rather impressive instant healing medicinal pill.

Divine Artifact Seven-Colored Chaos Gourd x1.

Divine Artifact Eight Directions Primordial Chaos Bead x1.

Divine Technique Emperor General Star x1.

After using the Emperor General Star, the combat strength of those that had been marked would double.

“Damn, is it already becoming popular to get divine artifacts from gift bags?”

Lu Xiaoran knew the might of a divine artifact better than anyone.

Previously, he only had one divine artifact, the Sun Shooting Divine Bow.
There was naturally no need to mention the explosive power of the Sun Shooting Divine Bow.

Lu Xiaoran relied on it to kill that hacker Li Qingfeng with two arrows.

After obtaining the divine artifact, Lu Xiaoran finally understood that hackers would still lose to wealthy experts.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran suddenly felt several extremely powerful auras descend from the sky of the Nameless Sect.

“How powerful, they’re all at the first level of the God Realm! Moreover, these auras are so unfamiliar.
Could it be the Ye family?”

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Lu Xiaoran could not help but frown and immediately teleport out.

On the Nameless Sect, wind and lightning raged.
A dark cloud pressed down from above.
Lightning flickered in the clouds, filled with terrifying killing intent and an extremely arrogant aura.

At this moment, all the disciples of the Nameless Sect had already quickly gathered in the square of the Nameless Sect and stood behind Lu Xiaoran.

“Sect Master, is it the Ye family?”

Lu Xiaoran narrowed his eyes and stared fixedly at the sky.

Although he had never fought the Ye family, the other party was still a hot shot.

Ye Junlin’s strength would definitely surpass Li Qingfeng’s.

Although the strength of the person who had arrived was also very powerful, he was only at the first level of the God Realm and was even a very ordinary first level God Realm expert.
He was similar to the disciples of the Nameless Sect who had just transcended the tribulation.
How could he be Ye Junlin?

Just as he was feeling puzzled, an extremely dignified voice suddenly sounded from the sky.

“Hand over Ji Wuxia! Otherwise, kill without mercy!”

The other party said indifferently, his tone calm but unquestionable.

Hearing the other party ask about Ji Wuxia, Lu Xiaoran was first stunned before thinking of something.

The Lin family of the Divine World!

Back then, when he got Yun Lige and Ji Wuxia to destroy the Lin family, Yun Lige had accidentally broken the Lin family’s testing stone.
That testing stone was also an array formation that transmitted information back to the Divine World.

Now, the Lin family of the Divine World had finally sent people down.

“Master! They’re here to find Second Senior Sister.”

Seeing this, Lu Xiaoran nodded.

“Got it.
Inform everyone not to let a single one of them off.
However, before killing them, ask clearly if there are any accomplices.
Don’t let a single person from the Lin family off.”

In the sky, after the two God Realm experts of the Lin family shouted, they saw that there was no movement below and could not help but be somewhat displeased.

“Not a single person has stepped forward.”

“One’s standards determine their strength.
How can an ant see the strength of a ferocious tiger?”

“In that case, let them comprehend God’s punishment!”

In the Great Zhou Imperial City, the three figures also slowly stepped in.

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“This is the Great Zhou Imperial City.
It’s said that Ji Wuxia is a member of the Great Zhou Imperial Family.”

“If you want to destroy my Lin family’s bloodline, then let the Great Zhou Imperial Family die with you.”

“Hurry up and attack.
After Lin Wu and Lin Dong finish up, we should also hurry and return to the Divine World to avoid being monitored by the Heaven Dao laws.”

The three of them were about to attack when they suddenly heard a storyteller by the side of the road say, “On that day, all the cultivators in the world gathered in the Nameless Sect.
It could be said to be the first time since the beginning of time!”

The few people from the Lin family frowned slightly.
Wasn’t the Nameless Sect the sect Ji Wuxia was from?

The few of them continued to listen.

“More than a hundred million cultivators, a hundred thousand factions, a hundred Martial Monarch Realm experts, and even a God Realm expert….
Almost no one in the entire continent can resist such a lineup.

“However, guess what? The sect master of the nameless sect, Lu Xiaoran, had suppressed the entire world and more than a hundred million cultivators by himself!

“In the end, not only was he fine, but he also recruited countless Martial Monarch Realm experts as his subordinates.
Even that God Realm expert became his disciple…”

The few people from the Lin family could not help but sneer.

Were these stupid mortals so good at making up lies?

Do they know what a God Realm expert is?

Do they know how powerful a God Realm expert is?

This guy was only a small sect from the lower realm, but the storyteller actually said that he had suppressed a God Realm expert.
How laughable!

To put it bluntly, the God Realm experts did not care about the Martial Monarch Realm experts of this world.

Not to mention a lower realm expert taking in a God Realm expert as a disciple.

Just as the three of them smiled disdainfully and were about to attack, an accident suddenly happened.

A feeling of their bloodline being severed suddenly rose in the three of them, making their eyes turn cold.

“Lin Dong and Lin Wu are dead!”

“How is this possible? The two of them are God Realm experts! How…”

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