On Lu Xiaoran’s side, after returning to his room, a golden light also began to light up in the Body Modeling Mark.

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This meant that the Body Modeling Mark had finished its repairs.

There was only one person in the Body Modeling Mark, and that was his new disciple, Su Lingwu.

He was a quasi God Realm expert.
He was the kind of existence who had transcended the tribulation once and then failed before becoming an existence similar to a demigod.

People like him were actually the most embarrassing on the path of cultivation.

Generally speaking, it was best for cultivators to pass the tribulation in one go.
If they could not pass it in one go, it would be much more troublesome in the future.

After failing the first time, the second tribulation would be several times more difficult than the first.

Lu Xiaoran released the other party.

A burly figure with white hair and beard slowly appeared in front of Lu Xiaoran.

Seeing Lu Xiaoran, he was immediately somewhat confused and stunned.

“My name is Lu Xiaoran.
I’m the one who saved you.”

“I see.
Thank you, Senior.”

A storm surged in Su Lingwu’s heart.

He knew that he had been killed by the Ye family.
However, he did not expect that there was actually an existence at the level of Lu Xiaoran in this world who could revive his dead self.

Lu Xiaoran said with a calm expression,

“You’re welcome.
I saved you for a reason.
I’m prepared to take you in as my disciple.
Of course, I’m not prepared to give you a choice.
You can either become my disciple or I’ll turn you into a pool of blood again.”

Su Lingwu could not help but twitch fiercely.

Wasn’t this senior too domineering?

The other party wanted to forcefully take him in as a disciple.
If he did not agree, it would probably end badly for him.

However, he had already died once and it was already very good for him to be revived now.
Therefore, he did not want to resist too much.

“Can I briefly understand the current situation?”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and immediately transmitted everything that had happened on the continent in the past few months to Su Lingwu through his mental strength.

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After receiving all this information, Su Lingwu’s expression immediately changed.

In particular, when he learned that the man in front of him had actually unified the heroes of the world and become the strongest expert in the current world, he was even more shocked.

As a quasi God Realm expert, his previous strength could also be said to be in the top twenty in the world.

However, despite his strength, he did not dare to say that he could do what Lu Xiaoran did.

This guy had simply personified the words monstrous and abnormal to the limit.

He was shockingly powerful!

Without much hesitation, Su Lingwu took a deep breath and directly knelt on the ground.

No matter how powerful or arrogant he was., at this moment, he was convinced by Lu Xiaoran.

How powerful was a person who could control the entire world?

Of course, if all the other party had was power, the others would not have been convinced.

Another key matter was that Lu Xiaoran wanted to deal with the Ye family.

If Lu Xiaoran was in cahoots with the Ye family, he would not have acknowledged Lu Xiaoran as his master even if he was about to be killed.

“Disciple Su Lingwu greets Master.”

The moment he became a disciple, Wang Cai’s voice immediately sounded in Lu Xiaoran’s mind.

“Congratulations, Master, for taking in Su Lingwu as your disciple.
You’re rewarded with a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique, the Battle God Eight Desolates! You’re rewarded with a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm God Slaying Axe and a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm Ancient Desolate Shield!”

This was because in this world, ordinary cultivators were unable to cultivate to the God Realm or use divine weapons.

Therefore, the basic rewards Wang Cai gave were all top-grade Martial Monarch Realm.

However, in the future, Lu Xiaoran could use supplementary materials like Divine Dao True Intent to increase his cultivation techniques and weapons to the God Realm.

At that time, it would not affect the disciples’ cultivation and performance in the Divine World.

“Get up.
I’ll teach you a cultivation technique here.
Battle God Eight Desolates, cultivate well.
In the future, I’ll help you advance to the God Realm.”

“In addition, I still have some medicinal pills and divine beast eggs here.
Take them and consume them first to increase your cultivation to the perfected peak.
After that, I’ll help you successfully transcend the tribulation and help you become a god.
At that time, we’ll go to the Ye family to collect debts.”

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“Yes, thank you, Master.”

Su Lingwu was shocked again by the things Lu Xiaoran gave him.

Indeed, Lu Xiaoran’s ability to subdue all the experts in the world was far from what ordinary people could compare to.

There were even divine pills and divine beast eggs.

This was simply terrifying.

After Su Lingwu obtained the medicinal pill, he immediately entered the Mountain and River State Painting.
Lu Xiaoran also strengthened the Great Dao Reincarnation and began to cultivate closely.

At the same time, in the sky far above the Wuwang Sea, wind and clouds suddenly surged.
Then, a golden light suddenly tore the sky and opened a spatial rift.

A moment later, five people in golden thread Daoist robes slowly descended from the spatial rift.

These five people all had extraordinary auras.
Their eyes were filled with spirit and erupted with dazzling lights.
Their hearts palpitated as if they could pierce through the void.

The five of them were different from each other, but the word “Lin” was embroidered on their chests!

“Is this the place where our Lin family’s ancestor was first born?”

“A small world is still a small world.
Look, this place only has the lowest level spirit energy.
It’s really difficult for the ancestor to ascend to the Divine World from such a trashy place.”

“Alright, stop talking.
This time, we came to the lower realm on the orders of our family to avenge the Lin family bloodline.
We’re not here to fool around.”

“Remember, this is the lower realm, not the Divine World.
The power of laws is monitoring us.
All of you, suppress yourselves and don’t use your God Realm cultivation techniques.
Moreover, even if you suppress our cultivation, the cultivators here are still not our match at all.
As long as the few of us control our cultivation techniques, there won’t be a problem.

“Once you use a God Realm cultivation technique, it’s very likely that you will be suppressed by the Heaven Dao laws.
At that time, if anyone dies here, it will be extremely embarrassing.

“Let’s go to the Great Zhou Empire to take a look and gather information.
We only need to get rid of the people who killed the Lin family members before quickly returning.
This is not a place we can stay for long.”

Lu Xiaoran, who was cultivating, seemed to have sensed something and suddenly opened his eyes.

He could not help but frown slightly.

“Strange, why do I have a bad feeling?”

However, he quickly calmed himself down.

Not to mention that there was nothing bad happening now, even if there was, there was nothing he could do.

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He would deal with whatever came his way.

“Speaking of which, how has Lige and the others been cultivating recently?”

Lu Xiaoran glanced at their cultivation panels.

It had to be said that Li Ge had improved a lot this time.

Now, he was actually at the first level of the Saint Realm.

Looks like this brat had not wasted any time recently.

Then, Lu Xiaoran cast his gaze on Ji Wuxia’s cultivation interface.

The air suddenly fell silent for a few seconds.

Ji Wuxia… had actually already advanced to the perfected tenth level of the Saint Realm.
She was only a step away from advancing to the Martial Monarch Realm!

He originally thought that Lige had already worked hard enough and was about to catch up.
He did not expect everyone to surpass him by so much.

As for Fang Tianyuan and the others, they had already stepped into the Martial Monarch Realm!

Jun Bujian and Jiang Taixuan had already reached the ninth and tenth level of the Martial Monarch Realm and were about to transcend the tribulation to become gods.

Other than that, Li Changsheng, Song Xinian, and Zhuge Ziqiong’s cultivation had also increased to the fifth level of the Martial Monarch Realm and above.
Their cultivation progressed rapidly.

It was also a good thing for Lu Xiaoran that his disciples’ cultivation increased so quickly.

After all, his cultivation was also indirectly increasing.

The current him was already about to break through to the second level of the God Realm.

This speed was definitely much slower than before.
However, there was nothing he could do about it.

The higher one’s cultivation was, the more accumulation one needed.

Even if his nine disciples were all Martial Monarch Realm experts and all increased their cultivation by one level, it will still only be able to increase his current cultivation by a little.

It seemed that he would still need to rely on himself in the future.

After all, his cultivation speed was still stronger.

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Another problem was that in this small world, one would not be able to do so after cultivating to the God Realm.

It was extremely slow for a God Realm expert to absorb spirit energy and transform it into divine power.

Looks like after stepping into the God Realm, even if the Heaven Dao laws did not punish him, he still could not stay in such a small world for too long.

Otherwise, wouldn’t it be troublesome for his future cultivation if his cultivation progress was slow?

However, even so, Lu Xiaoran was not prepared to run to the Divine World empty-handed.

No matter what, he had to think of a way to increase his strength first before heading to the Divine World.

Otherwise, if he was tooweak, he would only be beaten up.

Lu Xiaoran was not a fool.
Without sufficient preparation, he would not do anything.

Fortunately, Lu Xiaoran still had many divine pills.
Those were all medicinal pills that contained divine power and could barely replenish everyone’s consumption.

Lu Xiaoran had calculated that with these resources, he would not need to worry about going to the Divine World for at least two to three years.

At this moment, he could properly teach his disciples and increase their strength.

After arriving at the Divine World in the future, Lu Xiaoran still hoped that his disciples would have enough strength to counterattack while being cautious.

He would not be bullied too much.

He only wanted to avoid trouble and cultivate steadily.

However, he was not cowardly.

Lu Xiaoran also did not want to see his precious disciples being bullied in the Divine World.

He did not want them to become a mine worker, servant, or prostitute in the Divine World.

This was especially true for demon pets like Buttface.
If they were captured and did not have the strength to resist, how sad would it be?

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