Buttface followed the hill and quickly found a pool of blood on a grass.

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This pool of blood emitted a powerful life force, but it was also slowly dissipating.

However, this was naturally not very difficult for Buttface.

It now had the strength of a Saint Realm expert!

A moment later, Buttface was dumbfounded.

“Where’s my spirit energy? Where’s my cultivation? Where’s my cultivation?”

“Again, get up!”

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It tested again, wanting to use its strength to gather this residue.

Unfortunately, there was still no reaction.

At this moment, Buttface was completely dumbfounded.

Did it lose his cultivation?

Had it really become a deer?

Just as it was doubting itself and feeling dumbfounded, a figure slowly walked out from the small courtyard on the hill.

“Eh! Am I seeing things? It’s actually a deer!”

Buttface was shocked and turned to run.

“Do you think we’ll let you escape?”

The figure was extremely fast.
He picked up a rock from the mountain and smashed it straight down.

This rock was smashed extremely accurately.
In this moment, it directly smashed onto Buttface’s head, making its eyes black on the spot.
With a plop, it rolled a few times and fainted halfway up the mountain.

The figure immediately ran down excitedly.

“That’s great.
I haven’t eaten deers in a long time.
The taste of deer meat is super delicious.
Hehehe… It’s all thanks to the system.
Thankfully, I cultivated my secondary professions to the maximum level before leaving.
It’s just perfect.
In a while, the Grand Supreme Elder and the others will come and I will let them have a taste of my cooking skills.”

As he spoke, he carried Buttface’s legs and arrived at the courtyard.

At the same time, Lu Xiaoran, who was cultivating in the Nameless Sect, suddenly felt that something was wrong.

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“What’s going on? Why is the connection between Buttface and me broken?”

Buttface was a demon pet Lu Xiaoran had subdued with the Beast Control Divine Art.
No matter how far away the two were, Lu Xiaoran should be able to sense Buttface.

However, at this moment, his contact with Buttface had suddenly been broken off.

Generally speaking, this situation meant that Buttface was already dead.

However, Lu Xiaoran felt that it was still alive.

This could not help but make him puzzled.

On the other side, on the small hill, not long after, Patriarch Jun brought Jun Bujian to Li Qingfeng’s small courtyard.

Li, I specially brought the old wine I’ve kept for many years.
Today, the two of us have to get drunk.”

Li Qingfeng welcomed him into the small courtyard excitedly and chuckled.

“Old Jun, you really at the right time.
Today, I have a delicious meal here.
I guarantee that you won’t forget it for the rest of your life.”

“Oh? What is it? For you to praise it like this, it must be very good.”

“Hehehe… In a while, you’ll know after you eat it.
I haven’t killed it yet.
In a while, after I kill it, I’ll skin it alive.”

Elder Jun immediately said,

Li, how can I trouble you to do such a small thing yourself? Just don’t get busy.”

“Alright, I’ll go and prepare some condiments.
It’ll be good for the stew later.”

With that said, Patriarch Jun immediately looked at Jun Bujian.

How could he not understand his patriarch’s meaning?

He sighed helplessly and could only do it.

Li and his grandfather went to find the condiments.

Unexpectedly, when he arrived in front of Buttface, he could not help but be shocked.

Although he had joined the sect late and had only stayed for a short time at his master’s place, he still recognized at a glance that the roe deer on the ground was Buttface.

“Buttface, Buttface, wake up.”

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Seeing this, the other party immediately woke up.
After the other party woke up, it looked at the other party in confusion and said,

“Seventh Master, why are you here?”

In the Nameless Sect, Lu Xiaoran was definitely the leader.
After that, the ones with the highest statuses were naturally Lu Xiaoran’s disciples.

The demon pets had the lowest statuses.
Therefore, these demon beasts usually refered to Lu Xiaoran’s disciples as masters.

For example, Yun Lige would be referred to as First Master, and Fang Tianyuan would be referred to as Third Master.

Even women like Ji Wuxia and Zhuge Ziqiong were called Second Master and Fifth Master.

“I should be the one asking you that! Why are you here? Shouldn’t you be in the Nameless Sect?”

With that said, Buttface told the other party what had happened.

After learning that it had been knocked out, Jun Bujian was speechless.

“No, aren’t you too unlucky?”

“I didn’t want to either.
Who knows what’s going on? I saw you the moment I woke up.”

Jun Bujian rubbed his temples.

“This won’t do.
Knock me down and run away before he reacts.
Hurry up!”

“Ah? This… this isn’t appropriate, right?”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s appropriate or not.
If you don’t knock me down and he thinks that I let you go, won’t that guy find trouble with me? He might even kill me.”

“That’s right, that makes sense.
Then I apologize for offending you.”

With that said, it collided with Jun Bujian’s chest and sent him flying.
He smashed into a Martial Monarch Realm demon beast in the courtyard, making the other party dizzy.

The other Martial Monarch Realm demon beast was about to attack Buttface when Jun Bujian immediately hugged its leg and shouted,

“Help! Someone! The demon beasts are attacking us.”

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Buttface immediately disappeared from the hill.

Before leaving, it did not forget to use its fur to roll on the ashes of the East Demon Patriarch.
After being stained with some of the ashes of the East Demon Patriarch, it finally arrived at the foot of the mountain.

After arriving at the foot of the mountain, Buttface’s cultivation had already completely recovered.
It naturally did not waste time and disappeared from its spot.

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When Patriarch Jun and Li Qingfeng returned, they were immediately dumbfounded when they saw the courtyard in chaos.

The other party immediately replied with a ashamed expression, “I’m sorry, Mr.
I’m too useless.
I actually let that deer escape.
I have no complaints if you want to hit or kill me.”

The condiments in Li Qingfeng’s hand all fell to the ground.

“No way? You actually let it escape? It wasn’t easy for me to catch that deer! You just let it escape?”

Patriarch Jun’s face darkened.
He went forward and slapped Jun Bujian, directly knocking him to the ground.

“Bastard, you fool.
I only asked you to kill a deer, but you can already let it escape.
Why are you so useless?”

Jun Bujian had an aggrieved expression, but he also knew that the patriarch was saving him.

Although the patriarch had a good relationship with Li Qingfeng, that was only because Li Qingfeng was in a good mood.

If Li Qingfeng was in a bad mood, he could kill him at any moment.

“Hurry up and kowtow to Mr.
Li to apologize.”

Jun Bujian clenched his fists slightly as a sense of humiliation surged into his heart.

If his master was here, his master would definitely not let him kneel to Li Qingfeng.

His master was the most protective.

However, his master was not here now, and he and the patriarch were not Li Qingfeng’s match.
Therefore, he could only submit.

Taking a deep breath, he was about to listen to the patriarch and apologize to Li Qingfeng when Li Qingfeng waved his hand.

“Forget it, forget it.
The deer has already run away.
It’s useless even if you apologize now.
That’s all for today.
The two of you can go back.
I’m tired and want to rest.”

Patriarch Jun knew that Li Qingfeng was angry and hurriedly apologized.

Li, it’s all because my grandson is ignorant.
Please don’t take it to heart.
I’ll definitely give you enough compensation.”

Li Qingfeng’s expression turned cold.

“Old Jun, I said I’m tired.
Don’t make me say it a third time.”

Sensing the coldness in Li Qingfeng’s words, Patriarch Jun paused and could only nod helplessly.

This had always been what he was most afraid of.
He was most afraid that Li Qingfeng would distance himself from him because of a small matter.
Therefore, he had always been cautious and did not dare to disobey the other party at all.

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He even put down his status as the patriarch of the Jun family.

However, he did not expect that such a day would come.
Once the other party changed his attitude and told him to get lost, he would have to get lost.

“Alright, Mr.
Li, take care.
I’ll go back now.
I’ll visit you another day.”

Li Qingfeng only acknowledged softly.

Patriarch Jun sighed slightly and immediately left with Jun Bujian.

After he left, Li Qingfeng asked in confusion, “Strange, where did that deer come from? Why did it wake up so quickly after being hit in the head by me?”

He kept feeling that something was wrong, but he could not tell what it was.

However, when he looked at Jun Bujian’s back, a faint cold light flashed in his eyes.

On Buttface’s side, after escaping from the hill, it quickly ran back to the Nameless Sect without saying a word and ran for an entire ten days and nights.
It did not even dare to rest casually.

Finally, on the tenth day, it ran back to the Nameless Sect.

Seeing the entrance of the Nameless Sect, it fell to the ground with a bang, and its entire body seemed to have fallen apart.

Lu Xiaoran sensed its return and could not help but be somewhat shocked when he saw this scene.
Then, he immediately used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to sweep away Buttface’s fatigue.

“Hah… Thank you, Master.”

Buttface quickly got up from the ground.

“How’s the matter you handled this time? Why are you so tired?”

After Buttface told Lu Xiaoran everything, Lu Xiaoran could not help but be speechless.

There was actually such a strange existence in this world that could suppress the cultivation of others?

What kind of hot shot was this?

Were these hot shots suddenly becoming so different?

He was somewhat unable to keep up with the times!

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