actually started to eat divine pills and divine beast eggs.

As he was in a daze, Fang Tianyuan took out another small bottle.

“This is a medicinal pill Master prepared for you specifically.
We probably can’t consume it yet, so take it first.”

After obtaining the porcelain bottle, he swept his divine sense over it and his face instantly twitched fiercely.

Moreover, there were thirty of them!

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If news of this spread to the Eternal Forest, the entire Eternal Forest would probably explode.

Those old demons who had hidden for countless years would probably rush over immediately and fight the Nameless Sect to the death.

“Junior Brother, what medicinal pill is this?!”

Yun Lige asked curiously.
Seeing this, Jun Bujian immediately cupped his hands and said, “Senior Brother, these are all Divine Blood Pills.
They’re medicinal pills created with divine blood or divine beast blood.”

Was this a new medicinal pill?

Damn, his master actually did not give him this new medicinal pill to try out first? Instead, he gave it to his new junior brother?

Something was wrong, something was really wrong.
Could it be that his master had already found a new favorite?

Was he not Master’s most beloved disciple?

Could it be that his bootlicking skills had decreased recently?

That couldn’t be.
Basically, no one in the entire Nameless Sect dared to compete with him for the number one spot when it came to bootlicking Master.

Seeing Yun Lige fall silent, Jun Bujian’s heart immediately skipped a beat.

“Eldest Senior Brother, did I say something wrong?”

Although Yun Lige said that it was nothing, he was secretly scheming.

No, no matter what, he had to find time to ask his master about this later.

After all, if his master stopped doting on him, he would really be done for.

“Bujian, you can go and cultivate now.
Take everything and enter the Mountain and River State Painting to cultivate for a while.
If you cultivate outside, you might not have enough time.
Once the Hall of Gods attacks, it will be very troublesome for you to digest these things in time.”

Jun Bujian nodded and could not help but mutter in his heart,

What was the Mountain and River State Painting?

Why did he have to enter the Mountain and River State Painting to cultivate?

Could it be that his cultivation speed could increase inside?

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