“Sorry, host.
The order I received was to kill Lu Xiaoran.
If I can’t kill Lu Xiaoran, I have to self-destruct and cause some damage to Lu Xiaoran.”

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Therefore, let’s self-destruct together.

And what were these orders? Whose orders?

This damn system had an ulterior motive all along.

He knew it.
How could such a dog-like system be so kind as to bind him a second time?

At this moment, Li Qingfeng felt like a fool who had been taken advantage of.

Moreover, he even had to die after being used.

“Damn you! If you want to self-destruct, self-destruct yourself.
I won’t let you off even if I die!”

Since he was going to die anyway, Li Qingfeng would rather be beaten to death by Lu Xiaoran than let this damn system take advantage of him.

He attempted to release the God Realm power of laws around his body and let the eternal flames quickly spread, burning him to ashes.

One of the things the system needed for him to self-destruct was his blood essence.

If he was burned and extinguished by the flames, he would no longer be able to self-destruct.

Unfortunately, the system was not prepared to give him this chance.

“Sorry, host.
Previously, I asked you to activate all the permissions for me, including the permissions to forcefully self-destruct your body.
The current you is simply unable to resist my control.
Accept your fate.”

“I’ll kill your mother! Lu Xiaoran, quickly kill me.
Quick! It’ll be too late if you delay any longer.”

At the critical moment, Li Qingfeng even began to seek the help of his enemy, Lu Xiaoran, to give him a quick death.

In that case, he would not have to die such an aggrieved death.

Secondly, he would more or less had a chance to reincarnate.

Once he self-destructed, he would be completely finished.
From his body to his soul, he would no longer exist!

All of this struggle was formed in an instant.

When Li Qingfeng shouted this, Lu Xiaoran narrowed his eyes and immediately realized something.
Without any hesitation, he immediately shot out the arrow that had just been nocked on the Sun Shooting Divine Bow.

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Almost in an instant, Lu Xiaoran immediately summoned the Phoenix Perching Parasol Mark and used it to resist in front of him.
Then, he put on the divine armor.
He wore a total of ten layers and opened all the defensive barriers.

Then, he used the Indestructible Golden Body with all his strength to form a golden giant phantom that completely enveloped him.

As soon as he did this, Li Qingfeng directly exploded.

“Damn you, system! Damn your ancestors!”

In an instant, the dark void was enveloped by a pure white and extremely dazzling light.

This light was too powerful and even tore apart the void barrier of the second dimension.
Some of the living beings that wandered in the void were mercilessly destroyed on the spot.

This light continued to spread for more than ten breaths.

Even the powerful Martial Monarch Realm experts on the ground were unable to move at this moment.
They had no choice but to close their eyes and circulate the spirit energy in their bodies with all their strength to resist the shock wave from the explosion.

After an unknown period of time, the light finally disappeared without a trace.

Everyone hurriedly looked into the sky and were immediately shocked.

Two entire layers of void barriers exploded in the sky.

It looked like layer after layer of rose petals, but it was a little dark.
The faults were not uniform and were somewhat wrinkled.

It was very difficult to imagine that this was a void black hole that had just exploded.

It had only exploded once, but it had already become like this.
If it happened a few more times, it was unknown how dark it would become.

In the void of the second dimension, some mysterious wandering creatures were directly blasted into ashes.

However, because no one continued to fight, no energy continued to fill, vibrate, and stir.

Therefore, the spatial barrier inside also began to gradually heal.

According to the current progress, it would probably return to its original size in a few minutes.

Soon, everyone suddenly thought of something and hurriedly said,

“By the way, where’s Master? Where’s Master?”

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“Could it be… could it be that Master…”

Everyone’s hearts trembled and their eyes immediately turned sour.

Jun Bujian swallowed hard, his expression solemn, and his tone revealing a trace of choking.

“Master, although you just took me in as your disciple not long ago, your voice and smile will always be spread in my heart.
You will always be my master.”

Jiang Taixuan also sighed faintly.

“Master, from today onwards, the disciples of the East Demon Sect will all treat you as their ancestor! You can die in peace.
Us juniors will make sure to promote the Nameless Sect.”

Unlike everyone’s sadness, the Black Tortoise said excitedly, “Master is dead? That’s great! Master is dead! Hahaha… doesn’t that mean that from today onwards, I’ll be free again? Hahaha… that’s great!”

“Do you really want me to die that badly?”

Just as the Black Tortoise was laughing happily, Lu Xiaoran’s voice suddenly sounded from behind it, scaring it so much that it instantly stopped and did not even dare to fart.

Then, it turned around and said in disbelief, “Master… Master… are you alright? That Li Qingfeng is so powerful.
You’re actually fine after he self-destructed?”

Seeing that Lu Xiaoran’s expression was not right, Black Tortoise immediately coughed lightly and said, “Master, you’re really too powerful.
I actually guessed long ago that that Li Qingfeng is no match for you at all.
I knew that he would definitely be killed by you.”

Lu Xiaoran did not answer it and only said indifferently to the other Martial Monarch demon beasts, “You’ve all worked hard today.
Tonight, I’ll cook a pot of turtle soup to nourish your bodies.”

The demons immediately cheered excitedly.

“Long live Master! Long live Master!”

“Master is wise.
I’ve long disliked this damn bastard.
Now, it’s just perfect for it to be turned into soup.”

“My back hasn’t been too good recently either.
This is just perfect.
I call dibs on the head of the Black Tortoise.
It will nourish my bdoy.
Brothers, please don’t snatch it from me.”

The Black Tortoise was immediately dumbfounded and hurriedly said, “Master, you can’t do this! After I die, you’ll lose a Martial Monarch demon beast subordinate.”

“It’s fine.
After you die, I can still revive you with the Body Modeling Mark.
Don’t worry.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran ignored the Black Tortoise.
The other Martial Monarch demon beasts surrounded it with sinister expressions.

“Hey! Brothers, let’s talk nicely.
Let’s not be rash.
We’re all demons.
Give each other face.”

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“Aiyo! Who’s hitting my private part? How can you be so shameless?”

Lu Xiaoran walked in front of the disciples and everyone immediately stepped forward.

Lu Xiaoran nodded and was rather satisfied.

These disciples were not bad, unlike that idiotic Black Tortoise.
Although they were also a little idiotic, they still cared about him.

“Master, it’s great that you’re fine.
That battle just now frightened us.”

“That’s right! Master, you’re really too heroic.”

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows slightly.
Why were these disciples all learning to be bootlickers?

Could it be that they had all been infected by Lige?

If that was the case, he would have to teach that brat a lesson.

However, in fact, although they were also bootlicking Lu Xiaoran, they were actually still somewhat sincere.

Lu Xiaoran’s battle today was really shocking enough.

The most top-notch battle in the world would probably be his battle with Li Qingfeng today.

At this moment, Jun Bujian hurriedly pulled his patriarch over.

“Master, my patriarch is still tied with a God Realm weapon-level chain.
Can you help him untie it?”

Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over and Patriarch Jun lowered his head in embarrassment.
Lu Xiaoran smiled indifferently and waved his right hand to take out the Kunlun Sword.
With a diagonal slash, he instantly removed the chains on the other party’s body.

Patriarch Jun immediately bowed to Lu Xiaoran.

“I, Junior Jun Changming, I didn’t expect to encounter a peerless expert like Senior in this world today.
It’s really an eye-opener.”

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“Senior Jun, you’re welcome.
In terms of age, I should be the one calling you senior.”

“No, no, no.
On the path of martial arts, the accomplished are the masters.
Since Senior Lu’s cultivation is so powerful, it’s only natural for me to call you Senior Lu.”

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Seeing that the other party was insistent, Lu Xiaoran did not say anything else.

“Alright, since you’re willing to call me that, then it’s up to you.”

“Thank you, Senior Lu.
Senior Lu, I have another presumptuous request.”

“Actually, I was also very talented when I was young.
I wonder if Senior’s sect still has any empty slots for disciples.
Can you leave one for me?”

He knew it.
This Patriarch Jun was the grand patriarch of the Jun family.
How could the other party be willing to lower his own status and call him senior if he wasn’t looking for any benefits?

Seeing that his master’s expression was somewhat ugly, Jun Bujian immediately pulled Patriarch Jun’s sleeve and said angrily,

“Patriarch, stop embarrassing yourself.
How old are you?”

Patriarch Jun flung his sleeve and said, “What’s there to be embarrassed about? Me asking Mr.
Lu to be my master is a testament to my dedication to the pursuit of the martial path.
Why would I be embarrassed?”

After a pause, he knelt down towards Lu Xiaoran again.

“Senior, I, Jun Changming, am at the tenth level of the Martial Monarch Realm.
I want to take you as my master.
I wonder if you’re willing? As long as you’re willing, I’ll definitely serve you for the rest of my life.”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but frown.

He did not know if he could accept it.

After Li Qingfeng self-destructed just now, Wang Cai immediately swallowed the other party’s luck and absorbed it into his dantian.
Now, Wang Cai needed to go and cultivate to advance.

During this period, it would not respond.

Because time was tight, Lu Xiaoran did not even have the time to hear Wang Cai report what he had obtained from killing the hot shot.

However, speaking of which, although the other party could not increase his own cultivation, he was still a perfected tenth level Martial Monarch Realm expert!

He could take the other party in as a disciple of the Nameless Sect and use him as a fighter.
Wouldn’t that be perfect?

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