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In the entire continent, probably only the royal family or a top-notch ancient family would have a cultivation technique of this level.
At most, the sect master of a small Heaven Demon Sect could cultivate a low-level Saint Realm cultivation technique.

It was simply a fool’s dream to obtain a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.

“That’s not right.
Their cultivation speed is so fast.
It doesn’t seem like they can reach this kind of speed with ordinary cultivation techniques, right?”

As his mind reacted, Fang Tianyuan’s heart suddenly started beating faster.

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and carefully mobilized his divine sense to investigate the cultivation technique his master had just imparted to him.

Of course, when he came into contact with that cultivation technique, he was immediately shocked.

The cultivation technique circulated very quickly and powerfully.
What could it be other than a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique?

“Heavens, Master actually gave me a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique? Am I dreaming? Am I dreaming?”

Fang Tianyuan slapped himself.

Fang Tianyuan grimaced in pain, but he did not care about the pain.
Instead, he was overjoyed.

This was real, this was real.
He was not dreaming.
He had actually obtained a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique!

This was simply unimaginable.
A huge opportunity!

“By the way, I wonder if there are any other secrets?”

Fang Tianyuan hurriedly flipped to the next page of the notebook.

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When he saw the page, his already shocked mind fell into an even greater shock.

According to Ji Wuxia estimation, their master’s cultivation level was at least peak-level Martial Monarch Realm!

“Master’s cultivation… is at least at the Martial Monarch Realm!”

Fang Tianyuan was petrified.

He had actually acknowledged a Martial Monarch Realm expert as his master?

A Martial Monarch Realm expert!

That was a legendary existence!

The peak of cultivation in the world!

There might not even be a single Martial Monarch Realm expert in the entire Great Zhou Imperial Family!

And now, his master was actually an expert of this level.

Fang Tianyuan wondered what good deeds he had done in the past to be so lucky in this lifetime.

At this moment, Fang Tianyuan’s heart was filled with respect and worship for Lu Xiaoran.
He did not have any other thoughts.

He closed Ji Wuxia’s notebook piously and took a deep breath before stepping out.

To be able to become a disciple of a Martial Monarch Realm expert and even be given a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique…

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How could he waste such a heaven-sent opportunity?

From today onwards, he decided to cultivate diligently and not let his master down.

Ji Wuxia smiled and walked over.
She started to speak before even arriving.

“He scared me to death.
I thought that Eldest Senior Brother had gone crazy.
It turns out that he comprehended the profound meaning of the cultivation technique and increased his cultivation speed.”

As she spoke, she bumped into Fang Tianyuan.

Seeing Fang Tianyuan’s swollen face and the bright red palm print, she could not help but ask curiously, “Junior Brother Tianyuan, what happened to your face?”

Fang Tianyuan took a deep breath and said, “That’s not important.
What’s important is that I’ve found my goal.
I’m going to cultivate.
Senior Sister, if there’s nothing else, please don’t disturb me.”

“Oh… Alright.
Then do you want a house? Eldest Senior Brother and I will help you build one.
Consider it a gift.”

“There’s no need.
Cultivators should treat the world as their home and broaden their spiritual energy.”

“A house will only hinder my cultivation speed.”

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