ions towards me, so I didn’t attack the three of you.
You guys are the ones that refuse to cooperate.
Therefore, don’t blame me.”

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran immediately took a deep breath and opened his Trinity True Eyes.

The special ability of the Trinity True Eyes allowed him to invade the minds of the other party’s Martial Monarch Realm experts with his mental strength.

At first, everyone was at the Martial Monarch Realm, so Lu Xiaoran could not easily break through their soul seals.

However, when Lu Xiaoran summoned Wang Cai, he also used the Trinity True Eyes twice.
The power of the two Trinity True Eyes overlapped.
Moreover, he reduce the area of effect and gathered all his mental energy on one of them.

In an instant, the other party’s soul seal was directly broken.

The Martial Monarch Realm expert’s body suddenly trembled.
He opened his eyes and looked at Lu Xiaoran in front of him in confusion.

As for Lu Xiaoran, after his mental strength invaded the other party’s soul, he did not discover any secrets.
It was exactly the same as an ordinary Martial Monarch Realm soul.

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Just as Lu Xiaoran was somewhat disappointed, Wang Cai suddenly noticed a faint light hidden in the depths of the other party’s soul.

Lu Xiaoran quickly noticed this light.
Both sides exerted their strength at the same time and used their mental strength to hit this light.

In an instant, the two of them seemed to have arrived at a huge blood pool.

This blood pool was filled with extremely powerful energy and golden blood.

“This is… the blood of a Martial Monarch Realm expert? The blood inside actually contains a large amount of the blood of a Martial Monarch Realm expert?”

Lu Xiaoran’s heart could not help but beat faster.

Looking at the size of this blood, there were probably at least a thousand Martial Monarch Realm experts inside.

Who was it? Who had killed more than a thousand Martial Monarch Realm experts and gathered their blood to create a huge blood pool?

Just as he was feeling puzzled, Lu Xiaoran saw another beautiful figure bathing in blood in the blood pool.

The other party seemed to have also sensed Lu Xiaoran and immediately turned around.
The moment their eyes met, Lu Xiaoran could not help but be somewhat stunned.

He could not see the other party’s face clearly, but he could tell from the other party’s eyes that the other party’s aura was very powerful!

Other than the other party’s aura, the other party’s eyes revealed some complicated expressions.

It was as if… she knew his identity.

“I didn’t expect you to still come here one day.”

“Who I am is not important.
What’s important is that I’m on your side.
You might be puzzled, but don’t worry, because sooner or later, you’ll know.”

“Stop, stop talking nonsense.
According to the usual rules, the more you hide, the more troublesome it will be in the end.
If you’re really in cahoots with me, it’s best if you reveal your identity.
It might even be easier to resolve the misunderstanding.

“Why don’t the two of us fight? ”

What did Lu Xiaoran hate the most? He hated hidden information.
He hated people with no choice and had difficulties that they could not tell him.

These kinds of things would deliberately increase the difficulty of things and make things that should not have happened extremely complicated.

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The people who created these things were either crazy or deliberately evil.

The woman was silent for a moment before chuckling.

“As expected of you.
In that case, come to the Heaven Secrets Cliff in the Eternal Forest.
I’ll wait for you here.”

Lu Xiaoran was not a fool.
He had nothing better to do.
In order to understand some information that he did not know was useless, he needed to barge into a tiger’s den? Was there something wrong with the other party’s brain?

What if the other party set up a trap?

Then wouldn’t he be walking into a trap?

“Come to me.
Since you’re the mastermind, you definitely know where I am.
Come and find me.”

The surroundings of his sect were all set up with Martial Monarch Realm formations.
Even if the other party came, he still had the strength to fight.
It was better than him going to the other party’s territory.

The woman was not silent for long and only nodded.

“Alright, in that case, I’ll go to the Nameless Sect.”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but slander in his heart.
The other party indeed knew his identity.

“Then I’ll wait for your arrival.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran immediately retreated from the divine sense.
Then, he ran outside the sect and began to set up an array formation.

The other party’s methods were very powerful.
After all, the other party had killed more than a thousand Martial Monarch Realm experts.
Such a figure was already not something ordinary human martial artists could resist.
Perhaps the other party was very likely a God Realm expert!

If the other party arrived and he did not have enough strength to suppress the other party, wouldn’t he be killed on the spot?

He had to set up at least a thousand array formations, and they had to be mainly God Realm array formations.

As the saying went, there was always a risk with blind dates.

However, ordinary people only needed to be wary of the other party catfishing.

However, not only did Lu Xiaoran have to make sure that the other party was not ugly, but he also had to prevent the other party from attacking him.

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