, and a sword beam seemed to sweep through the nine heavens.

It was only a single sword move!

Lu Xiaoran directly forced back all the direct descendants of the Qian family!

Everyone’s hearts raced again.

That was several Qian family Martial Monarch Realm experts.
Moreover, every one of them was a high-level Martial Monarch Realm expert.
They were not low-level Martial Monarch Realm experts with one or two levels!

However, even so, they were actually forced back by Lu Xiaoran’s sword.

Lu Xiaoran’s terror as the person who was ranked first on the Primordial Supreme Ranking was indeed heart palpitating.

In fact, his strength was already enough for him to fight those at a higher level.
Moreover, his cultivation had already reached the perfected tenth level of the Martial Monarch Realm.

With this strength, only top-notch Martial Monarch Realm experts with many means were qualified to fight him one-on-one.

If not for the fact that there were a few quasi God Realm and God Realm experts present, as well as a group of perfected tenth level Martial Monarch Realm experts, Lu Xiaoran would not have needed to worry at all.

He drew his sword and directly threw the corpse of the Qian family’s patriarch into his Nebula Thousand Qi Cauldron in front of the Qian family, refining it into a pile of Martial Monarch Realm pills.

The people from the Qian family all collapsed.

“Who else wants to snatch my Martial Monarch Realm weapon?”

As soon as he said this, everyone retreated in fear, and their faces could not help but turn pale.

Lu Xiaoran’s aura was simply too powerful!

It was so powerful that they were simply unable to resist!

They finally understood that it was impossible for them to snatch Lu Xiaoran’s teeth today.

If he was really angered, he would even dare to detonate all these Martial Monarch Realm weapons.

How were they supposed to compete with him then?

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Looking at that Martial Monarch Realm weapon, there were at least a hundred thousand of them!

If so many Martial Monarch Realm weapons exploded, this world would definitely not be able to withstand this explosion!

Patriarch Shi and the others looked at each other.

They were already feeling vaguely uncomfortable.

Originally, they were the ones who suppressed Lu Xiaoran.

However, as time passed, it started to feel as if Lu Xiaoran was suppressing everyone.

After taking a deep breath, everyone took advantage of the fact that Lu Xiaoran had not completely reversed the situation and continued, “Fellow Daoist Lu, since we’re all here to discuss matters, there’s no need to be so tense.”

How about this? If you sell the Martial Monarch Realm weapon to us, we can give you enough spirit stones.

As for joining the Nameless Sect, forget it.

Lu Xiaoran smiled coldly in his heart.

Should I sell the weapon to you and let you attack me?

Did they think he was stupid?

With the Martial Monarch Realm weapon in his hand, there was still room for discussion.
After all, he could still explode them.

However, after handing over the Martial Monarch Realm weapons, he’ll be at their mercy.

Moreover, all of these people had come to rob him.
Now, they even want to cheat him of his Martial Monarch Realm weapons without even sacrificing a little? Do you really think he is a philanthropist?

If the Ye Family wanted them to exhaust him, that’s perfect.
He’ll simply beat the Ye Family at their own game and directly take in all these families!

Then, he’ll bring them to beat up those bastards from the Ye family.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran directly refused.

“No! This is the rule set by my Nameless Sect.
Since you’re here, you naturally have to abide by it.”

“Either join my Nameless Sect or get lost!!”

“Of course, if you’re not afraid of death, you can directly fight me.”

However, you might not be able to see how much risk there is.

Lu Xiaoran’s words made many people fall into deep thought.

He was ranked first on the Primordial Chaos Supreme Ranking.

They would definitely not be able to defeat him in a one-on-one battle.

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They could only fight in groups.

However, the problem was that none of the people present were cohesive enough to get all of them to work together.

In this way, how could they gather everyone’s strength to deal with Lu Xiaoran?

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran also knew how to detonate the Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
They did not dare to directly rush forward!

Could it be that… he really had to follow Lu Xiaoran’s instructions and join the Nameless Sect?

All the experts in the world were here, but they were all stopped by Lu Xiaoran like this?

They were really unwilling to accept this.

Many of them were top-notch big shots!

Who would be willing to become someone else’s lackey?

How could Lu Xiaoran not tell what they meant?

They were only in a stalemate.

They needed something to happen.

They needed something to happen that would change their minds.

Facing this situation, Lu Xiaoran naturally would not let it go.

He directly released his divine sense.

In the next moment, lightning suddenly began to gather in the sky above the entire Nameless Sect.

This move directly shocked everyone.

“What’s going on? What happened?”

“This lightning… someone is transcending the tribulation! Someone is transcending the tribulation!”

Soon, someone discovered that this lightning tribulation was somewhat different.

Everyone’s hearts immediately tightened.

What was going on? Who was suddenly transcending the tribulation at this moment?

Just as they were feeling puzzled, a figure suddenly rushed out from below the Nameless Sect and rushed straight into the thunderclouds that filled the sky.

“Isn’t that figure the ancestor of the Jun family?”

“What? It’s actually him?”

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