“Eh, doesn’t your grandson eat?”

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Li could not help but ask.

“My eldest grandson is a little introverted.”

“Old Jun, that won’t do.
It doesn’t matter if the girls are more introverted, but the boys can’t be too introverted.
Otherwise, how can they find a wife in the future?”

“You’re right.
Why don’t I leave him in your care and you help him adjust?”

The corner of Jun Bujian’s mouth could not help but twitch fiercely.
Then, he coughed lightly, only to receive a rolling eye from her patriarch.

“Old Jun, I’m just a young man.
Moreover, I’m used to living alone.”

“Then… alright.”

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Patriarch Jun’s eyes could not help but flash with disappointment.
Then, he glared fiercely at Jun Bujian again.

“Aren’t you going to sit down and eat? If you’re so ignorant, don’t come with me in the future.”

Jun Bujian felt extremely wronged.

This Li guy was not his senior or his master.
The other party even looked like a fool.
Why should he suck up to the other party?

However, he did not dare to talk back to his patriarch.
Otherwise, he would be whipped when he returned.

Then, after sitting down, he saw his patriarch quickly pick up his bowl and eat crazily like a hungry ghost that had never eaten.

This dumbfounded Jun Bujian again.

His realm was already so high, did he still need to eat?

Moreover, this meal was not a delicacy.
It was only something common.

With a trace of doubt, Jun Bujian also picked up some food.
Just as he took his first bite, he could not help but narrow his eyes.

There was actually martial intent in this dish?

Was this all there was to it?

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At this moment, he finally seemed to understand why his patriarch would eat so heartily without caring about his image.
It turned out that this was why.

Normally speaking, only an extremely small number of natural treasures contained martial intent.

Or perhaps, one could obtain martial intent by directly swallowing the souls of others.
For example, Lu Xiaoran’s Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill contained a large number of martial intent.

However, this was only normal.
How could it store martial intent?

Could it be that this Li guy in front of him had some special means?

Thinking of the previous things, such as the Martial Monarch demon beast in the courtyard and the suppression of his cultivation after stepping into the range of this small hill, Jun Bujian started to feel that something was wrong.

Something was really wrong.

Jun Bujian looked at this “Mr.
Li” in front of him meaningfully.

Could it be that he was the hot shot his master had mentioned?

Other than the hot shots, basically no one else had such a strange ability.
Not even big shots who had cultivated for many years.

This was because according to the rules of the world, when a person’s cultivation increased to a certain level, they would not be allowed to continue existing in the current world.

Firstly, their cultivation would be too powerful, and the spatial barrier would be unable to withstand it.

Secondly, it was possible for all these top-notch experts to kill indiscriminately.

The third and most important point was that to cultivators, lifespan was only extended and not eternal.
If they did not cultivate in a higher place, they would be unable to reach a higher level, and their lifespan would naturally not increase.

Therefore, it was impossible for Mr.
Li’s cultivation to surpass the rules of this world.

However, it was different for the hot shots.

His master had said that all hot shots were hackers.
Their words were unpleasant and their personalities were especially arrogant.
If one cursed the hot shots, their entire family might be destroyed.

However, something seemed to be wrong.

No one had insulted this person or canceled an engagement with him.

He was also not a peerless genius of any family!

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However, at this point, Jun Bujian was still more willing to believe that the person from the Ye family was a hot shot.

“Why aren’t you eating? Why do you keep looking at me?”

Li looked at Jun Bujian in confusion.
Jun Bujian immediately lowered his head and ate.

Li shrugged and immediately smiled.

“Actually, you don’t have to be too reserved.
The two of us are both young people.
You just have to let go.
By the way, my name is Li Qingfeng.
If you don’t mind, you can directly call me Brother Qingfeng.”

Patriarch Jun’s chopsticks suddenly stopped.

Li Qingfeng slapped his forehead.

“Look at me, I’m from a different generation.
I’m good friends with your grandfather.
How can I let you call me big brother? How about this? You can just call me senior.”

Jun Bujian nodded and called out to Senior Li.

Then, the grandfather and grandson finished eating.
Patriarch Jun accompanied Li Qingfeng to play chess for a while.
However, Patriarch Jun was in charge of cleaning the dishes pitifully.

After sunset, the grandfather and grandson finally returned to the Jun family.

“How is it? How is it? Did this Mr.
Li shock you?”

Jun Bujian was somewhat speechless.

This Li Qingfeng was indeed capable, but Jun Bujian kept feeling that he was very pretentious and stupid.

He was clearly very powerful, but just now, he was acting like an idiot.

He believed that his master could definitely defeat Li Qingfeng.

Moreover, he preferred his master’s type.

His master was shameless.
It was not even an exaggeration to say that he was very bad at times.

However, his master was very sincere.
He was a “true villain”.
He was really bad!

If they were friends, he would treat them sincerely.
If they were not friends, he would fight them head-on.
There was no need for his master to waste his breath.

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As for this Li Qingfeng, he was more pretentious.

When his grandfather was with this Li Qingfeng, his grandfather seemed to be in constant fear of offending the other party in some way.

However, in order to deal with his patriarch, he still nodded.

Patriarch Jun nodded in relief and continued, “It’s best if you think that way.
This Mr.
Li is very powerful.
In the future, you have to interact more with him and suck up to him.
If he’s happy, he might help you increase your strength.
In that case, it will be extremely beneficial to our Jun family and you.”

On the other side, although it was already after the battle, Lu Xiaoran did not dare to relax for a moment.

Who knew if there would be other hot shots in the future?

Moreover, even without the hot shots, as their cultivation increased, the enemies they encountered would also become stronger.

Along the way, the cultivation of the disciples could no longer keep up.

Previously, when they were dealing with Zhuge Fei’er, they could still fight Zhuge Fei’er’s subordinates.
However, this time, it was a Martial Monarch Realm battle.
They were not even qualified to participate.

This was enough to seriously explain the problem.

Although his disciples were here to help him increase his cultivation, they were still his disciples.

He did not want his disciples to be unable to keep up with him in the future.

If that happened, Lu Xiaoran would definitely feel very uncomfortable.

Bringing a group of disciples with low cultivation levels was a burden for him.

Should he abandon them in this world? He was unwilling to do so.

Moreover, what if Lige was bullied because he wasn’t around?

After all, his other disciples’ cultivation speed was very fast.
It was not a problem for them to catch up to him in the short term.
What about Lige?

He was so useless that he could not even support himself, let alone follow in his footsteps.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran had to give them intensive training.

One had to at least become a Martial Monarch Realm expert to be qualified to survive in this world, right?

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Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran became a father and mother to his disciples every day.
He would either fry a few divine beast eggs or purify the medicinal pills to extract the essence inside to speed up their cultivation.

After reaching the Martial Monarch Realm, they could consume the Divine Blood Pill.

The Divine Concentration Pill increased one’s talent, so it would not injure them.
On the other hand, the Divine Blood Pill replenished energy.
One had to reach the Martial Monarch Realm and strengthen their body to a certain level before they could take it.

In this way, time passed in a flash.
In the blink of an eye, more than a month had passed.
First, Ziqiong broke through to the Martial Monarch Realm.
Then, Changsheng and Lu Xiaoran also broke through to the Martial Monarch Realm.

Tianyuan had also increased his cultivation to the ninth level of the Saint Realm.
He was probably only a month away from becoming a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

Ji Wuxia already found it somewhat difficult to catch up, but she had already broken through to the Saint Realm.

Every time he saw Lige’s slow crawling speed, Lu Xiaoran would silently come to the foot of the mountain and drink a few bottles of old immortal wine.
After getting drunk, he would no longer have those worries in the middle of the night.

He had only advanced to the second level of the Supreme Realm now…

This afternoon, Lu Xiaoran returned from drinking at the foot of the mountain.
Halfway there, he was suddenly furious.

“Heavens, can’t you give Lige more talent? Damn you!”

On this day, the furious Lu Xiaoran even took out his first divine artifact, the Sun Shooting Divine Bow, and shot an arrow into the sky.

Of course, he was not worried that this arrow would destroy the sun in the sky.

This was because the might of the Sun Shooting Divine Bow was also determined by the user’s strength.

He was only a Martial Monarch Realm expert now and was very powerful among cultivators.
However, compared to the heavens, he was not that impressive.

This was indeed the case.
This was because after the arrow was shot out, it began to deviate after reaching a height of hundreds of thousands of kilometers.
Then, it lost the support of the kinetic energy and curved down towards a certain direction in the east of the Great Zhou Empire’s Eternal Forest.

However, Lu Xiaoran could not see all of this.
Fortunately, after he shot the arrow, Wang Cai finally woke up.

“Master, why are you so anxious? Everything is destined.”

Lu Xiaoran turned around and swept his gaze over.

A beautiful woman with a pair of beast ears on her head and a big tail that kept swaying stood behind him and looked at him with a smile.
She was wearing a cheongsam and had a beautiful face and an even more beautiful figure.

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