“But we’re God Realm experts, and he’s only at the Martial Monarch Realm now.
How can he be compared to us?”

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“How laughable.
That person has been setting up for hundreds of thousands of years just to let the chosen one return to the heavens.
Do you think he won’t make plans in the lower realm? Do you really think you’re the only God Realm expert here? If I’m not wrong, that brat’s Dao protector definitely exists in this world.”

The cold figure was somewhat ashamed.

“Then… what should we do now?”

The black-robed old man placed his hands behind his back and looked up at the sky.

“For now, it’s best to kill him in the lower realm.
Once he breaks through the seal of the lower realm and escapes to the upper realm, it will be even more difficult.”

“Right now, I still have two trump cards, Ye Junlin and Li Qingfeng.
With just these two, I can’t guarantee that I can kill the chosen one.

“Recently, I secretly investigated the heavenly secrets and discovered that there’s another hot shot in this world.
Bring people to find him and give him the last system fruit I created.”

“Han Zhen!”

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At the border of the Eternal Forest, a few figures descended.
It was Jun Bujian and the others.

“Holy Son, we’ve already arrived at the Eternal Forest.
We’re almost home.”

“It’s all thanks to the Heaven-Breaking Shuttle Master gave me that we were able to return to the Eternal Forest from the Great Zhou Imperial City in half an hour.”

“That’s right.
Senior Lu is really an expert.”

When they first met Lu Xiaoran, everyone was extremely disdainful of him.

However, after witnessing Lu Xiaoran’s battle with their own eyes, they realized how powerful Lu Xiaoran was.

Lu Xiaoran was indeed qualified to be the Holy Son’s master.

“You don’t have to say anything when you return home this time.
My master doesn’t like to be disturbed by others, so this matter will be kept a secret for the time being, understand?”

“Let’s go back to the Jun family.”

Everyone was about to leave when suddenly, as if Jun Bujian had thought of something, he coughed lightly and said indifferently,

“You guys go over first.
I have something to do.”

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The few Jun Family elders looked at him in confusion.

The other party’s expression was somewhat cold.

“What? Are you guys not going to listen to me?”

Everyone shook their heads.

Everyone immediately left for a distance.
After seeing them leave, he looked around again.
After confirming that no one was around, he took a deep breath and said,

“It’s been a billion years.
I’ve finally returned!”

After shouting this, his face turned slightly hot.

Fortunately, no one heard him.

Although he was very unwilling to believe the superstition Yun Lige and the others mentioned, he did not dare to risk his life.

What if he lost? That might consign him to eternal damnation.

In any case, it was not like he would lose anything.

It had to be said that after saying that, he indeed felt much more at ease.

Thinking of this, he placed his hands behind his back and stepped forward.

With his subordinates, Jun Bujian quickly returned to the Jun family and arrived at the Jun family’s ancestral hall immediately.

A moment later, an old man with white hair and beard slowly walked out of the Jun family’s ancestral hall.

After seeing the other party, his cold expression revealed a trace of love.

“You’re back.
How was your trip? Did you get anything?”

“Patriarch, I’ve benefited a lot this time.
I’ve already broken through to the second level of the Martial Monarch Realm.”

In fact, his body still contained a lot of essence from eating divine pills and divine eggs.

If he completely absorbed this essence, he dared to say that he still had a chance to break through another level in half a month.

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However, his master had said that one could not be too ostentatious.
The rule of the Nameless Sect was that if one could hide their cultivation, they had to hide their cultivation as much as possible and not expose it.

However, Patriarch Jun was rather happy.

“Not bad, not bad at all.
As the Holy Son of the Jun Family, one of the top ten families in the Eternal Forest, your cultivation is definitely not an embarrassment to our Jun Family.”

“You don’t have to be too humble.
In the entire Eternal Forest, among the Holy Sons and Holy Maidens of the various large families, you’re at least ranked in the top five.
Moreover, you also know that other than the Holy Son of the Ye family, the strength of the others is also about the same.”

Hearing the patriarch mention the Holy Son of the Ye family, even Jun Bujian could not help but reveal a trace of admiration and yearning.

It was said that the other party was only 20 years old.

However, he had already become a peerless genius who suppressed all the youths in the entire Eternal Forest!

It was said that when he was born, he directly stepped into the Connate Realm.
He entered the Master Realm at the age of one, the Spirit Realm at the age of two, the Shattering Void Realm at the age of twelve, and the King Realm at the age of fourteen.
At the age of twenty, he had officially stepped into the Martial Monarch Realm.

He had broken all the cultivation records in the entire Eternal Forest.

It had to be known that even the heir of a top-notch family like him was unable to cultivate any cultivation techniques at a young age.
This was because children did not know how to cultivate at all and could easily suffer from qi deviation.

However, he had always defied the heavens.

Some people said that he was a legendary god who had descended to the mortal world.
In his bones, he was superior to others.

Others said that he was a heaven-sent son who had condensed the essence of the world.

However, no matter what he was, Jun Bujian would never admire anyone in terms of cultivation.

He wondered if his master’s cultivation speed was faster than his!

His master’s cultivation speed was probably far from his level, right?

After all, his master had never even entered the Eternal Forest.

Although his master was very powerful, his master had definitely cultivated for hundreds of years before reaching his current level.

“Patriarch, what’s the cultivation of that person from the Ye family now?”

Patriarch Jun shook his head.

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“I’m not too sure what his cultivation level is exactly, but he’s definitely at the late-stage Martial Monarch Realm.
The last time I saw him was a year ago.
At that time, although he had just broken through to the Martial Monarch Realm, I could sense the aura of a super expert from him.
If I’m not wrong, he’s definitely ranked first among the disciples of the various large families in the Eternal Forest.”

Jun Bujian nodded in agreement.

He did not doubt the patriarch’s words at all.

However, soon, the patriarch continued, “You won’t be able to obtain the first place.
No one can defeat that peerless genius of the Ye family.
However, I recently encountered a strange person.
With his help, perhaps you can obtain a very good result in the Eternal Forest’s competition.”

“That’s right.
This person’s surname is Li.
I dare say that you will know after you see him.
He might even shock you more than that Holy Son of the Ye family.”

Jun Bujian was somewhat stunned.

Was this person that powerful?

Was the patriarch lying to him?

However, the patriarch was an expert of that level.
Presumably, the patriarch would not lie to him, right?

“In that case, I’ll listen to Patriarch’s arrangements.”

They quickly followed the patriarch to an extremely inconspicuous small place in the Eternal Forest.

When he arrived, he was instantly dumbfounded.

This was only a small hill that was much smaller than his master’s Nameless Sect.

Was this where that senior expert lived?

Could it be that peerless experts nowadays were all living in such extremely inconspicuous places?

As if sensing Jun Bujian’s confusion, the patriarch smiled calmly and said, “Don’t underestimate this hill.
Let me tell you, there’s something hidden here.
Take a step forward and you’ll know.”

Jun Bujian took a step forward with a puzzled expression.

However, after taking this step, he instantly turned pale.

When he stepped into the other party’s hill, he actually discovered that the strength in his body had been completely suppressed.

He was a dignified Martial Monarch Realm expert!

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Could his cultivation could actually be suppressed?

Jun Bujian was somewhat puzzled.
The patriarch, on the other hand, simply smiled and walked in.

“It’s very magical, right? I didn’t expect it either.
However, such a place really does exist.
As long as one steps in, their cultivation will be directly suppressed.
Even I can only unleash the strength of a small Body Refining Realm expert.”

“Let’s go.
That senior is upstairs.
Let’s go take a look.”

The two of them arrived at a small wooden house courtyard on the hill.

When he stepped in, he did not feel anything at first.

However, he quickly sensed it.

Something was really wrong!

Although the auras of some of the poultry in this courtyard had been suppressed, they were still comparable to him.
Therefore, it could be said that they were actually already Martial Monarch Realm demons.
However, because they were suppressed here, they were unable to reveal their true bodies.

There were also those tables and chairs, some pots and pans, and other daily necessities.
They looked inconspicuous, but in fact, they were all Martial Monarch Realm existences.

This guy was comparable to his master.

Just as he was thinking, a figure crawled out of the house.
When he saw Grandpa Jun, he immediately shouted,

“Old Jun, why are you only here now? The food I made is almost cold.
Quick, come and taste it.
Eh, this brat is…?”

“Hehehehe… Mr.
Li, don’t be offended.
This is my grandson.
I brought him here to broaden his horizons.”

“Oh, so it’s your grandson? No problem.
I just need to fetch an extra pair of chopsticks.
Come in quickly.”

Then, Jun Bujian saw his grandfather, the grand patriarch of the Jun family, holding the bowl and chopsticks with the other party.

Heavens, was that still his patriarch?

Why did he feel like his patriarch was a little old man who had just seen his good friend for many years?

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