essfully in the future and return to save himself and his sect.

Secondly, because of the abnormal phenomenon that occurred when he was born, it messed up their plan.
As a result, they had no choice but to change their strategy and bring him from the Divine World to the lower realm to temporarily hide and develop.

Thirdly, their sect was very powerful.
It was so powerful that it could even block a portion of the Heaven Dao laws.

Fourthly, their sect was also in a very dangerous situation.
The sect master was imprisoned, the sect was scattered, and their senior and junior brothers were either dead, injured, or subdued.

They could also be considered to be very unlucky.

It was indeed understandable that the other party could not tell him which sect it was.
Lu Xiaoran did not ask further and could only think of a way to discover it in the future.

However, speaking of which, the other party had nurtured him as a life-saving straw.
However, in reality, his current soul was no longer the previous soul.
In that case, was he still the chosen one?

After transmigrating ten years ago and absorbing the soul of the original owner, he should already be considered as a different person, right?

Moreover, the memories Wang Cai tested were all memories of his soul.
In other words, the identity of his soul was still a mystery?

According to Wang Cai, his identity might be an extremely powerful identity!

In fact, he might even be stronger than the master behind this Elder Tianji!

On the one hand, he was a child of a certain family in the Divine World.

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On the other hand, he was a top-notch expert, heir, and Holy Son that was prepared to be nurtured by an extremely powerful declining sect.

Moreover, in his previous life, he might have been an extremely powerful big shot.
Moreover, he might have been surrounded and killed by countless people because he was posturing.

In that case, wouldn’t he have three identities?

Lu Xiaoran instantly felt that he was even more awesome than the hot shots.

“By the way, I have another question.
Speaking of which, do you know what’s going on with the hot shots?”

“The hot shots were created by some people above to search for something in a small world.
However, I’m not sure what they’re searching for.”

“I only know that the hot shots were all created and have great luck.
They are scattered in many small worlds.

“As for me, I’ve also helped you lure a few hot shots over and let you kill them to increase your strength.

Hearing the other party say this, Lu Xiaoran started to feel confident.

The hot shots were not here to kill him.
Or rather, the hot shots were not here to kill the version of him that Elder Tianji was familiar with.

After transmigrating, he had fused with Wang Cai and was forced to kill the hot shots.
It could also be said that the hot shots only became his enemies and started to hunt him down after that.

This also meant that the person who nurtured the hot shots was actually looking for him.

Even the Elder Tianji and his master did not know about this.
This was enough to prove that his true identity was above Elder Tianji’s sect.

He still had not found his background!

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat regretful.
However, it was also good.
At the very least, he knew that he was very powerful.

In this way, he felt somewhat comforted.

“Your cultivation has already increased to the seventh level of the Martial Monarch Realm.
With a few more levels, you can reach the God Realm.”

“On my side, I’ve already gathered more than a thousand years of blood and condensed a huge blood pool.
It’s the blood pool you saw when you cracked my mental strength.

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In the future, when you transcend the tribulation and ascend, I will use the blood in the blood pool to help you block the heavenly secrets to prevent the person who created the lightning cloud law from discovering that you’re transcending the tribulation.

Hearing this, Lu Xiaoran was not too touched.

If the other party was purely serving him, he would definitely be grateful.

However, now, the other party had supported him all the way just to help her sect.

There was no need to talk about feelings in business.

Moreover, he could not completely believe the other party’s words.

Who knew if this Elder Tianji was manipulating him?

“I already understand what you’re saying.
However, although I understand, if you want me to really believe you, you have to show some true sincerity.”

Elder Tianji seemed to have long expected all of this.
Therefore, she directly separated a drop of her blood essence and a wisp of her remnant soul and handed them to Lu Xiaoran.

That decisive attitude did not require any thought, making Lu Xiaoran unable to help but be slightly shocked.

This Elder Tianji’s faith was especially heavy!

In order to save her master and the sect, she did not care about her life at all.

It seemed that she was probably right.

After all, she would not lie to him with her life.

Lu Xiaoran could tell that Elder Tianji’s current cultivation had surpassed his.
If they really fought, even if he could not be killed, he would still be severely injured to an unbearable level.

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